America's entire prosperity is built on exploiting unipolar privilege. The real domestic economy - flattered by the unique circumstances after WW2 - has been systemically hollowed out by a rapacious financial elite. Its working class, brutalized by rentier capitalism, is an increasingly underskilled, unhealthy, unproductive parody of New Deal labor.

The natural realignment America should've begun in 1971 - when it came off the gold-standard in response to the shift from surplus to deficit economy - was sidestepped by the genius of Paul Volcker and his precocious system of dollarization - reserve currency surplus recycling - undergirded by an unparalleled militarized foreign policy forcing American business imperialism on the world.

Capitalism never knows when to moderate its greed. Rather than use the Volcker Doctrine to welcome and adjust naturally to the inevitable rise of near-peers on favorable terms, America chose to let itself become irrevocably addicted to decades of "free lunch" money provided by Volcker's post-gold dollar reserve currency hegemony: weaponizing reserve currency deficit, drawing in trillions of dollars from surplus countries, recycling them to Congress for profligate domestic spending on defense, bank liquidity, biotech, bailouts, social security, military industrial investment, mass media, think tanks, corporate nepotism, propaganda, etc. Who cares about the American worker when you have a license to profit from the entire world's labor?

Neocons and neoliberals - Democrat and Republican alike - know the economics. They know deindustrialized financialized America has been propped up by the decades of top-down spending. They know if the "free lunch" ends America will rapidly collapse in catastrophic Max Max style. The politicians and the deep state know it's too late to change course.

Dedollarization would equal disaster. Dedollarization is the existential threat to America's future regardless which countries make it happen. We're riding the "full spectrum dominance" runaway train to the end of the line. No politician is going to risk their life trying to pump the brakes. What else can you expect?

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Thank you for the update on Henry. John Mearschiemer’s warnings about Ukraine were ignored and he was spot on that our involvement would cause Russia to strike back and he was right. His estimate of what’s next is terrible regardless of who wins Ukraine. I care about everyone but accept the fact that with 9 billion worrying about everyone would make life miserable. Ukrainians are fucked just line Iraqis, Afghans, Vietnamese who’s dead we couldn’t be bothered counting. The delusion created by power is absolute, just ask Baghdad Bob or Joe Biden.

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Since the beginning of this mess I have been significantly more worried about the U.S. (specifically the Washington neo-con/neo-liberal foreign policy blob) starting WW3 than about Russia or China. My fears have only increased watching its increasingly irrational, incompetent and desperate performance. I'll even go so far as to say I'm much more worried with Biden and the establishment Democrats and Republicans now in charge than I was with Trump -- and I am no fan of Trump. Or of Kissinger. To the extent that Obama is the hidden hand behind Biden and the current Democratic establishment, my disillusionment with Obama is now complete.

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...psychiatrists, describe narcissist psychopaths and on the end conclusion : no cure, go away and don't come back!....here ''little'' problem, Washington does not leave anyone alone, especially friends!....

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Everything is enabled by the Federal Reserve and their associated central banks. No government can do these insane things without being financed by the central banks. The fingers have to be pointed at the central banks particularly the Federal reserve.

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Scaring Ol' Henry K., the biggest mass murderer in the last 50 years? What the fuck did I miss? It's remarkable that he's still alive let alone discussing world events. Maybe he's learned something. Who am I kidding? We are in a world of hurt and H.K. isn't helping, though he may have some insight on what's wrong in the world. May we all escape this dysphoria, really. Peace, All

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Aug 15, 2022·edited Aug 15, 2022

Milosovic's crimes pale when compared to those of Henry Kissinger. And yes, any examination of the effects of a Kissinger let loose on such places as Cambodia, the example mentioned, show that his level of mental competence must have diminished greatly. Convenient too. Perhaps for those readers who are not too familiar on the treatment of a lovely little South East Asian country after Kissinger and his policies have had their way, unrestricted by any laws and covered up for decades by the corrupt news media.

Read up on the subject. You won't believe what an unrestrictive report on that crime will show you

But it doesn't stop there. The assassination of the President of Chile and the installing of a criminal in his pace. Pinochet. The list goes on. The best examples of US criminality in my lifetime.

Never examined, no prosecutions and the saddest thing is when he passes on it will be all big brass bands and accolades. An American hero.

As they wash his Jewish body and dress him in a tachrichim I hope someone in attendance reminds others of how easy it is to fool the American people for decades until in the end the lies become truths.

Such is the nature of that country today.

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Love the closing line: "We need de-escalation and detente, and we need it yesterday. If you're too hawkish for Henry Kissinger, you're too motherfucking hawkish."

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If you asked me in 2001 if I would believe that dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger would be voices of reason in 2022 I would of called you crazy. But here we are....

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Blood soaked swamp monster indirectly admits the error of his mad dog phase. Like they all do, if they live long enough. Even the hideous Wolfowitz. Why is the US so uneducable?

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Well said Caitlin, and totally 'right on'. thank you, and god bless.

Will the US and western elites' rapaciousness, greed, hypocrisy, arrogance, war crimes and deceit never end?

Will they drag the whole world into oblivion with them, if they don't get their way?

Scary times.

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Excellent Caitlin,

Thank you very much for exposing, in such a clear way, this sinister and hypocritical character.

I usually don't like to use foul language in my comments and I'm not sure that in this case they are... but we are dealing with a real DOG of the US empire.

If we had to pay with one second of our life, for the damage we do to a person / community / country in this world, for this monster the result would have been not to have been born!

Regardless of how old they are, these scum, will never...ever, have the slightest awareness of the monumental evil they have done, throughout their lives.

Congratulations and greetings to all participants!

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I seem to recall Kissinger, however nefarious, being a voice of caution long, long ago, his general theme being that the US could not expect to continue in the advantageous position it acquired by luck in 1945 by being the last man standing in the great shootouts of 1914-1945. His solution for the US was to retire from this position slowly and carefully so as to preserve its advantages for as long as possible. For example, a wise foreign policy would be to try to keep Russia and China separate from one another, but not too hostile to one another (because one might win and become a formidable adversary). This policy seemed to relate to the "China card", which was abandoned I believe during the Clinton-Obama presidencies because the US was supposed to have "won the Cold War." As I wrote elsewhere, there are smart sociopaths and dumb ones and really crazy ones, and our current great leaders seem to be in the third category.

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I will always be grateful to Caitlin Johnstone for how clearly she articulates how propaganda works. Of course, there are problems with her work. I'll just mention a few:

* Non-falsifiable fallacy of reasoning: In Caitlin's mind, every major problem in the world has one source. The idea that another mass murdering regime, the CCP, might have included Mao (murderer of 70+ million) and 400 million sex-selected abortions, is irrelevant to her.

* She ignores the WEF.

* She doesn't exactly understand that Kissinger was part of the Nixon administration, which did a lot of bad things in the context of the Cold War, but the Nixon administration withdrew 95% of the American troops from Vietnam. Nixon wanted "peace with honor." We didn't get peace or honor, but after we left, the Vietnamese govt. set up death camps, and killed another 166,000 Vietnamese. So, no angels.

I am essentially positing a world where there are MANY mass murdering psychopaths who conflict with each other. Caitlin does not see this, or thinks the U.S. is so far worse than, say, Mao's China or the current Chinese band of criminals, who appear to have released a bioweapon into the world in tandem with parts of the U.S. (Mr. Fauci, etc.).

But that's mostly fine. I understand what she's aggravated by, and I share a lot of the same aggravations. I'd like to see the U.S. stop supporting Zelensky, and stoking that proxy war against Russia. And I got really sick of all of our censorship in this country. You can't discuss:

The legitimacy of the 2020 election:

The deadly vax;

The uselessness of almost all masks;

The garbage government schools;

BLM vs. ALM;

And many other topics where they'll tell us what to think, and all dissent gets crushed. People are losing their jobs for trying to have freedom of speech. This is evil.

Caitlin does a great service to humanity, but she leaves quite a bit out. The CCP is crushing the Chinese people. The WEF is evil. The U.S. shouldn't be giving Ukraine weapons. The world is complex.

I don't expect to change anyone's mind, and I will not respond to negative comments that imply contempt and potentially violence.

Have a good day.

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it might be an anxiety that Russia wasn’t destroyed yet in his lifetime as he seriously wished for when he stated back in 2015 “we should kill Russia” . This psychopath so called “statesman” was behind every tragedy in the World from the seventies coming!! His fingerprints are in Cyprus division, most of the wars in the Middle East, south East Asia, central and South America and you name it! Now that he could only witness Russia’s determination, he started blaming his own making US foreign policy!! What a scumbag!!

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The Western powers have forced Russia and China to cooperate with each other. What would happen now if they jointly start doing things like what US has done in Iraq?

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