Thank you for all your efforts.

Just returned from a lunch with well-educated friends, all well-meaning industry executives, who are completely unaware and totally misinformed -- on Russia-gate fraud, on our "democracy", about "huge differences" between D and R parties, on Ukraine, on "drug war", on Afghanistan, on so "bad" Venezuela., etc., etc.

Came home depressed. Same with my own family. If this represents our citizenry -- our future is bleak, very bleak.

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I feel that same isolation, everyone I know is fully plugged into the information matrix and unaware that they’re being manipulated

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i tend to find hope and inspiration from strangers far away than those around me. it's next to impossible to have a sincere, constructive political discussion and connection with your family members or friends who you know disagree with you, or even laugh at you. i've burned too many bridges -- well that's the only way i can deal with that problem. strangers whom i do not know personally are better allies on an issue by issue basis.

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Thank you -- but how many of "us" are out there? Most people I know, for example, have NEVER even heard of Sub-stack... Are we in our small bubble?

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

One thing that seems to distinguish our current politics on the democratic side is a complete inability to engage in a rational discussion. Any thoughts, references, or ideas that come from outside their narrow corporate bubble are treated like a dangerous alien virus. It's really quite extraordinary. And, as you say, depressing.

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Of course -- BUT -- there is a VERY rational reason for that.

We are dealing with BIG Lie(s)

ANY discussion would unravel the lie(s) -- total censorship and prompt defamations are the ONLY choice of the immensely corrupt cabal

PS: A sad thing is that GOP lunatics are equally repulsive and dangerous -- happily grunting together while feeding at same donor troughs.

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Most people, even well-meaning people, want to believe that the system just requires a few tweaks and everything will be ducky. Just vote Team D, just vote Team R, and we got the problem licked.

It is hard to face up to the fact that the entire system that we live in, that supports us, that we have been taught to believe in, that everyone around us, everyone we respect and love, the system everyone believes in, that system is rotten to the core.

It is also hard because once we recognize that the present system is rotten, that we are ruled by sociopaths, then we have to start making very uncomfortable choices, and those choices will have very real personal and professional consequences.

We recognize imperialism as wrong. But what happens if we stop paying the taxes that feed empire? On the other hand, if we go on telling ourselves that the present system is as good as it realistically gets, that any injustice is the result of a few bad actors, a few flaws to be fixed, that all we gotta do is vote a few right thinking people into office and everything will come around, we don't have to make those tough choices.

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 30, 2022

You're right. The democrat supporters I know act exactly like cult members and truth be told my interaction with republicans is more or less limited to a handful of folks and the occasional Tucker Carlson segment.

I currently can't vote for either major party's candidates, as they are both hopelessly corrupt and non-representative. And I don't vote for pro-Zionists, period, so ditto.

I'm told there is a populist, anti-war, anti-blob, anti-Israel movement on the right but I've yet see it percolate up to the national leadership. If and when it does, I'll consider my support, provided it also stops pandering to authoritarian religious conservatives. (Trump certainly isn't an option for obvious reasons.) Perhaps the left can get their shit together and exert a similar effect, as ludicrous as that sounds at the moment.

Until then, it's third party and fruitless arguments at Thanksgiving.

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Thank you -- anything "left" is relentlessly coopted/corrupted or destroyed by nearly infinite budgets of DNC and Deep State -- examples are countless -- TYT, Intercept, DemocracyNow!, Mother Jones, all universities

Everywhere a puzzling and completely irrational DNC/media/security state propaganda. BUT -- there is a VERY rational reason for that.

We are dealing with BIG Lie(s). ANY, even rudimentary, discussion would unravel the lie(s) -- total censorship and prompt defamations are the ONLY choice for the immensely corrupt Deep State cabal.

PS: A sad thing is that GOP lunatics are equally repulsive and dangerous -- happily grunting together while feeding at same donor troughs.

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"I'm told there is a populist, anti-war, anti-blob, anti-Israel movement on the right but I've yet see it percolate up to the national leadership. "

Like Team D, the Team R leadership are determined to keep it that way.

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Want to know who is exempt from "vaccination" ?

all US Senators and House Representatives plus all Congressional staff;

6,000 White House employees; all employees of Pfizer (2,500), Moderna (1,500), and Johnson & Johnson (120,000); 15,000 CDC workers ; and 14,000 FDA employees

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I do find it a bit weird that so many people solidly red-pilled on US foreign policy and interventionism have no thought that people could be lying about a whole lot of other stuff if it's in their financial interest.

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In an insane world, the sane man is deemed insane. Thanks for supporting us mad folks with your wise insights!

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I grew up in an area that was not only highly progressive, but had its share of people with varying ideologies from as far back as 1900. In fact, my grandfather ran for the U.S. Senate in 1948 under the Communist banner, not knowing that only a year later Joseph McCarthy would begin his witch hunt; of course he, and many of his friends, were blacklisted. Anarchists and labor rabble rousers, as well as socialists had all lived (and thrived) in my community in the 50 years before I was born.

I tell you all this because I was one of those kids who had an idyllic childhood. My parents raised me as a progressive, get-your-hands-dirty activist kid. Take care and watch out for those not as well-off as you are. However, I saw first hand what happened to people who blew the whistle on corporate execs, the military and other elites. Besides not being readily believed, they didn't have the resources or the "group cred" that most of society requires people have to be believed.

I learned early on to keep my powder dry, pick my battles, and ensure I kept my reputation spotless, and my personal and professional lives above board. And most of all, ensure that I lead others in ways that would benefit society then, as well as later. In short, I was an organizer and group leader.

One never knows when and if he or she is needed to step up and be counted; even though I was a military officer in the early 1970s, I still found time and opportunity to protest and organize. It was difficult, but I was able to live in both worlds simultaneously. I learned a lot of lessons along the way - one of the most important was, not everything is as it seems, and very few people will step up to take care of others and stand up to authority. I made it a point to do both.

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Thank you, Caitlin. You always help me keep things in perspective and that's hard to do in this mad world.

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After Trump, so much of what I'll laughingly refer to as the left fully embraced the criminal neocon class of the Bush era and sank into an entrenched extension of CIA aspirations on foreign policy combined with McCarthyite authoritarianism at home, woke rhetoric aside.

Even the most amateur tin pot dictator knows that casting your political opponents as enemies of the people makes controlling everyone that much easier. Pointing to foreign actors -- real or imagined -- accomplishes the same thing.

The biggest hurdle we face is the near total capturing of media by the same moneyed interests which infest both major parties, loosening a wave of unaccountable censorship in the outrageous aim of quelling misinformation.

I've been fooled in the past; I voted for Obama and really thought he'd make a difference. My bad. We each wake up in our own turn. Things seem 20 times worse today, but it's also 20 times more apparent. The good news is, once you correctly see the rot, you can never again unsee it. Eventually these numbers must tilt in our favor.

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

All it really takes, is someone who has been negatively impacted due to the way the system we live in operates. There's a lot of amoral things which are done which kill and cripple and bankrupt citizens daily that are legal in the pursuit of profit and power in this society. More and more people are dealing with issues the system is not dealing with as conditions worsen and more folks are waking up to the fact, the system does nothing to help them at all.

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Well put

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No likes available ? Cite censored ?

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how many billionaires and other self-important elites have died lately, with or from corona? no more than average in any previous years, though there have been clear increase in overall death rates across the population, no matter the primary reason for the death. that tells you everything you need to know about the "pandemic" and "vaccine" and "mandate".

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Dr. Malone's recently published:


IF indeed Ivermectin works AND

• we have 900,000 thousand deaths and thousands of lung transplants AND

• Ivermectin (used for more than 1 billion times for other purposes, is harmless in correct dose and inventor received Nobel prize for it) AND

• is VERY inexpensive) can't be obtained -- THAN

WHO is responsible for a CRIME of a CENTURY???

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Thank you -- all is known -the question is what should we / can we do about it...

Oliver Stone Full Interview -- Dec. 2, 2021 Breaking Points (Krystal and Saagar)


Oliver Stone: We're Living in a Censored State – Dec 2, 2021 – Useful Idiots (Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper)


"Russiagate: An obituary." -- And now to the damage done.


It is not better but also - it is not worse --- we do live in CONTINUUM.

FBI and Edgar Hoover’s crimes and surveillance === CIA-FBI and St. Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Hayden === SAME despicable dangerous bastards.

The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA


Remember unspeakable horrors in Indonesia started shortly after CIA's JFK assassination.

Unlike Vietnam -- in Indonesia the US victory was total - "The Jakarta Method" -- the population is terrorized to this day...

And Obama’s mother, as a honey pot to Suharto’s colonel, was a part of this horror…

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I'm going to say this and by doing so I am taking somewhat a personal opinion of you. I love your content most of the time but the side-grift of mask mandate opposition in the name of your hyper-individualism sickens me. You, Jimmy Dore, and the others have LOST my respect. You wanna act the victims but the truth is you are creating victims! Your revolutionary talk means nothing if your fellow Leftists are dying around you as they may be the very people you need to get through all this!

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Seriously, Mercola?

It's short on facts and long on hyperbole and fuzzy thinking. Much like all the stories in the MSM are now a-days.

FWIW: you should not post the stuff after the "?" because that relates back to you and how the content is displayed. It also helps with tracking who you shared the link with and who followed it.

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I understand how you feel.

The problem is, I also am as confused as anyone about the vaccine mandates and the mask requirements and all the "be safe, listen to me" BS that has some obviously horrible data around it. The message keeps changing.

I keep asking why the six studies on therapeutic options for the treatment of Covid (including Ivermectin) that have been going on for over a year still haven't reported any results. I tried, repeatedly, to sign up for the U of MN study when I tested positive for Covid. No response. Want to explain to me why?

We're being lied to. Why?

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These are depressing times indeed. Imminent war? *Vaccine* madness, for which they clearly don't work and are highly dangerous, especially for children which have little risk from the c-virus itself. Non-stop news of Russian "aggression" when the US government is clearly the aggressor. China? Venezuela? Cuba?; the only country that has a grip on the c-virus, by the way.

Into the dark rabbit hole we all go with plenty of clueless followers to echo the news of corporate(MSM) media orthodoxy. Madness, like, monstrous, massive psychosis, has enveloped the world. The insane are at the helm. The doomsday clock stays stuck at 100 seconds 'till midnight. I'm ready now to awake and see that this is all a nightmare of enormous proportions...it's not? Perhaps it's not in the cards to be saved.(And I hope that I'm wrong on this.) Peace, the Ol' Hippy

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