Fantastic, thank you...

Picturing sociopathic dominators as scared 5 year olds or as broken sobbing adults can help us remember that “we” are “they”, all suffering from the same egoic condition...

...and then with equanimity we get on with the work of stopping their ignorant greed and brutality.

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delighted and liberated to see your new face.

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A very somber elation took hold. Welcome back!

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Rare combination of deep - dark - and intellectually stimulating. Thanks for the treat.

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‘They say ‘

how often she would prefix sentences,

with an

They say

Dad would answer always, “Who, Flossie? Who are they?”

Similarly worn out stumbling over the proscribed realities of all the They says Mom said I answer Dad, finally.

‘They ‘ is her.

All the authority behind her rigidity - uncontested rightness was predicated on how well she she knew, she thought what the f#*^k’ they’d s-a-aay

this allayed

the fears that she might become the frightening opposite of glued together where she felt so comfortingly contained - freewheeling even - needless to ‘say ’ not her strong suit - letting it rip

Dear Caitlin, Excerpt from my version of 'They Say "- delighted with yours and would love to talk about feature film that with heroine railing against corporate media who dub her the "BUDDHIST BOMBER" b- is increasingly sounding like you. Maybe we can make this professional and official Cheers, Pamela

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