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Podcast: Aaron Bushnell, The Israel Lobby, Mass Media Propaganda And More

Podcast: Aaron Bushnell, The Israel Lobby, Mass Media Propaganda And More


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We’ve managed to get a third podcast episode up! Recording it and making enough time to create it and edit it are skills we’re still developing, but we’ve always learned on the job in this weird little project of ours anyway. Personally I think this is our best one yet:

In this episode we discuss Aaron Bushnell and the pathetic performative airdrop of a few meals in Gaza, we make some embarrassing revelations about how we stay productive amidst a daily deluge of negativity, and we answer a few questions from readers and trolls.

Questions we address in this episode:

“Discuss the reasons explaining the impressive level of US support for Israel.”

“How do you maintain such productivity in the face of the negativity you’re dealing with daily? Mindset, routines, practices?”

“Why weren’t you so ragey about the civil war waged on Syrians by Assad about a decade ago, where far more were slaughtered than in Gaza right now?”

We talk about pro-war corporate media narratives all the time. Who is the narrator? How is the script passed down?”

“Why Joe Biden and Netanyahu are not Behind the Bars?”

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Questions and comments and constructive criticism are much appreciated. Enjoy!


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