Sunlight --> photosynthesis --> food to eat. Nuclear winter? That's a problem. No matter how many times I raise this with empire acolytes (willing or just brain-captured), it never really seems to get through. And I figure they must think something like "why do you hate your country." I just don't understand how anyone can't grasp that the nuclear-weapon precipice descends directly to hell, making the risk unacceptable, regardless of its size.

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"I'm finding myself having less and less patience with people who think the US is an innocent little flower..." - and when you find your patience reached zero you'll realize you have to withdraw completely from the "fight". As you're hopelessly outnumbered.

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Bernie Sanders recruited Lockheed Martin to set up research center in Burlington, and his senate seat races all have major donations from arms manufacturers. Then there's Matt Duss... shesh.

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My practice is simmering rage while I am busy seething and suffering.

My practice is waiting until tomorrow.

My practice is living with all of the anger and allowing it to exist.

My practice is silence when they take the soul of music away

My practice is to stay vegan and avoid big Harma hacksxxxine.

God bless Russia. Thank God we Russia are winning.

End the freaking monkey business.

Who will pay the spooks when our money collapses and ain't worth a shit in US of Arrogance?

What will the traitors do when no one pays them to destroy the world anymore? Suck eggs?

Russia has to win. Any sane rational person, not even freak kissingasser can dispute Russia has no choice but to win.

America is a big piece of shit for making this war, forsaking the peace.

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"Friendly reminder that for a fraction of the cost of funding a world-threatening proxy war against Russia the US could simply have protected Zelensky from the neo-Nazi militias who were threatening to lynch him if he tried to make peace with Russia and prevented this entire war."

Why would the US protect Zelensky from neo-Nazis when the US sponsored the coup that brought the neo-Nazis to power in the first place and the last thing the US wanted was for there to be a negotiated settlement between Russia and Ukraine (which was the platform Zelenskyy ran on). The US always wanted a war between Russia and Ukraine in the delusional belief it would last a long time, weaken Russia and also provide an excuse for sanctions to further weaken Russia. Wrong and totally delusional on both counts.

The first objective for both the US and Kolomoisky after Zelenskyy won was to bring him under the control of the neo-Nazis (if he wasn't already via Kolomoisky himself).

"If you're more hawkish than Henry Kissinger, you're too fucking hawkish."

Hell, even Kissinger is deluded. He thinks a negotiated peace could at this point include Russia withdrawing from some of the territory it's gained for Novorussiya and without the de-Nazification of the remainder of Ukraine. I predict that Novorussiya will consist of all territory east of the Dniepr and a coastal strip all the way to Odessa. If the neo-Nazis are not replaced, Russia will also invade Western Ukraine to capture as many as it can, set up a reasonable government pledged to neutrality, then withdraw to Novorussiya leaving a rump state to govern itself, by treaty neutral with no missiles or NATO presence.

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Numerous times I argued to dump this illusion of "democracy" in the West and check out of the election process farce. Depending on the level of intimacy I'd either be shamed or dismissed. Implicitly due to my inferior outsider immigrant origin. What would such a creature know anyway. A Russian to boot.

I could only shrug my shoulders. Still do.

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To your last bit about having some kind of practice to calm our nervous system. Yes. I’ve certainly reached my threshold. As I was reading this one Caity, it occurred to the idealist still in me that if theater was still a viable art form, it would be interesting to develop a play around your life and work. I’m old enough to remember the power of live theater. Sadly I’ve rarely seen anything truly innovative or transformative in years. Have the arts been folded into the GloboCap empire? I may pursue this regardless…

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One has to question whether the public will ever wake to any change in the circumstances with which they are bombarded every day., one party as bad as the other. While we are seeing grief and pain by the bucketloads in one part of Texas we have a convention full of gun toting extremists just around the corner....in the same state. They will all still watch Fox news, read the NYT, as it fulfils its role as the official government mouthpiece, still tolerate the censoring of comment on social media as part of the US Grand Plan to keep the people totally ignorant of reality. They call it democracy. Surely it is blind bloody ignorance.

Pick the difference between both parties. Can't be done

It is so easy to do whatever the elected incumbent President chooses to do these days, as easy as it is to ignore the much lauded US Constitution (now a toothless tiger thanks to the violation of the ten original amendments known as the Bill of Rights ). But should we ever have a need for a different anti-democracy target to attack, social media should be de-clawed, made impotent or seriously sued to extinction for restricting the freedom of speech.

Sadly, the people still read and support the government controlled social media platforms. What a pastime that has become. It defies reason.

But I would like to be around when a more enlightened world finally neuters that mob

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Some of the nicest people I ever met were Americans: decent, intelligent young men that I feared would die in Vietnam - for nothing. So it's disturbing to see how it's all turned out, but it seems whenever there is a problem anywhere in the world, the US does its utmost to turn it into a complete fuckup from which there is no return. The US could have been an influence for good in Ukraine, as Caitlin suggests, could have protected Zelensky from Nazis. But the US, along with the Vatican, are OK with Nazis, because they're people too aren't they?

We must have a real populist movement: real people and real issues. Because it must be becoming clear as glass that government as we have it - is not about real people and real issues.

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LOVE the use of the word Kayfabe. It's entirely appropriate; the "two party system" illusion is pro-wrestling at its finest.

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Two parties, both completely comfortable with their Armed Forces. But neither party demanding accounting for the Pentagon who continue to refuse to provide data that auditors can audit. No problem with one female soldier in ten having been raped by one or more of their colleagues (US Army data), no voting by the public on the $21 trillion invasions of Nam , Iraq and Afghan, with the more recent invasion of Iraq cheerled in the Senate by Biden and Blinken etc.

Some democracy. The two party system is a colossal fraud as Caitlin states.

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Many of us here can probably relate to having friends, dear friends, accuse us of promoting Kremlin propaganda. They don't get that Ukraine will never recover the Donbass or the land bridge to Crimea without direct involvement from US and NATO forces. They actually believe this is a noble war. I'm gonna go be an American and drown myself in vodka and cannabis and watch some baseball.

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May 29, 2022·edited May 29, 2022

"Meditation, self-enquiry, healing and energy practices, whatever gets you there, but surely you've got to have something before you can stare into the face of the beast..."

For myself is limiting how much time I pay attention to this stuff - like a lot less then I used to once I figured out the whole thing is really out of my hands and is rigged up the kazoo. And now I spend more time in Nature and with good writers - such as Robert Lanza, James Hollis, Jung, Aniela Jaffe, Emerson, Tennyson, Frederic Myers, Karlis Osis, Bruce Greyson and so on. Interesting that it is mostly voices of the past, not voices of the present.

You really got to find a good balance for yourself or you are right, you will go insane. At the very least, you'll find yourself spending more time than it's worth fuming at stupid twitter trolls. You got to distance yourself from it. And find other important things as well in your life. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I took up learning how to play the piano. Recommend.

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Well Caitlin, ya did it again, ya made me look up kayfabe. Great term, BTW. Back to my point: I've posted several time on the W Post's comments that a gun didn't up and walk to a school and start shooting by itself; an alienated young male did. I even knew a few kids that carried small handguns to high school back in the early '70's and we never had school shootings nor metal detectors--hmmm.

Another question never answered by the Post writers: Why does a new popular movie have "GUN" as part of its title--"Top Gun Maverick"? They're the ones screaming to ban guns. I know, it's really a snazzy military recruitment film. Nothing says sign up like fast jets, fast women, and the chance to maybe kill fellow humans. Oh, the irony of it all.

Oh, I also told the Post that cops are there to protect rich people's property and that rich kids go to prep schools that have as of yet been a target for an alienated young male. Poor, average folks don't matter to Empire. If they did they'd want peace as soon a possible in Ukraine. And... I quit voting after the '16 debacle when Jill Stein didn't even register a blip except for raising the ire of a sore loser. Peace, All

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You know the US & indeed the world is in deep, deep shit when Bernie & AOC can be attacked from the left by the likes of Kissinger & Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Blue & yellow fitting colors for the 'progressive' #FraudSquad/Bernie cowards refusing to stand up to the war machine and the cops who refused to try & save kids under assault in Texas. Meanwhile, the US/NATO/UkroNazi money laundering scheme continues apace & the violence we promote worldwide is reflected in the violence, mass shootings we see here. #EndTheEmpireOfLies

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I love this bit:

«People who accuse you of having Kremlin loyalties when you question or criticize the US empire are admitting that they don't care whether statements are true or false, only whether they demonstrate loyalty to our rulers. That's the lens through which they examine the world, and it's pure brain poison. How can people think lucid thoughts and engage in lucid discourse about ideas and events when they are continuously measured not by how truthful they are but by what loyalties they appear to demonstrate? They cannot.»

And the bit about nuclear holocaust and its being okay because Putin will have started it. 🤦‍♂️

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