The Reckoning


I am redeeming all my tickets you hold

in your Pawnshop of my soul.

The ticket of all the Indians and Japs and Nazis I killed

in the backyards of my boyhood.

The ticket of the church service on the day

JFK had his head blown open and

was sainted on the spot.

The ticket of Kent State


the ticket of Jonestown


the ticket of nine eleven.

The ticket of the National Debt

that you tell

I owe personally.

The ticket of the innocence you said I lost

that you never had any claim to

in the first place.


I am redeeming all my tickets you hold

in your Pawnshop of my soul.

The ticket of the Holy Materialism,

the tickets of Big Greed.

The tickets of addiction . . .

o yeah,

you hooked me alright America.

Those tickets I gave you

in return for putting all hope and dreams

behind your counter.


I am redeeming all my tickets you hold

in your Pawnshop of my soul.

America, you lied.

And I was too dumb and too young

to know you didn’t own my soul.

I accepted your tickets in trust of your promise

that of course I could redeem them


America, you lied

and you still lie,

Only bigger, more arrogant.


I have redeemed all my tickets you held

in your Pawnshop of my soul.

Your glass cases stand open and barren.

Your locks are broken.

Your shelves are empty.

Your counters are bare.

Your wage-slaves are quitting.

The weeds are shattering your blacktop.

Even the Crows avoid your bones.

© Salskov Iversen 2012

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Yes, I agree that humans are actually a staggeringly beautiful and thrilling animal when you can see them with fresh eyes.

Every so often I go on what I call a news and social media diet and stay strictly offline for a few weeks or even a month (yes, even off your newsletter too).

This also cuts off a large part of the tsunami of advertising and corporate/ wealthy-worship that infects our society. I read books, listen to music, and go for walks instead of watching tv and surfing the web and when I get back online, I find that I've missed nothing. After my last blackout I learned that the big news "story" in the US, inexplicably, was some wealthy guys who took a sub down to the bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic.

After a week or two of a blackout, I've often found that my mood lifts and I'm less angry and despairing.

Come to think of it, I'm probably about due for another diet! :)

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We and everything else are nature, and we need to develop fulfilling relationships with all of it.

I consider money a tool, so use it as ethically and frugally as possible. And it's fun! Thrifting is like a continual treasure hunt, especially when there's nothing I desperately need, so I settle only for the treasures. My bills are paid on the day they're due, so I give them as little energy as possible.

Yesterday I tabled at a community event for our regional climate hub. It was so nice to see what other groups are doing, meet people in the community and catch up with movement friends. Today I'll be singing in our community choir.

Little things, but they make life wonderful. Luckily there is still caring and community that wants better than the dehumanizing corporate world.

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" In the 1930’s when Western corporate investors funded Hitler’s war machine, it was a bonanza of profiteering for them. Hitler’s Third Reich was a dress rehearsal for what we are living now as corporations dominate Western governments leading them and us into world war— their world war for corporate profiteering and further savagery directed at Earth’s ecosystems and their sustainability."--- from blog draft in progress. That they did so is testimony to how sociopath corporations are and the existential threat they represent.

We are also suffering a pandemic of Stockholm Syndrome where we have become passive accomplices to our hostage takers, whether it is one person, like Patty Hearst, or civilizational.

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So much better to be a cat.

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Oh, it's worse than that, Caitlin. It would behoove you and your readers to check out Alison, and this latest is a mix of her saying good-bye to a dead father, and, drum roll:


Quoting a tidbit:

Arriving in my fifties at a vantage point where I’ve begun to see the game of life for what it is, made me unlovable. No one will tell me what my unforgivable sins are other than I have high moral expectations, apparently spend too much time on my research (as opposed to say watching house flipping shows, Netflix series, or soccer games), and I hold a low opinion of Bill Gates and his foundation. Though honestly, anyone who pays attention to my work knows I moved on from Gates to Marc Andreessen, Protocol Labs, and Web3 over two years ago.

Is it because I no longer listen to NPR? Read the Washington Post and New York Times? Cheer for the Eagles? Subscribe to the narratives spun out on mainstream and social media – either side, progressive or conservative? Is it because I look up with concern over the streaks that crisscross our skies? Oppose compulsory public health interventions, digital identity, smart dust, and blockchained cloud minds? I lived for decades in the city of brotherly love imagining it to be a tolerant place where culture and diversity were valued. Either I was wrong or this new normal means diversity can only be tolerated if it conforms to established rubrics informed by “trustworthy,” real-time data flows.

The vast majority of Philadelphians cannot or will not acknowledge there is a game underway. It is a game of human computation where we’ll be expected to perform our humanity, emitting signals in a machine-readable format so artificial intelligence and quantum computers can parasitize our imaginations, emotions, and souls. Distributed layers of smart contract protocols will guide social evolution through complexity towards emergence, gleaning useful patterns and products from our collective actions and most intimate relationships.

I can see this shift will be sold as libertarian commoning, uniting the populist left and right in a long-planned Transpartisan campaign. I expect many will be happy to become “self-sovereign” agents in “play to earn” crypto gaming simulations. They choose not to see the infrastructure of extended-reality being installed around them or consider its origins in militarized behavioral psychology. It feels almost impossible to motivate people to start wrapping their minds around the dire implications of ubiquitous sensing technology, blockchain ledgers, and bio-digital convergence. The learning curve is steep, and not enough people have the stamina, focus, or willpower to take the deep dive. Few want to leave the cave; the shadows are captivating. My husband keeps telling me that I “left him” and that “I changed,” but I would never have intentionally left our family. I would never ask him or our child to become someone they weren’t; though, sadly, they could not do the same for me. My experience since 2019 has been that people inside the cave fear those who’ve wandered outside and come back with a new perspective. Maybe it’s trite to say this feels like Campbell’s Hero’s Journey cycle, but it does. I’m not sure if I’ve crossed the first threshold or am making my way through the road of trials. In any event, none of this is pleasant.


In the end, it isn't just corporate profits. It is a sickness of Oppenheimer and Bernays and Friedman and so many of the elite intellectual and chosen class.


It's about power, control, dominance, and so many Eichmann's and Scientism Freaks go with the plan, man.



“Half the truth is often a great lie. " Ben Franklin, 1758.


Ahh, Bernays and his tribalists generations later have taken that hook, line and sinker:


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Fulfillment is easier to find if one is wealthy.

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I have to disagree this time out, Caitlin. Civilization is NOT "nature." Human civilization has been inflicted upon nature. If it disappeared tomorrow, I don't think the rest of nature would miss it. In fact, I think the plants and animals would breathe a sigh of relief.

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The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a great book, but one totally overlooked is Kingdom Come by JG Ballard. This is what is happening to us, Capitalism is destroying our souls. Great article.

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I think the hardest part of breaking free from the narrative, for most people, is admitting they have a problem, sort of like treating any other addiction. It's that first step that is the most difficult for them, IMO.

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I personally have no interest in acclimating to the norms of a civilization which appears to be headed in the direction of attempting to turn this living Earth we live on into some kind of dead Ecumenopolis ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecumenopolis ).

"a busy office full of chattering humans is not experientially much different from a busy forest full of chattering birds and insects — it’s just two different expressions of nature." This is true in the same sense that 'a busy organ full of chattering cancer cells is not experientially much different from a busy organ full of chattering neurons and red blood cells — it’s just two different expressions of nature.'. A busy office full of chattering humans in a modern day city, is a structure that represents a chain of events that constitute the violent rape, pillaging and then suffocation of the land it is built on. The city it is a part of represents a larger fractal expression of that same chain of raping, pillaging and suffocating of the land.

The continuing choices made by the humans within it which are as you say "pour(ing) more of (their) energy into generating corporate profits throughout our lives than the most pious monk pours into worshipping any deity." are what enables the continuing pillaging, raping and suffocation of the living earth, the transformation of that which is living and diverse, into that which is dead, uniform and able to generate fiat currency.

Rather than acclimatizing to the normalized raping, pillaging and suffocating of the living Earth by redefining that behavior (and the structures and ways of living it enables to continue) I choose to sever my dependence on those centralized systems, one step at a time. I intend on undermining the foundations of the corporation and bankster dominated governments by withdrawing my support from their centralized systems (and helping others do the same) until they collapse under their own top heavy weight. I aim to starve the beast and plant the seeds for something more aligned with integrity, equality, compassion and abundance to grow in its place.

I will work to help others who are interested in doing the same through focusing on initiatives like this:


More on that mission and one pathway of how to begin to accomplish it here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/in-pursuit-of-an-antidote-for-parasites

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Thank you Caitlin🙏

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Here's 1½ minutes of quality viewing to help. You'll soon be alright. https://youtu.be/Bf5TgVRGND4

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Americans have been told as adults never to knock the system. The MSM daily feeds them about freedom and democracy even as those precious rights are pulled from under their noses. The modern surveillance state (in cahoots with the corporate world) does not need jackboots on the pavement. It puts the squeeze surreptitiously until one day you wake up in a full-blown Fascist state.

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Great article Caitlin, it resonates. This financialization and corporatization of America is why my family, and many others, are seeking to opt-out and unplug into an off-grid lifestyle. We are trying to rebuild local community. Create affordable homes (barndominiums / tiny homes / yurts), use much less, raise regenerative livestock, grow permaculture gardens, use some solar, biomass, permaculture methods... Opting out is the most powerful vote away from a corporate world, and then helping somebody else opt out and join you. I just wrote about our view on this issue about the fading American dream: https://articles.acornlandlabs.com/p/farewell-american-dream

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One must step outside of the established order of things. Back out of the "system".

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