7 minutes is hardly long enough,

To decide the fate of civilization,

All top political and military leaders agree,

Yet we inch closer to that fateful decision,


Despite the smoke,

People in Pompeii didn’t believe it would erupt.

It never had! Why would it now?

We have had much more warning than they did!

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Jan 22, 2023·edited Jan 22, 2023

The irony (one of many) being that the vast majority of people living in Crimea (as confirmed by Ukrainian sociologists and Pew Research) want nothing to do with Ukraine.

See, e.g.: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/03/20/one-year-after-russia-annexed-crimea-locals-prefer-moscow-to-kiev/?sh=166f383510db

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We’re living in a global asylum, an asylum where the ‘wardens’ [i.e. socio-/psychophatic, incompetent and utterly corrupt politicians - and their minions – the bought & paid for corporate media], are those definitely most insane - CRIMINALLY insane that is! . . .

Collective ‘’human intelligence’’ - for our own species and our planet - has so far proved to equal complete, and utter idiocy.

Collective ‘’human intelligence’’ is a de facto oxymoron.

A little snippet from the overwhelming evidence for the above, is to be found in the words uttered by the greatest living quisling on the planet, the Norwegian CIA errand boy heading the North Atlantic Terror Organization, a.k.a. 'NATO';

''WEAPONS,..._ ehhh... ehh... eh,.. they are the way to PEACE!...’’


As a national living in the US vassal state of Norway, there is NO WAY I could agree more with the following eloquent [and apt] characteristic of said errand boy;

‘’Jens Stoltenberg, he’s literally every evil moving character you’ve ever imagined rolled into one!’’

- Scott Ritter, former USMC Intel Officer, and UN Weapons Inspector

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Any time I correctly bring up Azov as neo-Nazis, I get a response such as "what are you insinuating"?

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This is the "progress" of the civilized and democratic countries voting for the resolution combating Nazism:

- 2021: https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/3951466?ln=en

- 2022: https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/3997769?ln=en

Those who voted 'N' have no problem with Azov.

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Thank you, well said as always. I pray it helps.

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The claims that Russia intends to take it's prior territory back is unfounded, I believe. I think they only wanted access to the Baltic Sea, to their bread basket, Ukraine and to survive economically. They were developing good relations with Germany, and Eurasia, before our coup in Ukraine and the alleged meddling with their elections. Your commentary is so well written and en pointe!

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Jan 22, 2023·edited Jan 22, 2023

Crimea should have a UN supervised referendum. Binding on both sides by prior agreement. The US knows the Crimeans voted last time and 95% wanted to be part of Russia. No surprise there. The Crimeans have seen how the neo-Nazi Azovs treated the ethnic Russians in The Donbas. But the US refuses to accept those results and when they are asked to support another referendum, one they could coadminister, they squeal like cartoon piglets saying they can’t do that.

Crimea is a great place to start, not for war but for peace. After a Crimean referendum the next step would be a Donbas refendum. Yes they’ve already voted to secede, but this time it should be UN-supervised. The whining excuses by the US spokespeople for not doing it are very telling. As if they had not heard of absentee ballots!

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I've been watching old movies late at night recently and amazed at the coarseness of the US propaganda, especially in old war movies.

But last nite, I watched a movie about Ukrainian Russians fighting Nazi invaders. It very favorable portrayed rural life, Soviet collective farming and labor, community cohesion, and basically a very high quality culture see "The North Star"


The movie was attacked, censored and suppressed by the McCarthy era HUAC - but today, you could NEVER even make that film and you might even get your FB, Twitter or YouTube account taken down for merely broadcasting it!!!

We are now in a period that is WORSE than the McCarthy era in terms of red scare and censorship and repression.

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People in America are so influenced by their Entertainment media, they've been led to believe the world is a Disney Marvel movie. Any moment now Captain America will team up with Ms Ukraine to punch out Sinister Warlord Putin. No, don't look behind the curtain viewers! Those falling banknotes from the Producers pockets are just props, I swear!

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So well put: the US and West taunt Russia shamelessly then put on the saint's garb for the rest of the world, even as they know that most people don't go for it. They love manipulation - just for the sake of it- and that is the characteristic of PSYCHOPATHS. That's what we're dealing with: they make up the game and its rules, and manipulate the narrative to make themselves out to be innocent targets. They have to be told we're not playing.

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Don't despair. Along with all the Western population, voters, the WHOLE 'rest of the world' is totally ignored - including their leaders.

BUT they are there. And Watching. And Knowing.

I doubt their leaders are going to let this current coterie of total lunatics we call the Western leaders continue down this path much longer.

I don't know what they'll do to stop it but I feel pretty sure they will do something. I just can't see, for instance, the Chinese leadership quietly acquiescing while American lunatics take the world to the edge of the abyss. Tolerance of mad children only goes so far.

You would maybe think the easiest way would be for them to weigh in against Russia but they don't seem to be doing that even though they're clearly not giving military support.

And it might not be such a good idea come to think of it. Pushing Russia is the whole problem. Has been from the beginning come to that, hasn't it?

Push Russia too far and big boom for sure.

Russia feels it stands alone now. Feels it has its back against the wall. Is without a reliable friend in the world. Not much more you can do to it.

But America. With its sleaze and fingers in every pie and everyone - every one - of its top politicians and industrialists, oligarchs, deep into all kinds of secret global misdemeanors and wealth scattered handily around the world.... A different story. Vulnerabilities everywhere.

Even America's proudest 'boast', literally, it's 750 bases all around the world. All boasting the American flag of despotic hegemony.

Well each one of them is far from being a Roman fort capable of subduing the surrounding countryside and tribes.

Nope. Far from it. They are more like injury prone fingers stuck too far into the works. Each capable of being caught, lacerated, macerated and signalling immense pain to the host body.

Every single one is a nil return sensitive point of potential pain and embarrassment.

Perhaps the Rest of the World will signal disapproval in that way, when prompted by big Daddy China and big mystery man India and keen young excitable heterogeneous Africa. Etc.

I don't know.

But I certainly see the possibilities.

And I certainly see a plain and simple strong motivation.

So though it is a crying shame the people of the Western World will never, this side of armageddon, lift their game enough to learn what's going on and actually do something radical about it - like playing their part in the democratic process - it maybe won't matter.

The new big kids on the block will do it all for us. For themselves they'll do it and we'll profit thereby.

Hope I'm right. :)

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The fact that US hypersonic missiles failed their last test and Russia has already demonstrated its hypersonic weaponry on a number of occasions in Ukraine to devastating effect, it appears the US's provocative escalation is no more than optics posturing.

The west are struggling to match Russia militarily. Russia has very good air defense and a well integrated MIC with a joined up military command. NATO, on the other hand, has been found wanting; 'We'll send our tanks if you send yours', not the language of winners. Plus Europe and the US have no defense against Russia's hypersonic capabilty. Washington is aware that for the present, the Kremlin is dominated by cool heads. So talk is cheap.

Sending tanks and other useless gear is just desperation and face saving. Russia will accomplish its objectives to its own schedule. The west know the war is done, so any silly talk from Borel, Von der Leyen and Stoltenburg is strictly for the birds. When Bakhmut falls soon this will mark the beginning of the end and collapsing armies tend to fold rapidly. Then it's all round to the South China Sea for beer and round 2!

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"You can change Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, but it's still the same stuff in the bucket."

Decades later, we're still dealing with the same ol' stuff. Mutually Assured Destruction and nuclear Armageddon. Everything old is new again. It's tiring to think how little we've changed. It's time we grew up and stop playing the game of chicken... Otherwise we'll all end up totally deep fried.

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I have sincerely contemplated that. And my conclusion is the same every time I reevaluate it: impermanence is a reality. This world, at some point, will cease to be habitable. Whether by natural causes or because people get what they deserve.

What ever is going to kill me, or whomever, is pointless. My death is a certainty.

This world is wholly evil. I realize that this doesn’t appear to be the case for many. Many people compartmentalize that aspect, and just focus on the things that help them retain their sanity. That doesn’t mean it’s not bat shit evil. And that fact that it’s not batshit evil really doesn’t bother most people. If it did, they’d take hard action to change it. The fact that they is a condemnation of them, and of our species as a whole.

We’ve long had the technology and the know-how to make the world equitable and humane. But we don’t, and to the vast majority of people, that’s not a dealbreaker, hell it’s not even an afterthought.

With this being the case, what exactly are we fighting to preserve? Our own ego centric hedonism and vanities.

Life is the curse. That’s my verdict. It’s not worthy of your humanitarianism or your philosophy and poetry. I look forward to the day I’m back in oblivion. It’s not suicidal or defeatist; it’s simply the only rational conclusion is a wholly irrational world populated with wildly, unbelievably even more irrational people. The suffering of countless generations is not made sanctified by prolonging it in some vain hope that people will magically, of their own volition or divine providence, suddenly wake up one day and think, “ Gee, you know, maybe I shouldn’t be a psychopathic piece of shit anymore.”

To quote a movie... “ Let them fight.”

This species is irredeemable.

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...but it's OK for Israel to annex the Golan Heights without a referendum.

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