That sound you hear is me loudly applauding this article, Caitlin. I have to think that Americans are among the most highly propagandized people on earth. We're told constantly how free we are and how important it is to vote, yet in the next election we're seriously expected to choose between a sold out democrat and their republican counterpart. That our Overton Window is so incredibly tiny speaks louder to me than any propaganda could ever shout. Getting more people to see this is the task before us.

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Meet America's major "TV NEWS" outlets:

CBS: Paramount Studios.

Fox: 21st Century Fox, until spun off.

ABC: Disney

NBC: Universal Studios

CNN: Warner Bros.

do you see a pattern?

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Just for completeness, did you know "TV Journalists" are represented by the Emanuel' brothers' William MOrris Endeavor agency? I mean, being a journo requires "agency" representation? Wow.



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Here is a head f*ck. In 2011 Kissinger had a withdrawal proposal he was pleading with Obama to heed. https://www.henryakissinger.com/articles/how-to-get-out-of-afghanistan/

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nice words eh?. almost written like a clever 5th grade school project eh? all nice things to all people. a few analytical benchmarks la di da. here's another head F*ck: https://youtu.be/tU7K4Q_hN08

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Well, he thinks he is speaking to 5th graders apparently!!!

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I cannot believe this war criminal is still alive and house-guesting Hillary in France.

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Not that he was 100% correct, but 10 years ago he was pressing for the need to withdraw soon.

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What do you mean by "spiritual enlightenment"?

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A shift from an unwholesome relationship with thought to a wholesome one, where thought becomes a useful tool to be picked up when it's needed and set down when it's not instead of a compulsive force which dominates one's experience of the world.

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I think the realization that you are other than your thoughts and your body.

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We would be good friends, certainly. Great read. Btc coming your way.

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Commericial culture = gimmicks, propaganda, snake oil salemen.

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Speaking of psyops and spiritual enlightenment, it's true that the more people have an experience of realizing something they thought was fundamentally true turns out to be fundamentally false, the greater chances for a general spiritual enlightenment.

Without doubt one of the biggest psyops is the climate change and environmentalist narratives, which are simply a thinly veiled attempt at creating a new Malthusian pagan world religion based on population control, population reduction, and the management of "limited resources." Anybody who doubts that needs to look at the origins for the environmentalist narratives, which were top-down started by the leading oligarchical houses of Europe and eugenicist circles. These narratives are spread under the auspices of "saving the planet." These narratives about the world facing an imminent boiling point where everyone you know and love will die of because of some flood, fire, famine or war sparked by climate change are top-down controlled by the financial oligarchy.

Naturally, as psyops, they follow a formula. They use biblical and religious themes and target the most basic and instinctual survival mechanisms by creating the perception of some existential lethal threat.

If this wasn't already obvious, the push to implement a new "Green" world financial regime coordinated by high-level City of London and Wall Street managers should give it away. At the helm of this new push for a new world "Green" financial regime are the likes of Mark Carney (former governor of the Bank of England), BlackRock (the world's largest hedge fund, currently busy buying up all the family homes they can in America so that they can become the new feudal world landlords), and the many "Great Reset" Davos billionaires.


A good expose on how supposed “Environmental” policies are actually the leading cause for increased forest fires in California was just put out, which shows how deceptive the media can be, and how far from the truth seemingly obvious narratives like "global warming is causing forest fires across the world" can be.


This is what happens when pseudo science, ideology and emotion are elevated above reason, and when people are more concerned with saying “the right thing” than they are with knowing the truth. The “Green” policies are completely the creation of the world’s leading Davos “Great Reset” billionaires, bankers, and technocrats who are much more concerned with reducing and controlling the world’s population than they are with “saving the planet.”

Eliminating poverty continues to be the most effective way of fighting pollution, as does the creation of new resources and investment in new technologies i.e. real science. With 4th generation Nuclear power, thorium, most of the world’s landfills would become the greatest resources; all forms of matter could be recycled and managed using advanced plasma torches and magnetic fields. However, this runs completely contrary to the agenda for a new technocratic feudal age governed by a Malthusian Gaia worshiping death cult, which is what the Great Reset billionaires et al desire.

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As someone who has driven through the rust-colored combustible air of LA in the late 80s I always wanted to know who to thank for cleaning it up. You don't happen to have the address of the Malthusian Gaia Death Cult do you?

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Lol. Well isn’t that the problem? Why can’t we fight pollution and get rid of smog without having to swallow a Malthusian death cult "green" pill? Why do we need to get rid of billions of people instead of learning how to plan city and having regular healthy investment in infrastructure and new technologies?

Why is it one or the other. Where does that come from?

The eliminating billions of people thing doesn't bother you? This is what the UN Population Fund wants, this is what the Davos Great Reset crowd wants, this is what most of the environmentalist organizations who are top-down controlled by the oligarchs want.... This is what the COP26 is about.

If any of this sounds new, I would say just look into it. There are many exposes on the Malthusian frauds. I'm not trying to attack you.


In a word: it’s not a prison of two ideas. We don't need a Malthusian death cult and Great Reset to eliminate smog...

As for the US specifically, last time I saw the public transit system in several US states, it looked like the set for a horror movie or crime scene drama. In many places, they don’t even have real public transit. That’s insane. This is what happens when society adopts a Malthusian post industrial policy and depends on keeping the third world as its cheap labor colonies. They are full of debt, the cancer of financial speculation dominates everything, and their infrastructure is completely rotten.

There was actually a name coined to describe this process. It was the Trilateral Commissions "controlled disintegration" of the US economy.


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