Great pithy article. It is interesting the use of the word 'miracles'. Life in all its facets is miraculous. Why? at every stage of development life is a miracle. Literally. For evolution (that is the atheistic belief/theory of the origin of life which we are taught from birth is the immutable truth) to happen millions of miracles must take place (not amazing coincidences, that can happen..amazingly) actual miracles.

For example that DNA and RNA and proteins all developed together (they can't even develop let alone function independently) is impossible. Just for the right type of Amino acids to coalesce in the right order to form the first protein is mathematically impossible, calculated at 10 to the the power of 164. (10 to the power of 50 is believed to be the threshold of impossibility, scientists tell us).

If we are intellectually rigorous with ourselves as Caitlin encourages, then surely we must accept there maybe a flaw in our education that insisted we believe the impossible. That we arrived here by random chance (which is impossible on literally thousands of levels. We literally have to stop nature to even allow the amino acid newly formed to survive by shielding it from UV rays of the Sun and shielding it from the primordial soup that would contaminate it chemically and from water which would act as a de-polymerizer, that is destroy it).

I accept this is a scary place for many of us to even venture intellectually because it throws up a whole load of questions. Needless to say I am not going to mention any of them here.

But 'our only path out is a mass-scale psychological transformation.' Would be a miracle...not to be unkind... it is a miracle which is never going to happen. But that doesn't mean we are without hope, it does mean the real hope for mankind maybe coming from a place we tend to dismiss.

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Then there's the problem of crystal clear diagnostics coupled with fuzzy solutions. Every tool they hand us only furthers a rotten agenda. The ballot box is rigged. The morning news is Silly Putty. Social media is a like-minded echo chamber, and they want to install even more funhouse mirrors. And those most needing to read Caitlin, dont.

When the shit hits the fan, knowing I saw things clearly won't really help.

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"If you resolve on a deep level to get real with reality, to want the truth at all cost whatever it is, it will turn your life upside down. You'll lose careers, relationships, you'll experience white-knuckle terror. But you'll also give life a chance to astonish you with miracles." We, as part of Life, only exist right now. All are thinking on the past and future is bullshit. As A Course in Miracles states, we think we're thinking but our mind is really blank, because the past and future do not exist.

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