If the US really was what it pretends to be, history would be re-written, too. Exactly 50 years ago today the democratically elected president of Chile's government was overthrown at the behest of the US/ CIA and untold lives were destroyed. I listened to a report on NPR today about these events and NOT ONE WORD was said about the US's role in all this. Not one. Shameful.

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Well it’s not just about the U.S. All tyrants have lackeys and enablers. All of Europe from Van der leyen to all the national “lleaders” have revealed itself to be lackeys for example. The “independent” Britain is anything but.

And a great many “liberals” around the world from Podemos in Spain to the German Greens and the “labour” parties of the UK, Norway, Germany etc, are just fascists under cover. The U.S. flicks its fingers and they are all embracing nazis in Ukraine and authoritarians in Poland and begging for Saudi tyrants to partner with them.. Just like that.

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I am afraid it is not just the soft power narrative that prevails, it is mainly good old passivity and people have been inured to this status quo for too long and come to accept it as the norm. People my age have the seen the better times and watched the incremental degeneration of politics and democracy over too many decades.

I see the growing fascism as a defeatist ideology where the status quo has given up and resorting to pure authoritarianism, but of course, it is more complicated more than that.

Canada as a colony of the empire, and the US as the empire have been living the pretense for too long and may be well beyond recovery, it appears a race to the bottom for the West.

The question is how much damage is going to be inflicted on the rest of the world and can they survive the self -immolation of the West?

The West has refused to the acknowledge the moment an empire is created the seeds of its destruction are sown, its over, we are dancing in the ruins.

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I happen to believe that way more people are aware of the American penchant for fraud and war, than aren’t, but their minds are trained to focus on what they personally can lose if the status quo changes. Or what they believe they can lose. And they’re comfortable suppressing their moral conscience in favor of a dim numbness.

My own opinion is that Americans under 30 years old know full well that “the greatest generation” is full of shit. They are drunk on the imperial koolaid that has long been sour. And the reckoning may favor demagoguery and fascism and lots of violence. Americans love violence.

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Excellent, Caitlin! Once again you go to the heart of what's wrong with the world today. It is tantalising and gratifying to think, what if US hegemony didn't exist.... . what will the rest of the world look like. You set down beautifully point by point the enormous harm done and is being done by the US empire.

May I also add that the apartheid regime in Israel - occupying and denying Palestinian sovereignty - would not be so enabled if not for the empire..

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s/If The US Really Was/If The US Really Were/

Subjunctive "were" should be used when you are saying that something is not true, rather than saying that something happened in the past.

Grammar matters a lot, both for clarity and for legitimacy.

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Great job laying out the facts without insulting the people who have been deceived by professional criminals/politicians/bureaucrats their entire lives. I give it a 10 out of a possible 10 for exposing the painful truth, we are ruled by scumbags.

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So true, and so sad. And, although the USA has the biggest military, most of the global north is essentially the same. A lot of Canadians have had their bubble burst lately about what a wonderful presence we are in the world. Not so.

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What really interests me is how the US maintains such influence, exerting itself on other countries that it calls allies, you know like Austraila(where you live) Most of Europe. It really is dragging the entire world down. The world would be a better place if the US was as advertised. It would be like asking for superman and getting Bizarro...(the antithesis) It really is the exact opposite of what it claims, but that's not what really is key. It's propaganda pollutes minds to be perceived to be what it pretends to be.

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Ahh, U$A? Nah, City of London, Anglo Saxons, the root cause: Matt, quoting this fellow.

Recently, the world was exposed to a disturbing, archaic and bizarre bit of pageantry not seen in over 70 years with the Coronation of King Charles III as head of the global British Commonwealth, head of the Anglican Church, and spokesman for a programme dubbed Global Britain that was brought online as the official mandate of the Conservative Party in 2021.

From managing a global empire of economic enslavement and having invaded nearly every nation on Earth at one time or another, Britain continues to exert vast control over the mining concessions of Africa with over $1 trillion of direct mining interests controlled by British and/or British Commonwealth-based corporations. According to the 2016 report produced by War on Want:

“101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) — most of them British — have mining operations in 37 sub-Saharan African countries. They collectively control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s most valuable resources. The UK government has used its power and influence to ensure that British mining companies have access to Africa’s raw materials. This was the case during the colonial period and is still the case today.”

--- Mark Curtis, The New Colonialism: Britain’s Scramble for Africa’s Energy and Mineral Resources published by War on Want, 2016.

From the standpoint of global intelligence operations, Britain is the creator and central command structure of the Five Eyes intelligence apparatus3 and has also been dubbed ‘Londonistan’ for having provided safe havens for international terrorist groups who have found sanctuary under the liberal surface ideology of tolerant Britain.

British intelligence has also been found to have either helped create and/or continued to support terror groups internationally as outlined by Executive Intelligence Report (EIR) researcher Michael Billington in his 10th January 2020 report British Creation and Control of Islamic Terror: Background to China’s Defeat of Terror in Xinjiang.

-- https://www.internationalmagz.com/articles/global-britain-and-king-charles-great-reset

+--+ Vietnam War?




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If The US Really Was What It Pretends To Be ... the people would be prospering and reaping the rewards of an immense peace dividend.

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Yes we are the new European based empire that arose out of the Roman empire that stole a religious franchise that opposed Roman occupation by supposedly taking its messiah hostage who blasted the temples for being center of resistance perhaps.

They wen on to become a trans national religion whose god favored various empires over time to spread its culture war. The US version is now so full of its entitlement to seize the world and bask in gods golden glow using all the old method mixed with all the new technological tricks of the trade.

The real fear is other tech giants have appeared demanding equal time and human civilization is addicted to a military dominance logic that threatens its very existence and that of a god emblazoned on its money. It turns out godless communism wasn't the only problem but a god may be..

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NATO would have ceased to exist when the USSR collapsed if it had been what it has always claimed to be.

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Thank you Caitlin🙏

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Excellent writing as per usual Kudos for Caitlin.

Considering the US isn't what it pretend to be then we really need to start discussing and revealing which narrative they are following and why.

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Dare you to know your "Democracy" by listening to Mr Bolsen

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