Not sure where my experience falls on the shite continuum but l recently contacted my senators and congressman -- all democrats -- regarding out unwarranted support of organized racism in the form of Israel.

The form letters l received were completely unresponsive to the points l raised. Notably missing in the canned responses were the words occupation, apartheid, land theft, war crime, or right of return. The right of self defense was there, but glaringly and crassly only applied to the occupiers and not to the occupied.

The attempt to transform the simple and the unjust into the complicated and the honorable was obvious, giving our politicians something to utter should the subject ever come up.

I know this is long and l appreciate having this platform on which to vent; let's hope l haven't abused it. Caitlin's article triggered my frustration with Israel, realizing that -- like UFOs -- there is no hook since both parties fuel this madness equally.

Thanks for listening.

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I see the "boy who cries wolf" syndrome in the 'new' UFO reporting garnering little mainstream attention as it's been reported far too often to be hoaxes. Similar the the Bigfoot phenomena of the late 60's(Yes, I'm old), all eventually proven to be hoaxes. Now we get videos supposedly from F/A-18 Hornets with advanced tracking that loses its target going too fast to keep up. Maybe so. I'd actually like to believe it. But just like the "alien autopsy" of the late 80's, it too was a hoax.

So the MSM, corporate world moves on to juicer targets that enthrall viewers with more scary 'wow' factor than fuzzy UAP videos released/leaked? by the military. When one lands on the White House grounds, evading intense radar of the airspace, and tell humans to "cool it, or else", I'll believe for reals. 'Till then, Peace, The Ol' Hippy

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Egoic constructs are best understood by looking at perceptual constructs. During visual perception, for example, our brains reference one or more experiential file folders that guide what we perceive. For instance, say your neighborhood speed limit is 25 mph, and lately there have been loud vehicles careening through the streets, one of which smacked into a neighbor's vehicle. In that psychological state, every car seems to be doing 50 as it passes your house. Your brain is not, does not, contain a speedometer, and perceived speed is as much or even more influenced by these stored experiences than by the actual physical velocity. Likewise, when one of my neighbors sees a homeless person & tells me that he/she "looks like someone I saw on my ring camera," my first thought is to tell them into which orifice they should insert their ring camera. This neuropsychology is also involved in the fact that neoliberals are so Trump-deprived that they're desperate to criticize all the Marjorie Taylor-Greens they can to activate their anti-Trump dopamine-reward neural netwoks. Hence, these aspects of constructive brain dynamics set some folks up to behave as idiots (while calling themselves "liberals").

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"Lubricant" is an interesting analogy. This in turn begs the question "lube for what?"

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