I recall many liberal preachers in history that would equate having all the freedoms but none of the responsibilities as that of LICENSE and then tie it to pro-slavery conservatives. "They believe God/Government has entitled to them the license to own slaves," they would thunder from their pulpits before hocking them right alongside their values. Here it's 2021, and the global oligarchy has all freedoms they want, all the wage slaves they could ever need, and none of the responsibilities. They don't need to bother with the pretense anymore and just admit it right out of the gate, "License?!? Vee don't need no steenking license ... "

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We point out these powerful few to create awareness and thus change. If we use ‘common human flaw’ to belittle others we may sow confusion. Many will conflate this with your fundamental theme about the human ego.

“So we all have the same condition but if you mention it I will call you out.”

When people speak about the egoic condition it encompasses all of our species. This means humans not yet free of this (most of us) are suffering a form of mental illness, including those powerful few who are at the top of the human hierarchy— and the egoic condition makes all of us favor primitive hierarchies to varying degrees because this compulsive, dysfunction -inducing condition allows the survival brain to dominate our sharing/caring tendencies.

*Perhaps we express less obvious traits of the hierarchy: submission, approval seeking, conformity etc. and use ‘softer’ forms of deception, of maintaining our status/ place in the hierarchy , of manipulation, of concealing and coercion with family, coworkers and friends but the subliminal message is received: “ yes, I am playing the same consensus reality game of survival brain social hierarchies as you are”, and the virus of unconsciousness persists and spreads. And in the next person it can manifest as something very big and ugly.

Our own egoic condition enables others to stay asleep; if we are asleep/unaware then no one is there to awaken the other person from their destructive programming.

Unfortunately those others may rapidly rise to power in our human social structure: a survival brain-induced hierarchy that favors and rewards domination, hoarding, aggression, deception and more.

Yes, a powerful few are more responsible for the *way* our species manifests suffering and destruction but they suffer from the same dysfunction and are unconscious of this.

So we point out these powerful people again and again—these destructive forces—and try to change what is happening.

They may know how to manipulate and dominate but they too are asleep to the egoic condition which makes them operate largely on primitive brain autopilot, makes them feel that domination, submission, deception, aggression, competition, and othering are completely natural and proper in all situations.

The egoic condition robs us and ‘them’ of choice to a significant degree. Choice implies consciousness. We are pointing out that ‘they’ are not conscious, so we are actually pointing out that they have little choice but to play out their social conditioning derived from their egoic conditioning. The more consciousness the more choice.

Are we afraid that acknowledging this shared madness might induce a little compassion? Might stop our hatred and disgust? Stop our momentum in bringing down the oppressors?

If we fear this then we must be transparent. Do we need to feel sufficient hate and disgust to wake people out of complacency? How much? Are we afraid that the compassion that inevitably emerges with greater awareness of our collective oneness will allow the oppressors to continue?

Talk it out. Transparency is strength. We must be honest to ourselves and others about our urge to manipulate and not reveal that our oppressors suffer from the same condition.

The path of awareness is the path of root causes ( root cause of suffering and root cause of existence) and the root cause of oligarchs and sadists is the same unconsciousness we all suffer from. Our compassion for the entire species including the oppressors doesn’t have to make us weak, it in fact can make us stronger and more resolute about what can and cannot be permitted.

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I was going to write something self-righteous but realize how little I actually do to change things compared with what I could be doing. The idea of the enlightened slave must give them a real chuckle up in the boardroom.

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Great article. Will share and follow

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Christmas trees folks...

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Thank you -- and now - ENJOY !!!

Tim Dillon -- wonderful Afghanistan song (for Heroin and Pedophile Warlords)


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Thank you Caitlin again for this key analysis for understanding what is going through most peoples' brains. The oligarch propaganda narrative is that the population is to blame for environmental destruction & war through its own habits, over-population etc, when in fact the population is under complete indoctrination, command & control from pre-school onwards. The gluttons who set consumer expectation through a thousand films, media, school de-gradation, religious shaming, employment nightmares etc are this trickledown of oligarch submissives. For 1st Nations here & 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') people worldwide, it has been a great sadness to watch their fellow human beings, so controlled, manipulated & bran-washed. One can see the difference between indigenous Vision-Quest & Apprenticeship educational systems & our own.

During humanity's indigenous period youth were facilitated to go on 'Vision-quests' (dreaming, fasting, walking, etc. etc.) finding their gifts for 'community' (L 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service'). Youth would align with specialized Production Societies or Guilds and while contributing to economic life, be mentored to develop their gifts. Time-based human resource capital (share) accounting within Production Societies gave recognition to the knowledge cycle each person's contributions, experience, expertise & decision-making acumen. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/8-vision-quest-education

Typically youth once having identified the life's vision would engage in Production-Society-Guilds in apprenticeship to Masters & a whole Guild who’d mentor the individual achieve their vision & life-goals, within their livelihood economic activity & community service. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/4-apprenticeship-education

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Caitlin, the last thing we need is badmouthing those who analyse our population situation and growth trends and then draw responsible conclusions. In reality the billionaires and philanthropes don’t need the extra cash, but they are cowards or have an ego allergic against bad press. While many if not most of them have long realised that overpopulation is killing our future, they know that a shit- and conspiracy-storm breaks loose if they start on open discussion and make ethical proposals for worldwide family size policies. What they, and anyone else who wants to, can see is that the United Nations statisticians in New York (UNDESA), in charge of forecasting have a chronic tendency to produce an overly optimistic picture, just to every few years later correct it upwards. Don’t believe one moment the current fairy tale of a peak to occur after some more decades. The trend of 80-100 million extra Earth inhabitants per year will just go on until we wake up or become extinct. I wrote to them, but they never provided the margin-of-error information I had asked for, while relying on flimsy information from for example developing countries with large gaps of civil registries and a conflict of interest regarding their reported and predicted figures (humanitarian aid agencies and the own electorate reward progress). Why the heck can anyone on that basis take their forecasts seriously? One can safely assume that the error range is between 10-20%, and you may guess in what direction. And then there is the UN Fund for Population Affairs (UNFPA), which was once created to deal with the ticking bomb. Well, the overseeing member states government reps (or the real powers behind them) had some 30 years ago the grandiose idea that economic profit through growth of the customer base is more important than preventing destruction of the planet for future generation. So, the institution saw their mandate updated, it says since that time that all it should bother with is ensuring that every woman can give birth to as many children as she likes, with these women surviving pregnancy and birth and their kids at least their early childhood.

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Stefan, Population or people are curious creatures for planning. I believe Caitlin is aware of some of the following counter-intuitive realities around population control.

CONTROL THEORY: If the planning is top-down, command & control within the context of the isolated, divided artificial 'exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') world, which our Finance-Media-Religion-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Judicial-Complex have imposed upon us, then as we experience, people are insecure & population increases no matter what the directives are. People lose agency or recognition of their own abilities & life has lost its sacredness & meaning.

MUTUAL-AID: People individually & collectively can take back control of their livelihood, when in proximity. We can act 1st locally, in the average ~100 person Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (eg. apartment, townhouse & village) where 70% of humanity live today, with individual & group specialization, then in planning & labour association with each other as partners. Isn't our ultimate human goal 'mutual-aid'? https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/home/2-mutual-aid

'DO-WE-KNOW-WHO-WE-ARE-?' neighbourhood, web-based, open-source, open-data, community-economy software is about bringing 'economy' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home' + 'namein' = 'care-&-nurture') back to its roots in the collective multihome. Why do those trying to innovate economically know so little about humanity's worldwide universal long 100s of 1000s of years of cultural-economy practice where businesses are started with minimal personal risk? 'Do-we-know-?' reflects indigenous human resource traditions, in developing software for neighbourhoods to create websites with online Human Resource Catalogues HRC, Resource-mapping & accounting in Community, Contribution, Investment & Exchange Systems CCIES. Instead of building fragmented businesses based in specialties alone, it is possible to bring people together in the indigenous traditions of multihome economies, where we can work together as friends, family, teams & communities each with complementary gifts, talents, goods & services with our primary market built in to what we do. With critical-mass economies-of-scale serving our intimate loved ones, then we scale up to larger village, city, region, national & international levels of sales for certain industrial & commercial talents, goods & services among us. Indigenous economy programs are based upon the domestic economy matrix of who we are intimately. We thereby share low-risk 'company' (L 'com' + 'pan' = 'bread') diverse enterprise development, where all succeed together through the safe economy of the multi-million-dollar (average value & earning & spending per year) multihome. This form of collective economy organization is called 'Organizing-from-the-tree-roots', putting people back into the driver's seat of their homes & corporations. With women back as full partners in true economy, then we have our whole human brain back. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/9-do-we-know-who-we-are

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