You missed something out, Caitlin - as well as the big house and a fellowship at a think tank,you should also be paid an obscene amount of money to promote the sale of weapons of mass destruction, and be given your own prime time media slot to justify all this in the interests of national security. Finally, anyone who dares to call you out as a psychopath, will have to be confined within a communication management unit for the next 100 years.

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Oct 2, 2023·edited Oct 2, 2023

I was recently enlightened by Fadi Lama’s new book about the truth of the US invasion of Panama…

In 1981, Japan had discussed a plan with President Omar Torrijos of Panama to replace the Panama Canal with a new, more efficient canal. On July 31, 1981, President Torrijos was killed in a plane crash. President Torrijos’ successor, Manuel Noriega, continued the exploration of prospects for building a new canal to be financed and constructed by the Japanese. A tripartite discussion between the U.S., Japan and Panama took place in summer of 1985. The Japanese submitted plans for an alternate, more efficient canal, a canal capable of handling ships of up to 300,000 tons capacity, instead of the current capacity of 65,000 tons. According to an American official, “the agreement, reached this summer [1985], does not commit the three countries to a particular plan or even to any action at all. The feasibility study is expected to take four years, starting in 1986, with the $20 million in estimated expenses to be shared equally.” Quoting Noriega: “I want to make it very clear: the destabilization campaign launched by the United States in 1986, ending with the 1989 Panama invasion, was a result of the U.S. rejection of any scenario in which future control of the Panama Canal might be in the hands of an independent, sovereign Panama – supported by Japan …” On December 20, 1989, the U.S. took action; it occupied Panama, arrested Noriega and took him to the U.S. where he was jailed.

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Actually the US practices brinkmanship going back to the time of John Foster Dulles who coined the term and made it the keystone of US foreign policy- which is too intimidate and coerce other nations and keep everybody on the cusp war and all the tensions that go with it. Going back to Maxwell Smart Washington is the unsurpassed agent of chaos.

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What JFK tried to do before his assassination w/Jeffrey Sachs | The Chris Hedges Report

The Real News Network


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This, but unironically.

The only reasonable response is to put the US in a situation similar to what it's been doing to other countries for decades. The Empire must be shattered.

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Funniest thing I have read in a longtime.

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Since US NUKES killed over 200,000 Civilians in the madness of War, the US has invaded and bombed ONLY poor, 3rd World Countries and couldn't get a win in any of them, except for the US Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

Afghanistan, one of the poorest Countries on Earth, cost the US Taxpayer close to $2 TRILLION over the 20 year US occupation bringing the latest greatest humiliation to the most expensive Military Force in the History of Nations.

None of those Countries could strike the US mainland.

With the delusional belief in US invincibility, the US is now provoking 2 Nuclear Powers both of whom can strike the US.

Power corrupts, but that's total INSANITY!

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This is BRILLIANT! Indeed, I fully support “a senior fellowship at an influential think tank”!

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Super Seriously well written!

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Maybe people around the globe could chip in a few bucks each to KickStart Deterrence USA.

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Oh yep you thinked that tank perfectly. There is a job no doubt awaiting this mindset

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Bugger the think tank, ask for a position in a jacuzzi.

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Fkn brilliant! If I could add emojis, this post would consist entirely of thumb ups, tearful laughter and lots of handclapping.

Some years ago, I saw story in a Sci-Fi collection in which almost every other nation on Earth banded together and told the US to fuck of home and get back in their box, or else we would all declare war on the US and wipe you off the planet.

And that's all it would take! I'm sure that even the meglomaniacal, delusional psychopaths running the United States, wouldn't be stupid enough to go to war with 192 countries all at once.

If they are that stupid, surely the American populous would rise up against them?

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I'm currently reading Abyss by Max Hastings. It's about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ahem.

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Deterrence. Yes,please.

It is indeed pleasing to note that someone with the respected writing track record of Caitlin Johnstone can suggest a solution to the ever expanding arrogant USA as it continues daily to expand its presence off the coast of China. Well, some people in Australia, a country off the coast of South East Asia, have been suggesting for some time that submarines parked off the coast of the USA armed with nuclear weapons should be arranged as a deterrent to the almighty ‘bullying master race’, headquartered in a place called Washington with its political controller, self-titled as ‘God's Chosen People’, located in Tel Aviv. One and the same really.

There would not be one country in the South American region who wouldn’t make a step towards allowing a country like China or Russia or Iran to establish a base on their land. All those countries have been sanctioned to death at some time in their career, economically stifled for the benefit of US trade, had their members murdered or assassinated as in Chile or felt the arrogant lies and bullying over time by the world’s self-styled hegemonic tough guy, managed as they have been by perhaps the most inadequate collection of leaders in history. The exceptional White House residents of the USA, since JFK, one the same as the other. In 2023, as is well understood,….a frightening, Zionist-owned puppet.

Can you remember when we had the “exceptional” UK? The British are losing “Commonwealth “ partners every year these days and almost a dying empire, paying the price for its centuries of colonisation and now in 2023 with a growing population of past colonised nationalities resulting from the control of so many countries over centuries.

Such practices have no future whether by friendly arrangement or by the US practised use of military bullying and sanctions.

US empire, has had a short run, now on the last downhill slide, its commencement being at the end of WWII. But since then in conjunction with white Anglo acolytes like Australia and with a hegemonic ambition passing the best years of the UK's rise to fame, it has become a bully, which with the exception of Canada, Australia and other weak, white acolytes now needs a well supported dollar to control trade, a gigantic military for expanding into what has now become a very cynical world and a collection of naive countries to fight their proxy wars for continued hegemonic expansion.

Such countries are from NATO, the European Community and a few remaining insecure Anglos still hanging on to the diminishing illusion that the management of the USA has any interest in peace.

It doesn't.

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