Very nice piece! Should be the cover of the next Johnstone

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The mental gymnastics you'd have to do throughout your life to convince yourself its okay to ignore these protesters are unfathomable, though that's what it takes to be in the position he's in.

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the Dick CHENEY's VP

gee dubya bush's been

painting himself in the shower

trying to wash the blood off himself

but it seems he can Never get all of it off.


perhaps if he were to visit

the War Crimes Tribunals

they might help alleviate

some of his pain/guilt.

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Wooowwww! You nailed Blinken! Incredible. How can one person have so much talent in so many areas? You're amazing.

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Poignant, unsettling...

Unfortunately, accurate.

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Nov 20·edited Nov 20

Very good, Caitlin, you are a multi-talented artist.

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Ok, ok, ok.

So, what have happened in a week, apart from dying Palestinians, and some IDFs, not much, if anything at all, for a full month, not much is done, apart from the usual speeches, and I will skip the resource issue, etc, witch is the reason for this, is for positioning one selfs ( the traitor nations) in the coming change of axis from the Atlantics to the Asian Mainland, and the connection witch is in the Arab world, and as before, the same rotten scums have admitted their corruption by submitting them selfs to the Synagoge of Satan, the Empire of lies and chaos, death and destruction, to take control over our world and ties their hand behind their own backs and will not move an inch, because they are just whores for Babylon.

I will just point out to the Arab world, think about it, the plans they have are not that bad, but the truth is, few will benefit, while you will have little or nothing to gain from it, unless you have a nation and a Gov whom puts its people first.

The future isnt all just negative, it is a potential witch just now is materializing it self in Africa, to South A, etc, and in the Arab world, just as in the European ones, we are ruled by the Scums of this earth, UssA corps owns our Gov. and central bankers are ruining everything they have touchede the last century to an certain point where they are on the verge of imploding.

For the Arab people, the present time is a gift from Heaven.

Just as I told the Russians years ago, that the econ. war against them and the sanction regimes, was a gift from God, it forces a nation to think and act to preserve its own resources and wealth.

Just this was the sole reason for destroying Libya as one ex.

DO YOU understand.

Hang them all and hang em high.

The war, so far, I am not that worried regarding Hamas, etc, to the Yemens, witch have my deepest respect after paying attention to them for years and learned then the raw hypocrisy witch soaks the western world. Take the Piss loving Norway whom not only made a killing thru exporting systems and so on to the Saudi-barbarians war on Yemen, but is right now also making a killing in selling again weapon systems, AMO, etc to the terror state ISISrael, while our MSM is making a number of an hole on the ground.

In a War zone where two of the largest armys in the world is surrounding a tiny land strip, with air force, etc to gun ships, bombs everything with impunity, because the west is their hooligans and wants more blood, is somehow bizarrely occupied by the fact that Hamas have tunnels, what the f.... or should they, the Hamas go out with strobo-lights attached to their pink unicorn uniforms to, so they are able to be spotted from the International space station without scope, yeah, naughty, naughty Palestinians.

Ugh..... yeah, we are soaked with Military experts, etc, but the obsession of it is remarkable, but when you consider the area, Gaza, it is the only way to have an fighting chanse against the "most moral army" in the world, and so far, so good.

I wounder if the Hannibal Doctrine is used inside Gaza as we speak, the numbers of killed IDFs must be staggering high.

Last, never forget this, I know some will be hurt, but the truth is, most Jews in ISISrael have always been behind the Moving of the Lawn,, most of the time, and I dont bother to link to it, its everywhere anyway. Its a become a verbal dance, circling around and not touching their evil agenda, witch have always been about ethnic cleansing and they dont even hide that anymore, the problem is, that our MSM dont tuch that issue much, but its always been that, wipe the Palestinians out.

I hope people understand how much it is on stake this time, from humanism to resources, all wars are rackets, also this one, and the victim of this true Holocaust is the Palestinians.

Free Palestina, from the river to the sea.

Babylon is faling.


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Picasso painted "Guernica" to protest the Fascist bombing of the Spanish city in 1937. Your painting should be entitled "Gaza".

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Caitlin! Your talents never cease to amaze❤️❤️❤️

As a fellow artist, I express my profound admiration for this excellent piece!

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Where's the blood on Blinken's hands that should be shown in the painting?

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Fantastic!!! Immortalized.

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Wow...thank you! When we look up "unbelievably talented" in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Caitlin.

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You've captured the sheer, inhuman cruelty of this man in that hollow, vapid face.

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Almost 200 people killed in Israeli strike on school in Gaza


Patients, staff and displaced leave on foot as Israel orders Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital evacuated

At least 450 patients who were unable to move continue to stay at Al-Shifa Hospital​ (left to rot and die​ alone?)

Israel says Hamas operates a base underneath Al-Shifa, a charge the group denies


Israeli strike on Jabalia camp kills 32 people from same family


Israel undecided on next steps in Gaza

The country's leadership is debating whether to invade southern Gaza or reach an interim deal on hostages, the Jerusalem Post reports


US Says Israel Has 'Right' To Expand Military Offensive To South Gaza


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Caitlin - Your portraits are expressive and strong. This time I see you’ve given a gravitas to Blinken that I don’t see him possessing. Perhaps, had you painted his eyes closed while blood from the hands behind him slowly slithered down his countenance, he’d shrink into his proper size - metaphorically seeing. Still. That said. Please …keep painting and sharing your work with us. They always move me!

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