Turn your head to the right, now to the left; now gaze over your shoulder. Now erect your hardiest psychological barriers. The propaganda is machine-gunning at you, seeking to infiltrate every pore, capillary and synapse. And having no weight of veracity, it seems light and airy, which makes that infiltration so much easier. Every US government utterance about Wikileaks and Assange is a major component of that infiltrate. Unabated resistance is absolutely necessary to maintain even a dollop of sanity.


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Great piece, Cait, I'd just like to add my piece on the same subject posted yesterday:

The mainstream media doesn't care about the so-called censorship the Assange case might have on them. They are playing by a different set of rules to begin with. Rules often changed by their government and financial alliances. Indeed, at this point in time, the powers that be see no difference between Wikileaks and QAnon.

Of course, there is a difference, but as disruptors to the mainstream narrative ... they're akin.

The control of the narrative at the establishment media level and the censorship of online opinion voices are in lockstep with the Assange case.

In the last few years, progressive news sites - The Intercept in particular, have been compromised. TYT bought out. Democracy Now a shell of itself. RT News smeared. Generic news sites like Yahoo and others with high online visibility have eliminated user commentary, Facebook, Twitter, Google severely curtailed commentary.

Why? Because someone like you might say something to challenge the power of someone they want to protect. Assange, as they see it, is vicariously responsible.

Or let me put it another way, does anyone really believe that what Julian Assange exposed back in 2010 really changed anything? Joe Biden is President. What did knowledge of US war crimes by the very regime that gave us Biden really change? NOT A DAMN THING!

We are good with our imperialism, we are good with the corrupt regimes of the Clintons and the Bushes, we are good with continuing unauthorized wars in the Middle East. What the hell did Assange do to change any of that?

Assange is not being prosecuted because he's a journalist who exposed a war crime or two, he's being prosecuted because he inspires discourse outside the strictures of what is acceptable, which is a danger not only to the corporate controlled narrative but more importantly to their bottom line - indeed their very existence. There are six and seven figure jobs at stake here.

He needs to be stopped, in their minds, because he will and already has inspired countless others to think for themselves. That is anarchy as the powers see it. But there is a component of profit in this more so than anything else.

The corporate media, whose goal is profit, wants to deliver the narrative with their own massaging of the facts, whereas Wikileaks, whose goal is speaking truth to power, delivers the message with no commentary often in the form of a leaked document that the public themselves can digest and debate coming to a more authentic realization.

Maybe the reason no one in the mainstream speaks up for Assange is because he's not really on trial for being a journalist exposing inconvenient truths, he's on trial for being a heretic. He's on trial for threatening an industry's profit margin and the salary of the paid drones therein. He's on trial for giving you a voice. He's on trial for future crimes. Even when the FBI is caught red-handed paying off a convicted pedophile to fabricate testimony as a star witness, no one bats an eye lid. It doesn't get lower than that. All to keep the hookers in the house happy.

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The "free press" was a major force that discredited the Vietnam War, with nightly scenes on MSM Television showing our boys dying for what (thanks to Ellsberg) was becoming generally known to be a colossal con. The powers-that-be took notice! Now they OWN the MSM, so what can you expect...

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You never cease to amaze me with your writing style and distinct use of words. Thanking you for always supporting Assange and speaking truth to power. I sincerely hope you can someday, somehow soon just write about his release because it causes me as well as many others a complete feeling of helplessness, anger, fear, disgust and terrible sadness for him, his family and all of us.

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thank you for the excellent writing & attention given to Julian's cause & press freedom.


1. "Nothing WikiLeaks published endangered the American people, it endangered a globe-spanning empire's ability to control our understanding of what's happening in the world." - CJ

2. "If humanity is ever to turn away from its self-destructive patterns and create a healthy world, it will necessarily need to do so guided by the light of truth and transparency. As long as the powerful are able to keep us confused and deluded using propaganda and government secrecy, such a world will never come into being." - CJ

"The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security." - JA

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Julian is a hero to me. Over these many years of his persecution, I have seen parallels to my suffering, under the empire, in how he has been tortured and smeared for telling the truth. My experience of abuse has also been at the hands of the henchmen and minions of this corrupt empire. Yes, I have also been been and continue to be tortured, locked up, smeared, labeled a "danger" and "mentally ill" and force drugged (I wouldn't doubt Belmarsh authorities are regularly injecting him with experimental psychoactive drugs as well, since that is just what they do with prisoners!). Why is this all happening to good people all around the world? Perhaps it is for the "crime" of being true to ourselves and having an acute understanding of the deluded society at large in which we live, and having the sincere desire to correct and expose the lies with truths. For years I have been following accounts of and by Julian, during of his long endurance of draconian restrictions to his liberty, while being confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy, and now Belmarsh. I morned his fears of constant surveillance, the death threats, all of the lies, and ultimately having his voice silenced in a prolonged and seemingly endless prison detention that is shrouded in secrecy. I have been aware, at least since the War in Vietnam, that the unelected powers that be, who are running this perverted shit show, the corporate/government/military institutions, who exist without accountability, within a smoke screen of delusion, have been pushing a nonsensical narrative while imposing subservience to it with relentless psyops. And to this end, I have had my civil rights removed, for what appears to be, just the knowing of the truth. My "record" has been fabricated and embellished with fictitious lies, so that now, the kangaroo courts feel justified in denying me my God given human and civil rights by enforcing a restrictive court order.

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At this point l expect my government lie, torture, and falsely imprison; it's our "free press" uniformly playing along that is so chilling, new, and dangerous.

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The "free press" plays along because it identifies with its masters.

That is why the MSM denunciation of Assange is so vociferous.

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The MSM, of course, have generally ignored the Assange ordeal. It's people like Caitlyn who have given the case the coverage and perspective needed.

But I foresee the following: At some point before too long one or more media figures from MSM Olympus will descend to examine the handful of peculiar voices on Substack and a few other venues who, for some unfathomable reason, appear to assign a degree of importance to Assange's fate. It's a pattern we've seen before, with six- and seven-figure journos from New York, Washington and cable land daring to venture beyond their confines to examine the amusing Flyover People and in their native habitat.

With noble detachment, these journos will conclude that Caitlyn and her like are sad, misguided and -- in the extreme -- a potential danger to the republic, before the Olympians fly back to their media aeries. Mark my word, though, they're coming.

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Of course it is. Short of planetary transformation we have little hope...

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The slow torture of an exposer of national crimes will continue unabated as long as he gets any attention whatsoever.(Or, in this case as little, to keep it hidden from average fools without a clue to what they are living under the umbrella of.) Assange is made a scapegoat, a way for the criminals to go about their wicked ways without fear of future exposure; or so they think. What we free thinkers need to do is get Julian's plight out in the general discourse, a way to get it in the daily narratives. That takes work and, perhaps, a fear of exposure.

I've nothing to lose so I write fearlessly. If I had any exposure they'd be after me too. It's only when a whole contingent of free thinkers and writers break through the steel curtain of the main, ongoing, narratives, a force to reckon with, that, Assange will then get his due. The how seems to be "our" problem. Any takers? Peace, The Ol' Hippy

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This was reported, just so, in The Scroll, the newsletter of Tablet Magazine, which is Jewish and often a little bit conservative, but will throw a wild card every now and then.

" The fiancée and the family of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have rejected an extradition offer made by the United States, saying they do not trust the U.S. government’s promise that Assange would be able to serve his sentence in his native Australia and would not be held under the harshest maximum-security conditions. Last month, a key government witness in the case against Assange recanted his allegations, telling the Icelandic magazine Stundin that he had lied about Assange in an effort to avoid prosecution in the United States.

Read it here: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/jul/08/julian-assange-fiancee-rejects-us-proposals-over-possible-extradition"

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