Israeli government officials say from the river to the sea all the time--but they mean Jewish supremacy from the river to the sea and Palestinians just mean equality from the river to the sea. It’s the Israeli Zionist position that’s proven to be genocidal. The end of Zionism isn’t. It would be a blessing, to us Jews especially.

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Thank you Caitlin. Yes, that was truly depressing in some ways. But the fact that you keep telling the truth is an encouragement.

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"The last six weeks have soundly discredited the idea that Israel is good at propaganda. The US empire is good at propaganda and its media are pro-Israel, but Israel itself is terrible at propaganda.

A big part of this may just be the fact that good propaganda requires a certain amount of creativity and artfulness, and the more of a stuffy right-wing authoritarian you are the less likely you are to be creative and artistic."

No, the reason Israel is not so hotso at propaganda is because it can simply rely on brute force, overt repression and censorship. It doesn't really have to try to look like the good guys, since it can always use naked terror to enforce compliance.

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Caitlin says Israel is bad at propaganda because they're right-wing fascists and thus lack creativity and imagination. I think it's something different. Israel has been stewing in Zionism, inculcating its children with this ideology, for generations. Likely it doesn't help that those youth who come to maturity with judgement and conscience intact, likely often decide to get the hell out of there, thus leaving the place to the racists. When everyone around you speaks as though Israel should be totally Jewish because God gave the land to Jews thousands of years ago and they're the chosen people (master race?) and the only problem is the "human animals" (untermenschen) who resist being locked into concentration camps, which is so generous of the Master Race to not kill or exile all of them, then the Gaza campaign and its West Bank counterpart (Final Solution) only make sense. I'm saying I don't think they realize that the rest of the world, including most in the Big Brother country on which they depend, sees the situation very differently--and increasingly so. The tropes that worked in the past don't suffice anymore--the fig leaf is threadbare, trying to cover more and more overt fascism. I wouldn't be surprised, if THEY are surprised, at how the world isn't buying it. But I suspect they see the whole thing as a calculated risk, meaning I think 10/7 was in part an inside job, and that they're still counting on the atrocities pushing other countries to take in the Gazans. for a lifetime of misery in refugee camps. Then they can have Israel to themselves, use Gaza for more settlements once they bulldoze away the rubble, or for infrastructure for the oil off the Gaza coast. So they NEED the outrage to "force Egypt to take the Gazans" and they're counting on the US to protect them from world outrage and the ICC, and the whole thing to die down in a year or so. So far, the PEOPLE everywhere are protesting but only a few countries have broken diplomatic ties, and not one has brought genocide charges--for which there's am open-and-shut case.

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Suggest that if you haven't, you should read Craig Murray's post on Consortium regarding the Genocide Convention. https://consortiumnews.com/2023/11/19/craig-murray-activating-the-genocide-convention/

Particular focus on Articles II and III will inform you that not only is there clearly a genocide in progress, but that "Complicity in Genocide" is also a clearly called-out crime, in this instance undoubtedly applying to the Biden Administration -- in fact to every fool in the US congress with few exceptions, and perhaps also with the exception of those employees in the executive branch who, in writing, have demurred from that administration's rhetoric and actions.

Conclusion: Israel engaged in genocide, US, UK et al. complicit in genocide.

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I love your style of truth telling.

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It may surprise a lot of people that Elon is participating in censoring when he touted that he essentially was going to be the savior of free speech via twitter. So this sudden move may surprise some.

However, if you've been following Elon for a while, you'll see that Elon is nothing but a modern day mistro pulling on the hearts and minds of people for quite sometime. Elon only serves the "elite" so everything that comes from his mouth -- especially anything regarding Space -- should be met w/ critical thinking:


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Such an important point. It's unbelievable to me that people can ignore actual genocide but get worked up about this phrase.

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The claim that Israel is not an apartheid state is not a position anyone needs to take seriously. It’s crazy how Israel apologists have convinced the public that this is still a question up for debate......... This reminds me of the "Magic bullet theory" as the linchpin of the Warren commission report. These absurd fantasies are BELIEVED by over half of all populations in all countries. That's why propagandists use them over and over and over again. It works on enough people to facilitate the agenda.

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Speaking of circular logic, Zionists are anti-Semites by design.

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The risk, Caitlin, is that my praise may give you what my mother used to call a "big head," but I have come to believe that praise or even recognition is not why you do what you do. I must say that you sometimes remind me of Socrates in your facile dismantling of apologists for the Empire and, lately, the state of Israel. Your Newsletter is a wonderful and necessary part of the political discourse of the day. Thanks for all your work. I know it comes from a deep and compassionate humanity and a keen intelligence.

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She lost her entire family in an airstrike, but no one has told her yet

Ayah Sha'ban was among 14 of her martyred family members in Gaza City. She was presumed dead and wrapped in a white shroud, but a security guard at Al-Shifa' noticed her breathing and saved her. She still doesn't know about her family's fate.


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«Decolonization” is just standard left-wing discourse….»

No, no, no. It’s a standard DICTIONARY terminology:




And it revers to the act of ceasing the subjugation of a colonized people. That’s nothing to do with the lett wing. Its a factual term.

Furtermore, the term actually refers to cessation of a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Because that what colonization is: a crime against humanity.

So Twitter - as instructed by the western colonial overlords - is now stooped down to banning people’s calls for governments to stop a crime against humanity. THAT is where we are right now.

And all of this is from the same western colonial overlords that continually refer to China as an authoritarian dicatorship….while they ban calls to stop crimes against humanity committed by their western vassals, using money and weapons supplied by them in the west. All of this from the same western overlords that battered people over their heads with the term “unprovoked invasion” to underline what they said was an act of colonial overthrow and a crime against humanity. But only if it is claimed that other people did it - not them though.

When they want to ban a simple term found in the dictionary - one of the most basic terms in the language - it’s because that word tells a TRUTH that they simply cannot distort and cannot bear. COLONIALISM is what the west are doing - it was what they did in Israel - and it is what they are defending in Israel.

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The only place I ever heard the "river to the sea" phrase was from the mouths of Israel officials to justify stealing Palestinian land via construction of illegal settlements.

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I just tested it, and I typed both just to make sure I get suspended, I don't use it anyway. But just wow

Calling for freedom is calling for genocide? Dumbest shit I've ever heard

Not shocking considering the source

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I guess this confirms that Opinions and Values are not determined by a moral or ethical code, but by money.

It is simply application of the Golden Rule : "He who has the gold, makes the rules"!

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