So UKR claims credit for US organized strikes into Russia; and then, Stoltenberg expresses “fear” that the war he has helped cause, and dreams about, may actually occur. Every word from the West is a lie or gaslighting, nothing else. These criminals prefer world war to the broad exposure of their crimes.

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These are sociopaths. Unless and until they suffer very real and very personal consequences, they will continue to do what delivers them rewards.

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I was in High school for the Cuban

missile crisis. Terrible. The U.S. has actually regressed from then. Horrible. "Lesser of two evils" Heading for pure evil.

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DAMN demonicrat govt. from hell

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"If things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong."

You think so, Jens? What could possibly go wrong prodding the Russian bear in winter? Allowing proxy armies to shoot at military targets in Russia doesn't count as "prodding", NATO? I guess it's time to dust off the bomb shelters and stick our heads between our legs and kiss our backsides behind, huh? Sigh!

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Good ole Jens... Gives new meaning to "Stupid Bastard"

These psychopaths are going to get us all killed. Of course, JS is a mere puppet for DC, London, and Brussels. He is dancing on his strings like Dr. Frankemstein's monster...

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Dec 12, 2022·edited Dec 12, 2022

The underlying story is Jens Stoltenberg is a two faced propagandist and neocon . He doesn’t mind war and is wiling to risk nuclear war.

However in Norway he has managed to drag that former strongly pacifist country into NATO’s warmongering by hiding the facts of obsequiousness to NATO while pretending to be sensible at home.

Thus Norway soiled itself with a decade of involvement in the brutal occupation and assault on Afghanistan, described to the unquestioning Norwegian press as “ peacekeeping”. But their veterans sing a different song.

Stoltenberg aims to return to Norway in the lucrative role of managing their central bank, so he does not want to reveal to them he is the type of man who would be rash enough to go along with an attack on a nuclear base. Nobody in Norway of course would want such a fool in charge of the their money. They would also understand he was about to rip apart their economy to serve the interests of the U.S. elite unquestioned.

The current Norwegian PM Jonas Gahr Store is a prodigy of Stoltenberg quietly doing his bidding in the same vein. Make grand statements of sensibility and progresiveness while serving the interests of the war machine and the ultrarich.

Also worth noting is that in the previous 5 years under prime minister Erna Solberg, another neocon, Norway, a direct neighbour bordering Russia, started hosting NATO nuclear bombers and nuclear subs. A fact which undoubtedly would’ve played into Russia’s decision to draw a red line with NATO in Ukraine.

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Russia was never a threat to Ukraine until the US "orange revolution" coup with an anti- Russia theme was launched in 2014. Russian speakers were targeted and killed, with 40 locked in a government building and burned to death. The Russian language was outlawed, and 14, 000 ethnic Russians in Donbas murdered. Zelensky was elected on the basis of the implementation of Minsk accords but was promptly directed to ignore them. For some strange reason, former Chancellor Angela Merkel now admits that Minsk I and II were stalling tactics: she is either conceding that Russia is justified in its objectives, or justifying (bragging about) her part in the deception game.

And now while NATO chief Stoltenberg expresses fear of an all out war, the US backing of drone

strikes inside Russia continue. Is this criminal deception, or some kind of cross-purposes tactics based on cognitive malfunction?

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All Jen Stoltenberg's statements to date have been selectively-incendiary war-mongering to death of the last Ukrainian. Going back many months he makes no reference to the international 5 September, 2014, Minsk accord on stopping the putsch Ukraine government's genocidal bombing of Donbass with 16,000 dead citizens. 'Exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') oligarch financiers who own, command & control 'selections' in the USA, Canada 5-Eyes, NATO are despondent war & control psychopaths pushing for Nuclear War as their schizophrenic legacy. Oligarch puppet spokespersons such as Stoltenberg, seem to have a WW2 genocidal grudge-death-agenda, still 77 years later, against eastern Ukrainians who sided with the ten Axis nations. There is a cowardice in western international fake 'diplomacy' where spokespersons will never engage in Both-sided, Equal-time, Recorded & Published Public Dialogues in scheduled, limited-time 'debate' (French 'de' = 'undo' + 'bate' = 'the-fight'). The Court-of-Public-Opinion & economic action, when truly informed by both-sides, makes quick collective economic resolution to stop violence. Before & during WW2, Mohandas Gandhi as part of India's 'Swadeshi' (Hindi 'indigenous' aka 'self-sufficiency') movement called for 'Satyagraha' (H. 'truth-search') between the colonial Allies & the Axis nations. Satyagraha follows all humanity's worldwide 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') COUNCIL-PROCESS once part of every nation worldwide. Gandhi stated, "Non-violence springs from love, cowardice from hate. Non-violence always suffers, cowardice would always inflict suffering. . . Non-violence and cowardice go ill together. I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward." Gandhi was familiar with western British, French, Dutch, Belgium, US, Canadian, Australian etc. guilt of many 100s of millions of genocidal deaths in their colonies including before, during & after WW2. BOTH-SIDES-NOW is modelled on Indigenous Council Process, easy to use in any situation where any two individuals or representatives of groupings, may wish to know each other better, delve into positive pro-active agreement or for conflict-resolution. We can all stop the wars of our oligarchy, from the bottom-up simply by engaging with each other in formal dialogue because it attracts attention & human consideration from all sides. Repeated enough times among all of us, leading to our own peaceful, sharing, caring lifestyles, will leave oligarchs no choice but to re-join loving abundant humanity. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues

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Some war criminals need to be taken out to save mankind.

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Stolenburger has is right to be afraid as Nato America is fully engaged now in the War and they are clearly losing it.

It’s a weird joke to say they aren’t fully engaged as Europe has depleted its arsenal supporting this war.

The conversation is a managed one by Stolenburger for those who are unable to think on their own.

Dumb is the powerful weapon wielded here for without its presence they fail as they waste 100’s of thousands of lives needlessly.

Punishing the innocent with sanctions in their scheme of things to rule us.

It’s just a bad luck luck story?

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Here are examples of intel NATO provides to UKR circulating on telegram:

- https://telegra.ph/NATO-dayot-VSU-koordinaty-celej-11-10

- https://telegra.ph/NATO-dayot-VSU-koordinaty-celej-CHast-2-11-24

Pretty darned detailed.

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Satellites are needed to guide drones to a target..has Ukraine developed modern satellites or is another country supplying the satellite data? I wonder who gave Ukraine satellite data...

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True - Forget not The Biden Crime Family but let's not be unfair.

Many from that end of town had their family juniors in well placed position in The Ukraine, as reported.


The condition precedent - a corrupt state. Easy to exploit while speaking to high minded narratives of freedom and democracy. The essence of Neo-Liberal World Disorder.

Check essay #3 from the start, forward . . . https://les7eb.substack.com

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I think this cryptic but key sentence was misinterpreted:

"Crucially, this includes new judgments about whether arms shipments to Kyiv might lead to a military confrontation between Russia and Nato."

I'm afraid that the "new [US] judgements" that are suggested revolve around a new affirmative US intent to provoke a wider war, including a US/NATO war.

I suspect that the prior "judgments" reflected a rational fear of Russian military capabilities and of escalation, but now that the US warmongers are actually believing their own propaganda that Ukraine is "winning", they want total war with Russia.They think Russia would not deploy nukes, or that they could hurt Russia so bad militarily that they would "cry uncle" or depose Putin.

Reminded of the scene in the War Room in Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove", where the Air Force General (George C. Scott) recommends a full scale first strike.

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This is all utterly insane. Yet being normalized. I find myself wondering whether a major reason is the popular belief in the US (not sure about anywhere else) in the Rapture, part of an interpretation of a biblical prophecy which is likely the result of an old man a couple thousand years ago getting too much ergot in his bread. Revelations is a long diatribe of symbols that could be interpreted a hundred ways. The Rapture posits that Jesus will come back amid the ruin of the Earth, and all the True Believers will rise up into the heavens naked, leaving their clothes and everything else behind. To be a True Believer eligible for going to heaven without dying you just have to recite this incantation: "I take the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior." Then all the Bad People will be hideously punished by the new violent Jesus. An element of this story is that first the Jews have to rebuild their temple where a mosque now stands--thus these zealots are passionate supporters of Israel, although they believe the Jews will all burn in Hell unless they convert. I'm not a Christian but I have read the New Testament, and what strikes me is how little the Jesus quoted there has to do with these zealots, with their obsession about other people's sex lives and their embrace of materialism and violence.

In other words, maybe a reason so many are unperturbed at the escalating risk of a world-ending war, because like most of us they see the current world as being as full of corruption as a two-week-old piece of meat in the sun--but unlike us, they imagine a magical brighter future world whipped into being in its place. I have fantasies of a better world replacing this one but I don't believe in magic and I think getting to that better world will be a long hard slog if we can get there at all.

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