We are the EVIL EMPIRE.

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I wrote a piece along these lines in March. It is amazing to me that everyone has ignored that Reuters etc comment threads are absolutely full of people from the "Global South" who are anti-American Empire and pro-Russia

Amazingly some people are dumb enough to say theyre bots or paid by Putin, when of course, no one in the West cares what Africans or SE Asians think so that would be the most useless propaganda move ever.


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I love my country, Northern Ireland. But should it be part of the UK, one of America's vassal states that treats its citizens like shit? Or should it be a part of the failing EU, a vassal entity of the USA, which has sentenced its people to poverty, destitution, and hypothermia?

Or should we declare Independence, and apply to join BRICS+ and the SCO.

After all, Britain did state that it has no economic or strategic interest in my country.

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B-52s will scare the shit out of China! If all the bullshit of this drama were configured in a play or movie it would cause eyes to glaze over in about half an hour, or catatonic people to roam in the aisles. It's beyond stupid and even insanity - which can be cured. There is no cure for this. The US and UK have manufactured enemies out of the two most important countries in the entire world -and that's about all they can manufacture at this point- in a power game they cannot win. Only an obscurantist would claim blame is equal on all sides, or in fact that China and Russia in this context are not absolutely in the right. Some intellectuals have tried to do just that. An action is either right or wrong, and cannot be both at the same time: pulling out a rotten, poisonous tooth that can't be saved may have painful and negative effects, but it is right. Had the West sided with Russia in its denazification of Ukraine for existential purposes, and if they hadn't plunked Pelosi right into Taiwan, none of this would have happened.

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Excellent post, though you left off the reason why the US Empire CAN'T change its vision to one of international cooperation and rising equality, which is capitalism itself.

Capitalism is about ruthless competition and expansion, not cooperation. It is about dominance and control, not equality.

The US Empire's less-than-mediocre leaders, wrapped in their Ivy League pedigrees and blinded by their own arrogant belief in their superiority, are groping towards catastrophe and dragging the rest of us along with them.

Our best immediate hope is that some of our American oligarchs are starting to wake up to the danger of nuclear war. Barack Obama came out and said just the other day that the Biden Administration(not he did not say Joe Biden himself), should negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin. There's no way he would have said that had he not been encouraged to do so by one of his oligarchical sponsors.

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Good post. Unfortunately the world population is under the impression this is about nation states when it actually is not. This is about international and national forces which together are actively grabbing control of all resources for themselves at everyone else's expense. Of course these military industrial forces belonging to nation states are bad actors. How could it be otherwise? While Russia and China currently appear to be on the side of "good" how do we know it is not just one more part of the rigged game "they" want us to see? When the public lauds Elon Musk and Twitter as their free speech savior how are they going to understand the enormous international game of "Go" (Chess or Poker, if you prefer)currently underway? It seems like a winner take all situation.

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The dual crazy on war and climate is astounding.

Freud was right - death cult.

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If enough people could see this horrifying movie from 1984 about a nuclear war, the cause of which is eerily similar to the situation today (https://tubitv.com/movies/531445/threads?start=true) it might get us all out in the streets to try to prevent one. On second thought, it probably wouldn't.

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This all becomes so tiresome except for the fact that millions of lives are ultimately at stake if something runs afoul of perceived goals of the psychopaths feeding the narrative meant to "adjust" us to ever harsher realities of vanishing resources, of which China and Russia seems to control the best reserves. The EU is facing a harsh winter because they follow the US govt's dictates to fight a proxy war with Russia.. What does Australia get for its troubles? Seems the US govt has been involved to keep the handy Aussie continent as a launching base for its nefarious operations against China. But here's the kicker. The US needs China as its manufacturing base of cheap goods because that's where the capitalists shifted operations to because of cheap labor. So why the hostilities? Remember the mask and ventilator shortages back in 2020? What nation ramped up production to meet demand? It wasn't the US now was it? Peace

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"The single biggest mistake of president Biden was to say ‘the greatest struggle of the world is between democracies and autocracies’’

The warmongers use ‘’democracy’’ as a reason to start wars. This has the effect of giving democracy a bad reputation around the world.

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excellent point you make regarding a vision of conflict vs what could be a vision of well-being for the world.

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If you wonder why the West has no positive alternative, I personally think it's because:

* The WEF would like to reduce the world population, probably by 90%.

* They want you fat, sick, depressed, and isolated.

* They give you garbage schools,

* Every corporation, like Dick's Sporting Goods will give you $4,000 for an abortion because they'd rather have you at your desk, working, than having a child.

This is their version of a good society:

* you eat bugs,

* get used as a pincushion by Big Pharma, and

* you pay out your eyeballs in taxes for military gear so Raytheon can make a bundle, even though that might provoke nuclear incineration for us all.

The West doesn't have a positive vision because they are are WEF puppets. We get stolen elections, fake vaccines, and early death, and they get rich.

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No nukes ANYWHERE on planet Earth! Stop the insanity! It's time to let the 1% know what's on our minds. Are you with me? #eattherich

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Good article and thought provoking comments so far.

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For the folks from the land down under (a timely watch!):

On The Beach


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Doesn't surprise me, because the Rest Of The World knows damn well whose foot is on their neck.

Same reason that the Japanese were greeted as liberators through much of Asia in 1942, even though the reputation of the Japanese proceeded them and they did in fact quickly wear out their welcome.

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