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Look at Ed Snowden and Julian Assange.

Make no mistake - The Empire recognizes free speech is its enemy.

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This is a very thought provoking article; all your articles are. I'm much older than you and embraced all the illusions until I took a critical thinking class and the layers of the onion began to erode. I've made it through steps one and two completely, but solutions are evading me. Engaging with the brainwashed is so difficult for me, plus I lack sound solutions.

If one has a basic concept of human nature, the solutions become more daunting. I wonder if anyone, even you Caitlin, could resist the heady thrill of power. It seems to me that throughout world history there has always been the oppressed and the oppressors. Even those who have the best intentions succumb eventually to power. And a huge proportion of people want to be told what to do and think. Even if a magic hand could present us with a clean slate, how long before someone would attempt to muck it up? And how many would be willing to stop the mucking?

Perhaps other readers have the answer; I do not.

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As I am French, I wondered why my government and all those who call themselves "the elite" follow the United States so closely in all their endeavors and especially in the undeclared war against Russia, which is being waged. Are they afraid of the Russians? No, it is not consistent with going to tickle them on their borders. I have come to the conclusion that the French government as well as all other governments of the European Union are afraid of the American government. Fear of disappointing it by not being a faithful ally, fear of provoking its anger and that it no longer likes us. Our governments in Europe are much less afraid of Putin than they are of Biden and his band of megalomaniacs.

The European Union has turned the old European nations into the equivalent of banana republics that bow tremblingly to American shows of force.

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Caitlin writes: "In "free democracies" you say what your rulers want you to say because they psychologically coerced you using propaganda"

But the coercion is far more than from propaganda. Most people are afraid of losing their jobs, reputation, careers, family, houses, income, standard of living and "freedom" (as in incarceration).

Those who effectively speak truth to power are ignored, belittled, smeared, fired, blackballed, marginalized, exiled, and even sometimes jailed. Been there, done all that.

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An example of being fed propaganda since were were children is that the United States is great, we pledge our alligeance to the flag(you know some symbol?) Why? That were are an altruistic nation that does nothing but humanistic activities in other nations for their benefit. Example Ukraine, Iraq, Haiti...you can stop laughing now.

So...Then there is this economic system called capitalism that is apparently the best ever and if anyone disagrees, they are wrong, they are stupid, or they are an enemy. Capitalism requires ever increasing economic expansion. The planet has finite resources and takes longer to regenerate than capitalism needs. Eventually we will run out. Oddly, lets not forget other living things need those resources too.

The next problem with capitalism is that everything is a buyable commodity, everything is for sale. Slavery abolished no, there are also still endentured servants, you know, working to pay off debt. So who owns the lakes, rivers, fish, trees, air etc? Essentially it will be somebody.

We are already living in a dystopia society as you said, we have mass surveillence, state sponsored official narrative, you are told what to think. The transhumanism is already here. We are just physical servents to be used as the tools of the empire. Disinformation is absurd, who cares?? Why does the empire care? It shouldn't unless it effects its agenda. We don't have free speech. I am the 49th president of the United States, of course I am not...but I can say it. Why can't I say other stupid things?

I am awake but still learning and I find what you write helpful and important, thank you.

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My media rule of thumb right now is to assume that whatever Biden, Blinken, & Raytheon - B B &R (TM) - say is projection (hypocrisy) and part of their messaging propaganda to divert and coverup what the US is actually doing which invariably is exactly the opposite of their claims.

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"Whenever I talk about the hundreds of military bases the US empire is circling our planet with I always get people saying "We only have all those foreign bases because those foreign governments want us there for protection!"

Yes, yes I'm sure it's got nothing to do with the fact that the US subverts, impoverishes and destroys any weaker nation that refuses to facilitate its military interests. Foreign US military bases are "protection" in the same way extortion payments to the Mafia are "protection"."

And what happens when those client states don't want US "protection"? The 1975 coup in Australia and the 1980s manipulations in West Germany come prominently to mind. One might also consider the destruction of the Harold Wilson Labour government in 1970s Britain, although that may well have been MI5 acting on its own.

Note also that open fascists are now in power in Italy, but since they don't challenge American hegemony they are allowed to do their thing.

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"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" ~Matthew 7:3-5 #KJ

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Jen Psaki... Does any thinking Human on this planet want to hear from this red-haired Karen. What a tool of the Psychopathy.

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Teresa. I disagree. I used to try your kind of open mindedness on those who thought we were “on the same side” and believe me, I soon gave up on that. I used to have a casual friend from England with whom I talked politics and whenever we’d get into a shared notion, he’d go off on the Jewish conspiracy and the Rothchilds and some other stupid medieval theory blaming “the other”—had never even heard of PNAC, or the Powell memo—but expected me to be liberal enuf to listen to him pontificate about things I’d got over in college. I often feel the same way with some comments on this thread. A thread brought to us by the way, by CAITLIN! And frankly, I agree totally with her. There has to be an internal critique of how we are thinking, not just a mushy acceptance of what we are thinking. Your recommendations about who and how “we” “should” act and talk in this “movement” are not anything that I could ever accept, so I say kept calm and carry on Caitlin, you genius, and thank you for your clarifying thought processes that you share with us even tho many here try to tee off of you to start their own band wagon!!!

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"Expansion of consciousness" can mean various things. For some it translates into navel gazing. For others, more in line with, naval gazing. Some hold we don't understand the nature of reality, and by that they mean, something like the operation of quantum mechanics. Which all goes to show the logical traps language sets up for us. Marx called this obscurantism - or introducing factors not pertinent to the subject. You don't need to know everything. But a little recent, and less recent history is helpful. Start with the idiocy of WWI and how that balloon got off. Then read something on Russia and the Tsars, and how communism, like the French Revolution, reinforced the idea that we are nor born slaves, but are made so. Then read Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, The Untold history of the United States. Also, Howard Zinn, A Peoples' History of the United States. There's piles more, many written by Americans. This will expand your consciousness in pertinent ways. Then protest against warmongering, injustice, flagrant fraud, as in the non-neutralizing vaccines bringing in millions for the fraud artists. But mostly, because it is a monstrous and imminent threat: the murderous war against Russia by the West in Ukraine. That's all you can peacefully do.

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The US is urging "restraint" on the release of Sweden's Nord Stream investigation findings until it can pressure the Swedes into writing their report the way the US wants them to.

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The only way I can see to escape this is through education and people being taught to question everything and not to believe the spin from our media and leaders, look at it again and hopefully see another reason for their words. We cannot keep believing all we are told as gospel. Thank you Caitlin again.

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"Many fall for dopey right-wing narratives about Jews ruling the world, globalist pedophile cabals, elite conspiracies to make all our kids transgendered or whatever, because their ideology prohibits them from clearly seeing the real underlying dynamics of capitalism and the empire-building of their own government."

So who's ruling the world then? I'll give you my considered opinion. It's the *finance* capitalists. The ones who actually own the banks. The bottom line is ALWAYS [imaginary] money. They hold the world to ransom and play the long game. Just look at the 'debt' the USA 'owes' these shadowy characters & yet the banksters allow the bankrupt USA to fund wars and drunkenly swagger around the planet creating mayhem while consolidating power. The rest of the planet is choking on such debt & has to endure so-called austerity measures. Very strange! https://www.worldometers.info/us-debt-clock/ It's not so strange when one examines who these bank-owning banksters are, who they've teamed up with, & what their end game is.

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"They place far too much emphasis on things like vaccines and the future of transhumanism being used to someday create an Orwellian dystopia, because their worldview prohibits them from recognizing that we're already living in a power-serving mind-controlled dystopia."

This is really some damaging, harmful, straight up blue-pill nonsense.

First of all lumping all these beliefs together in one basket with anit-semitic conspiracy narratives is straight out of the elite propaganda playbook which is frankly is fing evil, twisted mind-fuckery (I mean which freaking side are you on?).

And second of all let me put this for you very very simply so even your pea-brain can understand.

There is an actual race going on to stamp out dissent. There IS an actual class war being waged by the owners of the capitalist system and that war isn't being waged "accidentally" or by impersonal forces.

Just ask Warren Buffet (not a Jew to my knowledge) who said, "There is class war alright and it's my class, the rich class who's making war, and we're winning.".

So there you have it, the quiet part said out loud right in plain english so you don't have to speculate and the same thing has been said many times in many ways and observed by many shcolarly non "right wing" observers as well.

Whether or not the people making the war worship satan or gather in the woods in front of a giant stone owl (as has been documented that they do) isn't irrelevant, but neither is it the main event. The main event is recognition of the dual reality that 1) they are making war and further that they *know* they are making war, (IOW they at some level are consiously engaged in an organized effort to do so) and that 2) their war isn't an aimless effort, but has real, clearly defined objectives.

And the latter is not an unimportant point as the war being made by the elites, the "superclass" (one of the names they've given to themselves) isn't actulaly *just* a war for the sake of war, or just to maintain what they have, but it actually has a clearly-defined end-goal. that objective has been spelled out by the war-planners as total ("full-spectrum") domination, i.e. the elimination of the ability/capacity of those being made war upon to fight back or resist their enslavement/exploitation by the "superclass".

Again, this is a *conscious* objective of those Buffet identified as "making the war". It is not happenstance or a by-prodcut. It is the main event and involves a great deal of careful planning, coordination, strategy and a crazy amount of organization (though it is to some degree also self-organizing).

So deny/mock/dismiss/minimized this reality at your own risk but you are in fact doing the elites work for them by encouraging others to do so (while making yourself irrelevant) because our ablity fight back depnds not only on our ability recognize the system of empire/capitalism in the ways you are talking bout daily in you diatribes but also on our abliity to recognize how we are being made war upon by the architechts of these systems, meaning to recognize it's specific objectives & how they are being ccarried out/implemented through policy/exercise of power and sheilded by various propaganda operations in real time, and to counter them, again (in real time).

Recognition of these things (the system, the war being waged by it's owners/architects and the obectives of that war) is not mutually exclusive and I would submit that your failure and the failure of the left (with which you identify) to go far enough in it's analysis is the primary reason *why* the left has so completely fallen down on the job (a fact about which I've noticed a painful absence of any critique on your part).

And that is a problem, because if we fail to do this, there may actually come a point when what we have to say about it may actually become irrelevant because the possibility of organized dissent/resistance will have become so remote as to be for all intents and purposes non-existent and the thought itself will have become un-thinkable.

As MLK said, "there is such a thing as too late".

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Hell, Step 1 and Step 2 are easy. I learned those as a kid in Catholic schools decades ago. Step 3 is impossible. People are lazy. They like being slaves.

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