Well, boys, I have very bad news, here in Central Europe, while we were moaning under the Bolshevik yoke, we seriously believed in the good intentions of the USA, and that once we get rid of the Bolsheviks, then we too can be part of the Free World! The awakening took place in the last thirty years, to realize that the Free World only sees us as a labor force to be exploited, and our sons as hopeful cannon fodder! And the self-proclaimed leader of the Free World is an untrustworthy lying robber who, if you don't humbly take his word for it, then, as Hussein Obama said, "we will break his arm". The population of the USA, who is kept in the dark and ignorant by state propaganda, would be shocked at how much the USA's reputation has devalued abroad in Europe! Before you get it wrong, the common people of America are still respected, but we consider their leaders to be common law criminals! Returning to the propaganda mentioned in the above letter. Many of us had to learn the Russian language, writing and reading from elementary school, it is not such a big deal to revive what we have learned until a simple average American cannot even understand Russian letters. So, if I want to, I can read first-hand, e.g. the events on the Ukrainian front from the Russian and Ukrainian sides! Because I don't even believe what the American press is asking! As far as the British press is concerned, it is the subject of public laughter in our country ! I have one more question, if the US press is so sensitive, then why don't I see them speaking up even once that the Hungarian indigenous minority has been persecuted, threatened and banned from using its own mother tongue by the Nazi Ukrainian government for years in the Transcarpathian ? Then I didn't tell you about how Russian children, old people and women in Donbass are being murdered with HIMARS (sound familiar?) missiles ? Don't you want to light a candle or bring teddy bears to the nearly 15,000 killed civilian residents of Donbass, as the hypocritical West used to do when the victim was a Westerner ?

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The media sure have been acting weird. Radio silence about the Sy Hersh Nordstream report. As if they can ignore it and it will just go away, down the memory hole. Clearly they are expecting to never have to answer to anyone why they buried a huge story about an act of war on Germany.

Scott Ritter was blindingly clear about the constitutional violation involved in giving the order to blow up the pipeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXReh55QpU

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Way of life. That is the default justification for aggression and destruction and murder at the hands of the military that represents less than .0001% of the “West.” If boomers reflect on how many times they have been told that what looks like belligerence or invasion or murder, is really protection of ...our way of life, it becomes a Groundhog Day moment. As Noam Chomsky so eloquently pointed out in 1966: If you can convince your citizens that sending half a million soldiers to the other side of the planet is a mission of defense, then your citizens are pacified and neutered. And if we go back farther, to the drunken Wisconsin Senator who was permitted to use his office to badger and browbeat and criminalize opinions that shun allegiance to the liberal-capitalist corporate god, the refrain of his defenders and facilitators was, “he’s protecting our way of life.” Tragic and ironic when a powerful government actor can be praised for scaring the shit out of the people he’s supposed to represent, and obscenely criminal of that same bully when he used the legal system to destroy careers and imprison intellectuals who broke no laws. I think it is important to see Joe McCarthy’s reign of terror in context of the times. Less than a decade after FDR bailed out the corporatists by according a modicum of economic justice to the working poor, after the right-wing industrial leaders were conspiring to get rid of him by hook or by crook, the blowback or the payback or call it what you like, was just getting underway. Truman, Hiroshima, McCarthy Hearings...the right was on a roll, putting FDR in their rear view mirror, and now we have, thanks to decades of tax-cutting, billionaires, aka oligarchs, buying elections, appointing judges for life. All investing in weapons and war...to protect THEIR way of life.

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Those are not "Special Forces Propagandists" - a specialty which may not actually exist. Those people are "Special Forces Military Advisers" - combat troops. You can probably guess what they are going to do. The US has a long and bad history of many things, including inserting combat troops into war zones and and trying to disguise their mission by renaming their MOS temporarily.

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The difference between helping Ukraine to ensure it wins and helping Ukraine to ensure Russia loses needs to be understood clearly for the rank and file public to start opposing this dangerously accelerating proxy warfare.

If Russia loses, it will not be a win for Ukraine because the country and its economy has already been destroyed. It has already been sold to the Western megacorporations.

On the news, they will tell us that Ukraine has won, but that would be a lie because the real winner, if Russia loses, would be the US empire.

From this war, the US is not only profiting from sending weapons and not only weakening the ties between Russia and Europe (especially Germany), but it would have also achieved its geopolitical goal.

It would weaken one of its two biggest enemies in the geopolitical game. It would severely damage the possibility of a fair multipolar world, which is on the rise.

( I have a newsletter called "THE GREAT AWAKENING" which central point of discussion is how humanity is rushing toward annihilation and how we can ensure our survival on this planet.

We have many problems at hand - overpopulation, climate crisis, nuclear threat, animal cruelty, etc. We are creating hell on this beautiful planet and the reason is not this or that political party or economic system. The most fundamental reason is our current relationship with thought; our ego; our false sense of "I." That's the root.

Apart from talking about all these crises, all the propaganda we go through, we will also talk about spirituality (not in today' sense) because only that can transcend humanity into being a more conscious species.

If it sounds interesting to you, check here:


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What’s revealing about the WAPO article is they speak of going back into the Ukraine as if nothing has happened in the last year ,blowing Nordstream never happened etc. their well laid out plan is still be carried out.

What a visible disconnect from actual reality.

They are stunned while carrying on to a certain failure shows their brain has vanished into the pure emotion of loving their own propaganda.

I’d be worried about what will happen to us or thrilled to see the evil being vanquished .

What a thriller.

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This retweet by Mike Flynn no less is marked as "potentially sensitive" by Twitter. See for yourself why.


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Subtlety is the operating principle of successful propaganda: beyond that only obvious force works, and that gives the game away. And that is called fascism. No doubt Russia, fascism's natural enemy, is well aware of this fascistic, double-down propaganda initiative in Ukraine, and will take it into account in its drive to protect Russia from long-standing Western machinations of which the Ukraine war is the latest manifestation.

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Whatever else Noam Chomsky did, his takedown of Andrew Marr never grows old:

Marr: “This is what I don’t get, because it suggests that - I mean I’m a journalist - people like me are self-censoring.”

Chomsky: “No, not self-censoring. You’re, there’s a filtering system, that starts in kindergarten, and goes all the way through, and it’s not going to work 100% but it’s pretty effective. It selects for obedience, and subordination, and especially I think… [Marr: So stroppy people won’t make it to positions of influence] There’ll be behavioural problems. If you read applications to a graduate school you’ll see that people will tell you, he’s not, he doesn’t get along too well with his colleagues, you know how to interpret those things.”

Marr: “I’m just interested in this because I was brought up like a lot of people, probably post-Watergate film and so on to believe that journalism was a crusading craft and there were a lot of disputatious, stroppy, difficult people in journalism, and I have to say, I think I know some of them.”

Chomsky: “Well, I know some of the best, and best known investigative reporters in the United States, I won’t mention names, {inaudible}, whose attitude towards the media is much more cynical than mine. In fact, they regard the media as a sham. And they know, and they consciously talk about how they try to play it like a violin. If they see a little opening, they’ll try to squeeze something in that ordinarily wouldn’t make it through. And it’s perfectly true that the majority - I’m sure you’re speaking for the majority of journalists who are trained, have it driven into their heads, that this is a crusading profession, adversarial, we stand up against power. A very self-serving view. On the other hand, in my opinion, I hate to make a value judgement but, the better journalists and in fact the ones who are often regarded as the best journalists have quite a different picture. And I think a very realistic one.”

Marr: “How can you know that I’m self-censoring? How can you know that journalists are..”

Chomsky: “I’m not saying your self censoring. I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believe something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.”

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Now that European non-elected president Ursula Von der Liar vowed to eliminate all "Russian propaganda" from the media, prepare to see most of the remaining dissenting voices to disappear. I mean, it's easy to still watch RT if you want, but the majority of people dutifully complies (I've seen some idiots even claiming that it was against the law). I'm pretty sure our alleged "leaders" will put pressure on Substack and other platforms - actually, they may have been doing it already.

"The public wants what the public gets": The Jam, Going Underground.

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Where does the Pentagon get all its TRUTH? Hollywood?

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There are 500k Russian soldiers at the border right now. Countless artillery, countless tanks and fighter jets. They start the roll over Ukraine in the next couple of weeks.

The USA and NATO can do nothing to stop it. The Ukraine will be crushed under Russia. And I feel sorry for their people.

Will this escalate beyond Ukraine?

The complete plans are being exposed daily.

Balloons for fucks sake? Make them afraid and it amazes me how many people fall for this bullshit. We got em with COVID, RELEASE THE BALLONS!!!

Six months ago I never would have believed this. But now? The devil marches us along into the gaping maw of fire, death and destruction.

Do I stand on the front lines or slip into a third world country with little infrastructure?

Humanity is a giant comedy.

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Put simply they are spying on Russia, bolstering up their malevolence towards it through other countries so as to have overwhelming support for their own aggression. We know where it will all end up.

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The Very Special Forces of cognitive colonialism will be eating working-class mucus for the rest of their lives.

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If the US government wishes to contradict Russian propaganda, it should do it under its own letterhead.

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1. There is far more involved than propaganda and crushing dissent. The surveillance State is designed to crush, suppress, or derail organizing and activism and any rise of solidarity. (the political equivalent of the US National Security strategy to block the rise of any competing major power).

2. The Clinton campaign did far more to promote trump's political candidacy than the Russians. They supported Trump in the primaries and the candidate they could beat. That hypocrisy must be recalled.

3. Caitlin - a recent column by Patrick Lawrence included a link to a talk by a former Australian foreign policy official. He made a compelling argument that the US military has laid the foundation form making Australia the proxy for the upcoming war with China. I'll try to dig up that link, but you must watch it!

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