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For me, your work continues to result in the most profound moments of appreciation. Tears on my face moments. Thank you.

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Yes, it’s is totally disgusting, my poor fellow Americans so brain washed by propaganda. Biden long apart of the immoral Democrat Party and DeSantis out to lunch, mentally and morally, along with the Republican Party. What to do! What to do!????

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Caitlin: A GREAT ending to your article here. Frankly, I tend to look at and care for our lawn, garden, house, and vehicles more than people nowadays. But then I live in Sonoma County, California Hell.

DeSantis is no saint. He's a politician who doesn't understand that the boilerplate political non-speech doesn't work anymore. The man is an idiot.

BTW, record low temperatures here in Sonoma County for this time of year. The grape crop will be a late harvest. The plants are loving the cooler weather with high humidity. Only 63F today. Usually around 88F and sometimes 100F.

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It's not that there is any more darkness than before. Sociopaths always end up with the power, because they are the ones who will do anything to get it.

Just that the power available, and the consequences for the rest of the world, are infinitely greater than at any time in the past.

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Neither flip of the duopoly politician coin desires or intends to end ‘the debt ceiling’, which the remainder of the world’s nations except Denmark regard as arcane.

When asked if a debt ceiling should be cast aside, Republican or Democrat, even Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have recently replied “...it would be irresponsible”.

The debt ceiling, you see, is the demolition device which duopoly Congress may employ to destroy the inconvenience of popular social programs which both Wall Street parties find unprofitable for their corporate benefactors, but cannot raise as an issue before Congress and in the public eye.

The now familiar hostage-taking has served a dubious chore of ridding popular social programs and commons from public hands, without eliciting direct blame at either herd of Wall Street servants.

Just as American military power is beset upon non-cooperative nations by creating a pretext for military action with lies projected by a corporate theatre of monopolized media, the Legislative Branch, Congress, drags up its trebuchet of an arcane, idiotic ‘debt ceiling issue’ to demolish the walls of necessary yet corporate-undesirable social programs & protections until their targets are broken to rubble to be written off in a corporate media as ‘casualties of intense party polarization’.

The weaponization of a ‘debt ceiling standoff’ is a seasonal ruse used by Punch and Judy parties of Wall Street to dismantle social benefits which would otherwise bring pitchforks to either side of the duopoly ruse to have suggested an end to well liked public benefits on the floor of Congress.

A ‘debt ceiling’ is Congress’ seasonal pick of a fish in a social pond to put into a pot for the corporate soup line, while society remains unhoused, unwell and unrepresented.

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Jerrold Nadler is not doing anything new of different. He has been the same amoral unprincipled channeler of dirty money and hatred that he has been his entire political career. A front row member of the “Russiagate” fake news crew, he is not unironically a massive recipient of AIPAC money, in return for which he has faithfully and unquestioningly supported all of Israel’s aggressivions against its neighbours and its apartheid regime. He has been an advocate of Israel’s stoking conflicts and supports that they should atrack Iran.

A disgusting person.

And so no doubt he would be happy for the Ukrainian puppets to attack a nuclear armed country. Why? He doesn’t care and like the rest of the war hawks he will of course be forewarned and prepositioned in a nuclear bunker like all govt officials . What would happen to the rest of us, or even his own extended family ? Doesnt care.

This is what passes for elected representatives of the public in the sham of a “democracy”.

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It's getting harder and harder to read Caitlin's column, because I don't watch TV or read Mainstream (corporate) media--so I don't see how toxic and crazy it's getting in here till I read what she posts. And then I find myself silently screaming. I live in the US, which currently is like Germany in about 1933.

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Sure, we shouldn't "give up hope", nor "joy". There definitely were people with the same attitude prior to past World Wars and all prior calamities. That didn't prevent them from happening.

Those who were lucky to have survived could assume the posture of hope and joy for real, thinking humans have wised up and "never again" and so on. Only for the shit to hit the fans once more a few decades later. One reason may be the shit keeps being produced and the fans happen to be in abundance.

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Is there anywhere on the earth which is detached enough from the western MSM that the madness so well described by Caitlin can be completely avoided except by one’s own choice, and in one’s own way? Asking for a friend...but, quite seriously. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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Caitlin, you may have already said something about RFK Jr running for president, as a Democrat. What are your thoughts and how far will he get?

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Excellent column. And a true benediction. In the words of Bob Dylan, “they say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” I welcome these idiots being so dark they actually are telling it as they see it, not trying to cover it in pretty clothes and cheap perfume, like the Clinton’s did and do. And the darker they make it, the sooner we’ll see the dawn. People like to mock “woke” culture but it’s strong and growing and dawning.

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They want war and they'll keep coming up with more and more bullshit to pretend that we are consenting to it.

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You over there, you American voters, yes you ! You are the ones responsible for unleashing such a monster and idiot politicians on the world, because you voted for both parties, which are actually one and the same ! You are the ones who boasted every single day that based on the II. Amendment, you have the right to bear arms, and yes, you have as many guns in your homes as all other inhabitants of the world combined, but what do you use them for ? I tell you, you play with it, while, for example, the Hungarians destroyed the Soviet tanks with their bare hands in 1956 and died while the freer half of the world, including you who liked to talk about freedom and rights watched with folded arms, living in prosperity and freedom ! When are you going to start cleaning out the stinking barn of Augias from overseas, the smell of which permeates the whole world ? Yes, it's true that you have more important things to do, because you have to go on a holiday trip with the huge polluting and gas-guzzling monsters and grill delicious meat on the BBQ, and of course you have to wash it all down with a "delicious" Bud Light, looking at the label, which shows a "child-loving" patient with a deformed mind is visible.

I know you don't have time for this kind of planning, because you have to enjoy the last day until the world turns upside down and the first nuclear missile arrives, which the world owes to you, because eternal war is the existence of the American military industry, others need to benefit at the cost of his life!

Make it a national slogan

" "We heard that half a million children died [due to sanctions against Iraq]. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And - do you know it's worth the price?"

Albright: "I think it's a very difficult choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it."

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The Ukrainians are stealing our money, but now they want our cultural heroes, too? Oh, no! That is a step too far.

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Yesterday's Greenwald explores the geriatric nature of the current US government supposing that's one reason they don't really care what's going to happen as they're on their way out, literally. Some hilarious stuff that I didn't know, like Gerry Nadler pooping his pants during a press conference, or Diane Feinstein claims. To say nothing of Biden fighting his script.

It's certainly funny, but also terrifying: https://rumble.com/v2q7soy-system-update-show-89.html

~25:58 - Biden

~53:47 - Nadler

~58:50 - Feinstein

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"Let there be light...and it was good."

We can't let the stupid and warmongers put a damper on our "light". We have to keep swatting the little buzzing insects away until the light unhindered shines for all the world to see. But some days... Yeah, I really worry about the sanity of the children we've put in charge. It's time to change their diapers and put them bed and let some real adults who have everyone's best interests (including the planet's) take the lead.

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