Sadly, I think you're right about large collections of journalists inevitably being muffled or muffling themselves. And it's good to have independent journalists as an alternative.

But I still think there ought to be a way to gather journalists with integrity into one organization that guarantees they can think and work according to their individual lights while avoiding groupthink and outside influence beyond that of ordinary readers. Otherwise, I fear that we cede way too much ground to the mega-media.

That said, I don't know what this entity would be or how it would be funded. But I'm working on it and watching others for their ideas. And if I come up with a solution and it doesn't pan out, I'll try something else (a lesson we could all learn from FDR).

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yet another example of this spectacular rightness of this: https://rangevoting.org/MediaLapdogs.html

almost makes me cry that I've literally never heard any mention of it except there, and it sure didn't occur to me on my own

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