Any time Ryan Grim seems thoughtful when compared with others in the press pool, you know we're in deep sh*t.

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The basic formulas for propaganda have remained the same, but what has changed is the level of precision, and the artfulness of how messages are “framed” and designed to increasingly “nudge” the unconscious mind.

Behavioral nudging is very big, and features in most mainstream narrative construction. For example, “two weeks to flatten the curve” makes use of NLP-style “timelines.” People were made to emotionally lock themselves into a commitment and given a “timeline,” which was simply “calibrated” over time, always with the aim of leveraging people’s empathy as a means of keeping them committed. Masks, while ineffective as medical interventions, are powerful behavioural “cues.” Just imagine how fast people would have stopped listening to the narrative if they didn’t see everyone constantly masked up. That’s why they were so emphatic about masks, even when admitting the medical science wasn’t there, they would just say they’re still useful. They weren’t lying, they just weren’t saying WHY or HOW they were useful.

There are countless examples. There are plenty of subtle hypnotic techniques, which in former times were still used, but instinctively, rather than as a precise science, from illusions of choice to embedded commands, the use of sequences ie say a few obvious truisms everyone agrees with, then throw in something more concrete and targeted. People are more likely to agree if they went along with the first parts of your statement.

Also notice how all the WEF type politicians all use their hands, gesticulating all the time, that’s another NLP behaviour science type of technique.

If there’s one document I would recommend to anyone, it’s the 2010 MindSpace document by the Behavioural Insights Team. That lays down the framework that has now been spread throughout institutions, such that the media largely all sounds the same now, not just because they are controlled by the same people, but because the messaging follows a very specific set of patterns and techniques.

The World Economic Forum, UN, the “Great Narrative,” they’ve all gone full-hog with the behavioural science stuff, which goes back to this document, spawned by the City of London, and then spread across the Five Eyes.


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Mar 20, 2022·edited Mar 20, 2022

Excellent synopsis! Well researched and heavy on the facts, not emotions, made your comment a very interesting read. If you are not a writer, you should be. Bravo!

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Would love to see you refute every paper and study showing that masks reduced contraction rates in hospitals, schools, medical care facilities, workplaces and at social functions. Only a completely indoctrinated dupe would look at every single source of data and analysis and say "They're in on it too". I challenge you to point to any US administration in the last 75 years and declare it to be free of manipulative falsehoods and propagandizing.

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John Helmer did a study of photos from Zelenski's supposed meeting with PMs of Poland and Czech, which showed the meeting wasn't in Kiev, but at a train station in Poland. The guys not fighting in Ukraine, he's picking curtains for his Palm Beach house while hiding out in Poland. It's Turtles all the way down.

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Normally, I'd say extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but the reason I might give this particular allegation credence is that if the three PMs (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) wanted to go to Kiev during the middle of an active war, taking a train is the worst possible way to travel, because a train can only travel on rails.

Not only that, but Ukraine does not have air superiority. Far from it. What that means is that Russians can blast the rails ahead or behind the train, and that train is stuck. It and its passengers are not going to go anywhere, and its passengers are all highly vulnerable to capture if they try to get switch to an SUV or whatever.

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Indeed, the extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence is that three PMs (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) would be allowed by their respective security services to travel to Kiev during the middle of an active war by a train. A train not under their respective security services control. Dereliction of duty is the first thought.

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I have to partly disagree with you here. One of the most surprising features of this war was how quickly European leaders snapped to attention. It took no time at all. Within 2 days most of Europe had fully committed to abandoning its trade relations with Russia and preparing for war. That wasn't simply an outcome of US Propaganda.

One way of looking at it that I find interesting is that modern European thinking on nationhood and consensus (as written down by OSCE and EU) in which all nations no matter how small have inalienable sovereignty is directly challenged by Russia's action in Ukraine. In this view, Russia has called bullshit on Europe's image of itself.

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From. Caitlin......

"The human species is being led around like a dog on a leash by a collective mind control system of unparalleled and unprecedented sophistication that hardly anyone even notices."

A pertinent summary on the weak and subservient media, never to have credibility again.

and from june tenth (in the comments)

":i am only grateful to Putin for his courage to take actions, and hope he successfully breaks the imperialist grip on humanity once and for all".

The Imperialist grip needs to be broken and when that happens, as it will, the current world populations, one and all, will at that time wonder how such a mindless philosophy was ever seen as a solution to the needs of powerful countries through conquering / colonising, subjugating through wars and the more recent cruel and inhumane US practice for which they should be condemned by the whole world. Sanctions. An unforgivable sin against humanity.

Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden...their favourite sport, killing millions.

What right did they have for this crime?

No country should ever place its faith in a country like the USA in the future by being in a position to see sanctions when applied kill millions of their people, mainly children.

The crime of the century

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Appreciate your articulation of what I’ve been observing and understanding since 9/11 when I switched off the mainstream media after watching Colin Powell lie to the world to initiate the invasion of Iraq. Over the years I’ve seen the imprisonment and mysterious deaths of whistleblowers and others who dare speak the truth outside of the brainwashing of Hollywood and distraction of celebrity. In the midst of this journalistic journey I found Russell Brand in 2010 and now your voice is another blessed with articulating the thoughts and observations many of us see. I once heard Russell call the brainwashing, cancel culture and effects of propaganda our “Colonization of Consciousness” which is another way to flesh out your very wise words here. Thank you and keep doing what your doing!

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“Colonization of Consciousness” is what I’ve heard Russell Brand call this state we’re in. Keep up the excellent writing. Thank you!

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Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky.

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"All of the parties involved in this war should have done everything possible to avoid it, and any who claim they did so are lying."

sure, Russians could have tried 80 more years for peace while NATO's taking over the entire planet including Russia. you could still say they haven't done EVERYTHING to avoid war.

i am only grateful to Putin for his courage to take actions, and hope he successfully breaks the imperialist grip on humanity once and for all.

everyone, including the Ukranians, the Russians, the Australians, and the Americans, is responsible for the consequences of one's action / choice. no one, except the children, is innocent at the end of the day.

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The idea of a survivable first strike capability started this insanity.

We were all comfortable knowing we each had the power to do each other in, six ways from Sunday. Then along trots a sitting moron spouting the possibility of a limited nuclear exchange back in the 80's.

We've had a generation living with that screwball idea.

So, if there is a chance to use the nukes, we need to increase inventory to keep pace with imagined expiration dates and supply depletion. WTF?!?! Nuclear Proliferation.

The United States Military Industrial Complex just keeps on a-grinding up the bodies and sending the taxpayers the invoices.

Forget the Alamo. (for now)

Remember the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012


https://www.bitchute.com/video/nu3xihn83Ydk/ The Smith-Mundt Act [How Fake News became 100% LEGAL]

https://www.bitchute.com/video/HGntUNjYPuqV/ Wag the Dog

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Epic work!

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Mar 18, 2022·edited Mar 18, 2022

I agree. This can’t end well. What should have been outlawed was the capacity of any country to expand their nuclear armaments to where any existential threat was posed. This can never happen if even one party refuses to play fair. If there are enough nukes to end our civilization, they will, probabilistically speaking. Just a matter of time. So have a blast.

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If Russia did not have nuclear weapons, the United States and NATO would have Yugoslavianized it a long time ago.

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I've seriously considered the possibility our species is simply "mad". But why should that be? No other species is. Everyone of them is equipped with the means to survive and thrive, given there isn't some very sudden change in the natural environment. But that isn't the case with us. We caused the changes in the natural environment by our actions, and refused to recognize the fact even when it became obvious. So the answer must be in the social environment we created, the system, the economics, the beliefs that drive all that, as well as the social relationships that are involved and reinforced -the whole shebang. Marx realized that 150 years ago. He wasn't talking Utopia, but just the fact, for a start, that every person born on the planet has rights by virtue of that fact, and the most basic right is to a decent standard of living and fair share of the renewable goods the planet provides. He was about cooperation and mutual aid, instead of a constant class war and exploitation of the exploitable in a system in which exploitation is considered a good thing. In fact, in his view, no other but a democratic, socialist, system was viable in the long run.

But it is difficult to change a system underpinned with grandiose ideas, false objectives and myths. The grandeur of this magnificent planet is just not good enough for some. We want glory, a ceremonial triumph to show our superiority, as in Ancient Rome: as in the paean the Canadian parliament paid Zelensky: "Glory to Ukraine". Isn't that telling: not peace, not prosperity, not love, but "glory".

Even animals, in spite of their grace, elegance, good will, and love of life, can be driven crazy, and have been, in "scientific" studies of mind. If they are constantly frustrated, misdirected, mistreated, - they go mad.

We will be as human and humane, generally, as the system permits. And we know we have yet a way to go when, for one instance, it is possible for a president in the 21 century to say he was given permission by God to kill a million innocent people.

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No nukes, no separate "countries", both US and Russia owned by the same corporations... ALL OF THIS is a game for the NWO/World Economic Forum "Great Reset". How this all effects us (inflation?) is the real goals... Always a road to the shit laid out in Agenda 2030/50... one world totalitarian government and transhumanism.

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Yup. Staggering how effective the psyops & propaganda have been. All this shit will never end as it's all built on 2 core human instincts: greed & violence.

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Just greaT, Caitlin, keep up the sane work in this world full of insanity. I've just read this on my odysee and bitchute. I gave you all the credit, I hope you don't mind. Jeremy Poole

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