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If someone asks me why I don't support Ukraine, there's this;

Bush supports Ukraine

IRGC supports Ukraine

Kerry supports Ukraine

Biden supports Ukraine

Soros supports Ukraine

Pelosi supports Ukraine

Hillary supports Ukraine

Obama supports Ukraine

Macron supports Ukraine

Trudeau supports Ukraine

The CIA supports Ukraine

Romney supports Ukraine

Hollywood supports Ukraine

Abromovich supports Ukraine

Fact checkers supports Ukraine

The media supports Ukraine

THE MEDIA supports Ukraine

T H E M E D I A S U P P O R T S U K R A I N E ! !

Copy and paste magic cuz I couldn't load the meme.

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What evidence do you have that Iran's Revolutionary Guard supports Ukraine?

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https://irgc.org/ International Risk Governance Council

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Thank you for clarifying.

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Lockheed Martin and Raytheon need more profits, just like Pfizer and Moderna did for COVID. The US government's goal is not to solve the problem, its goal is to make money for themselves and their lobbyists. All people will suffer.

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Those who need evidence of the correctness of your assessment need only examine the close relationship of the weapons national laboratories with the corporate structures who profit most. Once managed by the University of California, Los Alamos in 2004 switched to management by a consortium of military contractors, most notably Bechtel. I was there, and I saw the attitude of the workforce change as it began to be shaped by corporate warmonger propaganda (I quit the following year). Managed by Lockheed-Martin for many years, after Bell Labs gave up management, Sandia Labs then switched to Honeywell management about a decade ago. War contractor money determines US criminal foreign policy in so many ways, tangible and intangible.

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Yes, Ryan Grim it is wild...

That he had a moment of journalistic integrity and forgot he was getting a check from either Katzenberg, Omidyar, and/or Murdoch.

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The Intercept still has occasional bouts of journalism, though too few since Greenwald walked.

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Monopoly capital to the cemetery. The news of war in Europe is reason for them to rejoice, the more deadly the better…SHAME!

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Winston Churchill famously didn't intervene when Hitler invaded Poland, despite his obligations under the European alliance, because he wanted Germany and Russia to "bleed each other dry." So Churchill was responsible for WWII--another war where the underlying economics have been buried along with US & UK support for fascism in its true meaning as gov't-corp collusion.

The best advice we can give Ukranians is that being a Sweden, Finland, Austria is not a fate worse than death, which could be the alternative.

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Prolonging this war is about creating a food shortage. Which is itself a means to an end. As the virus was used to justify the government's pandemic restrictions on civil liberties and human rights. Another step into The Great Reset.

Here's the preview from USA Today, February 4, 2022 (before Russia's military action in Ukraine)

Where's the tuna melt? Worker shortages mean smaller menus, limited choices and fewer shows

Simplicity may mean better jobs

"A slimmed-down strategy also allows businesses to be more productive while attracting workers with more straightforward jobs that come with fewer headaches and shorter hours, says Sarah Kalloch, executive director of the Good Jobs Institute, which helps companies create good jobs.

Some consumers may be irked that their favorite entrée or potato chip brand may not be available. But many others appreciate a less dizzying array of choices, Kalloch says.

A few years ago, Sam’s Club shaved the number of items it carried by 20%. Simpler offerings meant less training, Kalloch of Good Jobs says. Restocking shelves was faster and workers became more productive and made fewer mistakes, leading to higher wages. Shifts were more predictable, allowing for consistent schedules and lower employee turnover.

“We have to make operations less complex,” Kalloch says. “Everybody’s better able to execute; there’s cost savings.”

But Kalloch disagrees, saying consumers are fatigued by too much variety."


What is Good Jobs Institute? A leftist business model association run by Marxists who've never run a business, never hired a worker, but who've been schooled at the finest, elite institutions in how to direct the ignorant worker class beneath them to do their assigned tasks more efficiently. Often educated in the social sciences, behavioral sciences, psychological manipulation to change the "choice architecture" available to the ignorant masses. These are the people telling Costco, Quest Diagnostics, Toyota, Reuters, etc how to run their businesses and manage their employees. Do they inspire you with confidence that they are looking out for your best interests?


Does the President, Sarah Kalloch, who tells you that people want less choice and are fatigued by too much variety inspire you with confidence that she's looking out for your best interests?


Nothing like a little food shortage crisis to remove those "dizzying array of choices" for consumers.

Deloitte Insights

June 24, 2019

Using Choice Architecture for Good


When all of the world events, from pandemic to war to supply and food chain shortages all seem to result in moving society towards what the World Economic Forum calls The Great Reset and the United Nations calls Agenda 2030, a restructuring of society where you will "own nothing and be happy", where we'll "eat bugs" (and be happy) as free speech is constrained to public-private government-corporate approved topics and barriers and the "best science" we're being told we must follow is social and behavioral science advancing collectivist authoritarian agendas you might look at things like the war in Ukraine and Russia and coming food shortages, the pandemic and resulting intrusions on the rights and liberties of free people and free commerce and body autonomy, freedom of movement and association, etc as actually being just a means to an end. Maybe focusing on who and what agenda is behind these continuous crises destroying the fabric of our free and democratic society and civilization would be a good idea. Like hunting down and stopping the arsonists in the act instead of just putting out the fires they light.

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It is the Oligarchy! There are 600 Billionaires in the USA. Nothing happens without them having a say in the matter. They often are at cross-purposes with one another so it isn't like a "vast right-wing conspiracy" -- it is the system.

We know who they are, why aren't we making our demands to them? It is obvious that our politicians are just puppets who dance to the tune of "money".

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Breaking: Koch Industries (Brahmins of Bilderberg and US Supreme Council of back-room Puppet Masters ) declare they will still operate their biz in Russia: (via MoneyCircus)


because...."we wanna win". "what good would leaving do" i kid u not.

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Here's a weird bit of info, Ford was still operating in Nazi Germany.

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REAL History is a "sh*t sandwich", I always say, : the outside is packaged in ordinary bread for future domestic consumption to not stand out.....but on the inside is hidden a pile of....... ALL HISTORY IS THUS. teach your kids if you have...

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"Breaking?" This was always going to be the case.

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I especially like the "heyy....it's not us,.....we just read the Wall Street Journal".....heyyyy....bada bing bada boom......its' the fonz.......(meanwhile:;...."hello WS journal? yeah..listen.....papa bear wants support for operating in Russia despite the war or else...capiche?..over and out! ""

Like Mel brooks said: " 'Tis Good to be the King".

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"We have to make operations less complex," says Kalloch.

Next paragraph: "But Kalloch disagrees,"

What? Maybe you didn't expect that someone would be reading your text very closely.

Actually, cutting down the bewildering array of choices in junk food would be better for us. Please read the book Salt Sugar Fat to find out how the food industry works to make most food on the grocery store shelves addictive. And the powerful lobby they maintain to keep Congress and the regulatory agencies off their backs.

It isn't likely that they will allow their cash cow to be sacrificed for any number of good jobs, and Good Jobs had better assess the forces that they're up against.

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Good catch, thank you! I should have punctuated the citations correctly to avoid confusion, it lacked context how I presented it.

The entire passage:

"Krishnakumar Davey, president of client engagement for IRI Worldwide, a retail and consumer products analytics firm, suggests that when the health crisis and labor shortages ease, companies will return to greater product varieties.

“We’re all looking for that new thing, that shiny penny,” Davey says, adding that new offerings also help firms stand out from competitors.

But Kalloch disagrees, saying consumers are fatigued by too much variety.

“You’d think customers would miss choice,” she says. “But they want quality and they want to know what to expect.

“If a company doesn’t know what their customers want, they end up throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them.”"

As to your comment about the junk food, it couldn't be truer. The center of a grocery store is typically a nutrition desert. Starch, sugar, salt and fat fillers. That powerful lobby sits atop every single nutrition panel are the top nutritionists appointed to lead agencies and develop institutional menus like those found in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. Wolves guarding the sheep.

Remember, the pandemic was a pandemic in which 80% of the deaths under 75 were among people with the comorbidities of diabetes and obesity. Instead of a behavioral science choice architecture "Nudge" of our population to better diet and exercise regimens, a, "Get Fit America" campaign we were told to stay inside, gyms closed, beaches and parks closed, small restaurants closed, garden supply stores closed, churches closed, told to just wear the damn mask and isolate. While fast food restaurants remained open, junk food available at large retailers and convenience stores, soda aisles stocked, liquor and marijuana stores stayed open. It was a virtual, "Get Fat America" campaign. Into a pandemic that fat Americans disproportionately have died from. No. It was never about our health.

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I TOTALLY agree with everything

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Slowly but surely this is slipping towards the WWIII. The Poles are itching to step in even if initially directly not supported by NATO. Still it will inevitably lead to their being hit first on Ukrainian territory and then maybe on their own. From that point it's downhill fast.

Churchill's characterization of Poland in "The Gathering Storm" comes to mind once more.

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They have every incentive to. It's more likely to destroy Russia, allows them to print more money, disguises the real financial and energy crisis and costs them virtually nothing.

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"The (evil)empire (USA) will happily feed every man, woman and child in the entire nation (Ukraine) into the mouth of this war if it means unseating a disobedient leader from a nuclear-armed seat of power” Caitlin today.

The same total disregard for life has been seen so many times before in the history of the US and its climb to power, starting with WWII and the unnecessary use of two nuclear weapons just before the end of hostilities with Japan. Since then their total disregard for humanity has been evidenced by the world as it has watched as 20 million people died from war after war and with the use of inhumane sanctions. A crime like no other in history.

The world knows what the US has become since 1945, what it is now and against which we have just a handful of decent media reporting organisations spelling it out every day, including this highly regarded independent tell-it-as-it-is truth source. How many other similar writers are left, those that have not yet been silenced by corrupted owners, shareholders and profiteers, overseen as to their obedience by a corrupted and arrogant government in the US and supported by weak sycophantic other governments throughout the world.

We should all be thankful that the courage to buck the criminal system and tell it how it is, is still within our reach. Caitlin and Consortium News and many other individuals deserve our thanks. They certainly have mine.

A pox on Washington and their criminal politicians

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Biden and Blinken have been hawks for decades and could easily be convicted of being war criminals many times over. I think we take it for granted that people understand what happened/is happening in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen... but I can't believe these psychopaths would have rose to power if they did. People know more about Putin now than they do about the people in charge of their own government. smh.

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There is another possible answer as to why the US does not make any moves toward negotiating with Russia and that is that they might think they would, at present, have to negotiate from a position of weakness, a disadvantage in negotiations which the neocon foreign policy establishment may be smart enough to avoid, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. The idea of putting the Russians in a "quagmire" requires a lot of cooperation from the Russians, since can declare victory and get out any time.

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Can't negotiate. Too busy fracking the Marcellus, unplugging and/ or re-re-fracking "plugged" wells; bet'ya LNG export hubs and ethane crackers, ACP, Constitution & about a dozen other ginormous, tossed together 42-48" pipelines are grinding rust off bevels (with 1099 gig-workers, no trained 3rd Party inspection corrupt PHMSA drunks at the local whorehouse, as ANY protest is met with nazi klansmen and ravening hounds? Wild guess: the whole thing's just another scam outa a 1938 Chuck Jones Ralph & Sam LoonyToon?

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you are too smart for this....! I remember now, the untold number of worker deaths laying pipe for Murica's fracking boom....a brief blip in otherwise "patriotic" news media years ago!

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We'd 3 deaths in a single week, at an Indian-owned API Monogram 48" diameter mill in Baytown. The slabs were from Azovstal, by the way. Probably have 7.9 billion fatalities, in the not so long run?

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The high moral ground is in the end just incompatible with low, fascist tactics, or the route the West has alway had a soft spot for and subsequently embraced like its best buddy, as in Iraq, one of the primary instigators of which was actually knighted, rather than officially benighted.

The totally naive, along with actual Russia enemies, and they are enemies, keep harping on an unidentified "better way", while working, knowingly or not, to make NATO a shadow partner in Ukraine, training and supplying with arms the anti Russia elements, targeting even Ukrainian Russian ethnic groups, and killing 14,000 of them since 2014. Russia tried reason, appeals to justice and humanity, and was ignored or spurned. It took the only route left to it.

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You have to read Andrew Cockburns 'The Spoils of War,' what is war but a profit making enterprise? I used to think there was morality involved in some battles; like, fighting against nazis. No more. The point of war is purely weapons sales...and people are just checker pieces sides are willing to sacrifice in pursuit of that endeavour. And, yes, checkers. Chess requires skill ,and these weapons knuckleheads are just salesmen, not good salesmen, not used car salesmen, but guys literally in a closed system with motivated customers and dominant advertising, still needing government assistance to succeed. Checkers. And, the funny thing in a sad way, in my opinion, Ms Johnstone? The Americans are still losing.

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I don't believe most peoples' support for Ukraine to be cynical; we'd see the same support if the brutality against the Palestinians or the Syrians was highlighted in a similar fashion. What is cynical are the governments that pretend they care about anything other than expending their own power regardless the cost. I am entirely sick of such governments.

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Biden and his idiots are trying to prolong a war that exists in their imaginations.

Reality? Putin is close to achieving the specific objectives he set out on Feb 24. Thats all he will care about.

And that's just Phase 1.

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