Excellent analysis here. Consistency is not required when you control the media and your citizens are mostly unthinking zombies.

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"If it weren't for the imperial spin machine, nobody would believe the US just coincidentally stumbled its way into a lucky proxy war that happens to help it advance its agendas of global domination."

Alas, too many are falling for that spin. An old school friend of mine--with a PhD, no less--posted online today how much he admired Zelensky's performance in front of Congress and ended his post with "Slava ukraini!!" When you can trick well-educated people into falling for this "convenient war" and make them put their morality aside long enough to think war is preferable over peace, then you know the bastards in the Ministry of Truth are doing their job well.

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Crenshaw is McCain 2.0. McConnell is a cucked turtle. Meanwhile we fund the Azeri dictator as he pushes genocide on Armenians: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-predict-the-future-part-2

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The US have given billions to Zelensky, a neo-Nazi proxy leader in Ukraine to defeat Russia, but that's not likely to be the case. 'Joke' Biden is giving away all this money to support Ukraine when it could be used to fix many problems in the US, like his insane 'open border' policies and cooperation with the Chinese communists to bring down the US as a nation. None of this is advancing US interests, particularly a nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine (that means Armageddon!). I am amazed to say Putin and the Russians are willing to agree to peace talks but the stubborn US is not. that serves no one's interests!

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When considering the warmonger claims, it's usually instructive to conclude the exact opposite is the reality. Example:

"Putin's war was a massive blunder that has strengthened the US global position, degrading Russian capabilities (which frees up resources for other threats) and strengthening our alliances."

The massive blunder was the US and NATO. Russia and China are consolidating the multipolar challenge to US global hegemony. It is accelerating the realization of an alternative currency to the US dollar. The "freed up resources" are being diverted to an even more catastrophic war in the Pacific. The US alliance with Europe and the EU are fracturing over obvious US greed, profit seeking in gas LNG exports, and destruction of the European industrial base. International cooperation required to address climate chaos has collapsed, accelerating the climate catastrophe. Food and fertilizer and energy prices are destroying the US and EU economy and driving inflation. This is the Rubicon for US Empire.

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"It is in America's interests to help Ukraine defeat one of our most powerful foes," tweeted The Atlantic's David French.

Just once I'd like to see anyone in the media ask just how Russia came to be our enemy. I remember Putin and the second Bush off-roading around his Texas ranch. Then later Shrub mentioned that he wanted Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, and things chilled. In 2014, the US supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian government spearheaded by virulently anti-Russian ideologues with a lineage that traced back to the Nazi collaborators of WW2, as part of a larger chess game to tear down Russia. If you want a person or a country to be your enemy, it's easy. All you have to do is treat them like an enemy, and there you go, your wish is fulfilled.

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Love the magnanimous “concession” that the Nordstream sabotage might not have been Russia. Who does that leave? It might not have been Lesotho either. The video of Biden saying he was going to destroy it was on Faux last night. When you lie as a matter of course it does get challenging to keep the storyline straight.

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While I agree with you Caitlin, it does appear that fewer and fewer people are listening to what you have to say. I have no idea why that might be.

I'm just glad I'm so old it won't much matter to me.

I'm also sad that all the movies like 1984 or whatever "collapse" show you want to reference are all coming true at the same time.

I mourn the extinction of Humanity. Yet I see that is what humanity really seems to want.

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Thank you Caitlin

US government is supporting the re-emergence of Nazism in Europe while stating that white supremacy is the biggest danger in the US ?!

-- It is never explained WHY such pathological hate of capitalist Russia and total support of Nazi-dominated Ukraine government !!

-- Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us against bipartisan fascist US/UK clique.

-- Government crimes in Nazi-dominated Ukraine – for eight years and right NOW:


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Their delusional views about the war also includes how its in America’s best interests.

War is a destructor of wealth plain and simple, inflationary., and unimaginative in creating anything worthwhile for humanity except improved ways of killing each other.

They parade this myth about War and enjoy their delusions as a valuable and necessary drug for their minds.

Shock treatment coming.

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I hear the plan is for Zel to privatise you crane industries and farmland in toto to US interests, and then get EU to subsidize the reconstruction of industry they bought for pennies during a war! Double word score!

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Dec 23, 2022·edited Dec 23, 2022

Team D called McConnell "Moscow Mitch" because he, inexplicably, was not seen as sufficiently foaming at the mouth for war.

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When Western "leaders" say things like "we, our, us", they do NOT mean the general population. They mean their own financiers and donors. Fuck them. Fuck them all. Bastards.

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Thank you Caitlin. It seems you will have a very long list of topics during End Stage Capitalism.

I still think the number one reason this proxy war on Russia was not about ukraine as much as it was

about destroying Europe's industrial and financial business. Every depression destroys value to be purchased for 10% or less of value. To me this make sense over anything patriotic or even military hardware sales, the sales are a bonus. Getting to the core of evil deeds is not always easy, with so many motives.

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A few thoughts that, to my mind, seem obvious.

1. The invasion was not unprovoked. One wouldn’t need more than 60 seconds to explain that point.

2. Zelensky was referencing “peace talks” after four weeks of the war. It didn’t happen and I can only assume outside pressure.

3. Nord stream pipeline blown up resulting in Europe being desperately needy. No more talk of Putin turning the tap, on or off. I live in Germany and that was a constant reference.

4. America is now the largest supplier, to Europe (UK included) of LPG.

5. C. Rice talked 8 years ago, with disdain, of the pipeline and mentioned the possible need of tougher sanctions.

Trump disliked the idea of so much business going Russia’s way (which shows Dems & Rep on the same page with this) (which shows the US empire is the existing political paradigm and differences between R & D are ideological not geo political)

Biden literally threatened to stop the pipeline in front of camera.

6. The recent windfall in the energy supply business to Europe will cause the $’s given in military aid to Ukraine to seem insignificant in the short or long term.

7. No one in the Biden admin was appalled at this war. It was an early Xmas present. An opportunity to put something right which had troubled them for a long while.

8. Wouldn’t it be wiser to get along with Russia rather than make them the eternal foe.

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I'm a lifelong conservative, and I am absolutely disgusted by Cocaine Mitch (it's a nickname; you can look up why if you care) and Senator Gram-nasty, and Eyepatch McCain (Dan Crenshaw). The first two are warmongers, vote for every inflationary bill they can, change sides with the wind, and are are greasy, slimy, slick liars. If we had a functioning democracy, the first two would be out of office, and Crenshaw would not have been incentivized to be a warmonger, either.

But we don't have a democracy. See Whitney Webb's books, "One Nation Under Blackmail."

Btw, if you hate me for being a conservative, I hope you understand that I will make common cause with anyone who wants to end the war in Ukraine, and the fake U.S. democracy's needless warmongering provocation of it.

God bless you.

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