Yep. To make all these decisions concerning a war that'x killing thousands and destroying a country because of wishes to do harm to a man: Putin is ludicrous and horrific.

This is the way the 'grand game' is played is it?

'I will do THIS to hurt HIM' - and the thousands who lose lives etc. are of no import one way or the other?

It seems so.

ALL the commentators I read, professional or self styled, all use the same language. Sometimes it is not 'I will do THIS to hurt HIM' - directed at a man - but instead 'I will do THIS in order to hurt THAT COUNTRY'.

Makes no difference. Again, the people don't signify. Are not present in their calculations.

A 'nation' to them does NOT mean a collection of people.

It is some kind of abstract noun.

It becomes tangible when they draw riches and power from it.

The mad comic exemplifies it when he calls for 'fighting to the last man'.

But that call goes unremarked. Accepted. Swallowed whole.

The ludicrous premise: that a 'nation' exists after the last member of it has died is not remarked.

I consider this confusion between the reality of people and the ethereal abstractions of 'nation' to be the greatest single intellectual obstacle to rational progress between nations.

That and propensity to use the fortunes of whole nations in attempts to attack a single man. I don't know what to call that. Is it a very similar thing? I think maybe so. A propensity to confuse the identity of a single man with the mass of people in a nation. Perhaps, I'm not sure.

But I am totally sure you should not mount measures intended to harm millions because of your desire to hurt one man.

Any more than you should sacrifice all the members of a nation in order to make it better, stronger, healthier.

Madnesses, both of them.

But they go unremarked. They are, in fact, the norm.

" It is unfathomably, unforgivably evil, though, and it should outrage everyone."

Yes indeed. But no one is outraged. No one. What does this say to us? That we are not embedded in the human reality we thought we were embedded in. We seem to be suffering from some kind of cognitive disability.

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“…Shortly thereafter, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the goal in Ukraine is "to see Russia weakened."….”

So military industry lobbyist Lloyd Austin declared that conflict must be inflamed so that his clients can be further enriched.

Diplomatic public servants are absent or quiescent. Financial duties to the taxpayers, are abandoned.

Just in case it’s not clear, the tail wags the dog.

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The Empire is menacingly brilliant in its execution of pure evil - they're destroying both the EU and Russia at the same time by spilling oceans of Ukrainian blood all over the place at almost zero cost. Obviously, once push comes to shove and we would have to pay for the Empire's evil, the dollar would crumble, the WW3 would be the only possible outcome for they're not going down peacefully.

The Empire's only mistake while the bloody orgy of death and destruction lasts? It does not share the loot with its people anymore - we're all Enemies of the State now. So the burning buildings of Bakhmut would soon be seen in Los Angeles and Chicago, even before we're all sent to Hell, the place we deserve.

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The thing that doesn't get said enough, is that what all this does is kill tens of thousands of Ukrainians, render millions into refugeehood, and wreck their country. All the while these bastards wave the Ukrainian flag about and profess their love for Ukrainians. It;s standard propaganda policy to demonize the leader of the "enemy" but the reason they hate Putin is that he's a strong leader who won't sell Russia to US corporations. I suppose he is autocratic--but the US government's embrace of MBS, Modi, Netenyahu, Duterte and many other dictators makes it clear that this is not a real issue. They were not afraid of Russia attacking the US--that's a lie, underscored by their willingness to risk a nuclear war in order to advance their geopolitical game. But the Russian oil industry, yes they definitely wanted to knock that out, because it was a chief competitor with the US oil industry, which can dictate policy in Washington.

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Keep in mind that, in Ukraine itself, any statement against the war, any recognition that they are being used as cannon fodder, is a good way to earn a visit from the secret police.

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The sociopaths in the State department are out of control. It will all backfire on them. I hope we can live through it and remove the slime from the WEF infecting the government.

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God forbid a woman to abort an unviable fetus, but by all means, freely slaughter a few million humans to advance the empire.

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Everything about this situation is sad in the extreme. The US position is indefensible: they have already sacrificed hundreds of thousands of Ukraine lives, many un-trained or ill-trained very young men. I even feel sorry for Zelensky: he was put in an impossible position by the US and Western overlords, and his probably dire fate is now sealed. How far will the US and West go to put themselves in the right, that is to them, the driver's seat? It's hard not believe that one of the several objectives was to justify the hardship Americans will face, and Europeans - to spread the austerity costs across the board.

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I can see the new speaker in a couple of years time being asked about a defunct Zelensky,



"Well, we are doing everything to strengthen Taiwan right now"

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As the war in #Ukraine is about to reach its first anniversary, I think it's a good idea to highlight the numerous incidents which proved that the US and its allies want the war to continue for their own interests.

-The war could have been prevented if the US empire didn't have other plans.

-Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if the US empire didn't have other plans.

-So much destruction could have been prevented if the US empire didn't have other plans.

-Nuclear brinkmanship could have been prevented if the US empire didn't have other plans.

The US empire simps are so dumb that they still think the US's aid to Ukraine is for the virtuous causes. The evidence is a proof their dumbness and the US empire's imperial mindset.

I also have a newsletter called THE GREAT AWAKENING - which talks about the various ways we are propagandized by the powerful to keep turning the gears of the status quo, which is bringing us closer to total disaster either through climate change or nuclear war. It also talks about how EGO is the root cause of everything that's wrong in our world today.

If sounds interesting, you can check and subscribe here:


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Caitlin, another excellent summary…until you get to this: “The US empire is getting everything it wants out of this proxy war.”

IMO, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, The Empire is getting nothing it wants, and it is losing in virtually every metric.

First, just on the military side of the conflict alone, The Empire is getting its ass handed to it, and is once again proving it is a the most expensive paper tiger in the history of the world (as if the Korean War, the War in Vietnam, and the most recent loss to the Taliban hadn’t already proven this). The US war machine, which has been spending ten times more than Russia for at least three decades, produces vastly more expensive weapons that are inferior to Russian weapons in both quality and quantity. Worse, the US (and the other NATO countries) lack the industrial capacity to produce their inferior weapons in the quantities needed to conduct an actual land war with a military peer. Indeed, Russia continues to prove that it is peerless, (with the possible exception of the as-yet-untested China).

Second, the Russian economy, far from collapsing, has proven to the world that it is so resilient that it can do what so many other countries want to emulate, which is to become financially independent of The Empire. The end of the dominance of the dollar as the world currency is already a sure thing. By this time next year, the dominance of the dollar will be a dim memory.

EU economies—Germany in particular—are crashing. The German economy will simply cease to exist without cheap Russian energy. Period. Clearly, the real loser in this war (after Ukraine) is Germany and the German people (followed closely by the other EU/NATO lapdogs, and even, eventually, the US itself.

Lastly, The Empire’s political control of the world is now in precipitous decline. If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS, and if India gets a permanent seat on the UN Security Council (and if one of the hapless has-beens--France or the UK--get booted from the Security Council), the floodgates will open and most countries in Asia, Africa, and South America will rapidly join the multi-polar world movement.

In short, the Russians (of which Putin is only one, albeit important player) and China are already spinning the axis of the world in a new direction. Far from winning this proxy war, frankly, it as if The Empire is intentionally self-destructing--an outcome that follows from unbridled hubris and stupidity.

One can only hope that we all get out of this without a desperate and demented Empire taking down the entire world with it by launching nuclear weapons, though, at the moment, that seems more probable than not. The more quickly The Empire loses this proxy war, the safer we will all be.

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Trying to make sense of this from a Ukrainian point of view. Hmmm, nope, can't. People who select war over peace are really stupid.

I bet shrapnel, bullets, concussions, fire and big chunk of concrete really hurts if it doesn't kill you.

Who the fuck votes for this?

And all I have to do is not join NATO. Where do we sign? Now let's go for a beer or vodka. Gees that was easy.

Oh and as a favor I will close those bioweapon labs as well.

The world is really fucked up right now. I dont understand it at all.

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This has nothing to do with winning - just like the other wars. This is all about the Zionists like Cookies Nuland killing future Slavs that would grow up and eventually find out the truth about these Kazarian blood suckers. We will see who is allowed to settle in NovoRossiya when this all said and done. If Monsanto and the Jewish Oligarchs get back their farmland, then we know this was just another scam war.

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The more they talk the better the rest of the world understands why an eventual nuclear outbreak will occur. This is one benefit of the war being protracted.

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"...US diplomats have been steadfastly refusing to engage in diplomacy with Russia to help bring an end to this war..."

If you want to know whose hands are covered in blood, look no further than these US diplomats who steadfastly have refused to engage in diplomacy to bring about an end to this war. These are true sociopaths, the true monsters. They're not worthy of the title "human being." They are destroyers, ruthless killers. And, of course, they're probably some of the best paid and praised members of the Biden Administration, may they burn in hell. (Sigh.)

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The ultimate and open election interference and meddling in other countries' affairs vs the ghost of Russian election-meddling they have been looking for years and could not find. It's up to Russians to decide who they elect as President, and they are too educated now on the topic of "orange revolutions" and their ultimate goal to fall for this trick. Their experience of the 90s is still fresh in their memory.

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