"Don't let the deluge of lies and propaganda cause you to lose sight of the fact that they are trying to pour concrete over a bottomless abyss of truth."

I like this image: "Bottomless abyss of truth." I'm hopeful the deluge of lies and propaganda is going to end some day soon. Power to the people!

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"Don't let the feigned confidence

of the people around you trick

you into thinking that any of

us really knows anything."


Dyn-o-mite message

will pass it along to

my Grandaughter

who likely Sus-

pects this


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Thank you for the beautiful reminders!

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“I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason . . .“

~ John Keats

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Thank you Caitlin, I am try very hard to see the magic around me amongst all the horror, when I'm down just a look at the wondrous sky or a smile from a stranger lifts me.

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Sure I am drunk .. pissed as a rat .. but given the current circumstance why arent you?

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What a beautiful newsletter. I feel a small hope for the first time in a long time. Cheers.

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Your awakenss shines through and lifts my spirits! Bless you, thank you, Caitlin.

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Another great poem! Thank you for sharing!

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What a rare combination of poetry and explicit critical insight.

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Well, you can't add anything to this. Keep smiling. And keep laughing. And keep applauding. We are the actors and audience in the drama we have created. It's great stuff: we have to keep up the momentum, and delay the finale for as long as possible.

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Thank you! And so great that it was able to be listened to/audio.. Somewhat new to Twitter, and hearing this a treat. Will consider subscribing later.. just so many subscribes for now.

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Very well said. "Just beneath" represents an enlightened journey.

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Go thy great way!

The Stars thou meetst

Are even as Thyself -

For what are Stars but Asterisks

To point a human Life.

~ED #1638

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