I've started referring to the US Department of Homeland Security by its more accurate designation: the US Gestapo. I began by providing an explanation of the word and its translation, to avoid any attempt to claim misinformation. After all, if DHS isn't the "secret state police", what is it? So, we'll see how long it takes for me to get banned, given I've been jailed twice already for spreading disinformation. The first time was for advising someone just diagnosed with COVID to ask their doctor about ivermectin. The second time, as nearly as I can figure, was for referring to "vaccines". If it happens I'm already set up elsewhere, so I may as well have some fun in my old age.

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One has to admire the courage of Lula da Silva and his plans to detach South America from the control of the US dollar and as a result gain a substantial degree of financial independence.

Many people over the years n that part of the world have been assassinated for far less a Crime against “exceptional" America than this represents. What courage!

There would probably not be any geographical area which is more under the influence (control) of the US than South America, other than the subservient island of Australia having seen the US dispose of an elected government in 1975 and now with plans to become the next state of America, eventually. The influence that the US has brought to bear in all those countries has all been based on the dollar, its manipulated value when compared to all those “little” currencies, together with the susceptibility over time of various rightwing regimes influenced by the selling off of their assets to American multinationals, particularly mining and foodstuffs, as is the normal practice in poorer countries, probably sealed with a a level of personal gratuities to the decision-makers, here and there.

It’s the norm.

During this period, the US has been able to influence through threats and demands almost any South American country, forcing them to toe the party line or end up as clearly identified enemies of the big bully and to be treated like Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada, Paraguay, Honduras and Haiti and their greatest criminal coup, Chile, a disgraceful example, the perpetrators of which are still enjoying their freedom in the US as respected heroes.

That’s the nature of the US beast.

So Lula has a job in front of him and therefore the non-NATO, non-US free world should wish hm well. What geographical neighbours need to combat the hegemonic objectives of the world's most hated nation, (next to Israel) is something that unites them, a series of common objectives and independent policies, sharing wealth when possible and friendship, hardly objectives one has ever been able to attach to the exceptional bully boy USA since 1945.

We all wish you well, Lula, da Silva but watch your back, sir. …starting NOW…..and keep your eyes out for drones, the US favourite “killer toy"

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To believe any "news" item in corporate(MSM) media on the doings in Ukraine is sheer folly. I blame the US and NATO entirely for putting a neo-Nazi regime in charge of Ukraine's armed forces. Ya know, the US backed coup in '13-'14. The EU is cutting off its nose to spite its face by cutting off Russian products, methane and oil specifically. Germany will lose its ability to procure raw goods to continue its industrial output.

Sooner or later the dollar is going down but not before the Euro goes first. The EU economy will collapse. Empire is imploding all over its tenuous domains. Too many hen houses to guard with its obese MIC, and debt that will never be paid. Students, do you get a hint here? I hope to be gone when it all goes south, because it surely will. Then there's the environment issues with no solution. It's irreversible. What a grand day! Peace, All

Edit: Famine is looming as well. Fertilizer is expensive and in short supply. have fun while it lasts.

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I see a recent article from the Wall Street Journal urging us to see a nuclear war as "winnable".


They really are that high on their own supply.

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Does the article say what the "acceptable" level of deaths would be? My guess the fatality rate would be far greater than the CFR for Covi-19.

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the WSJ openly CHIDES Muricans telling them to "man up" as it were, like Ukrainians! ay-ay yaee! The brahmins of high finance. They speak from on high.

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Clearly, this is bullish for stocks!

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bullish like bullshi!

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I quit crack 20+ years ago. Maybe the Journal's writers should as well. The Saker has good info on the war. Southfront and Martyanov's blog is good also: \/ http://smoothiex12.blogspot.com/2022/05/as-you-all-know.html

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You are seriously misinformed/under-informed: Syria was about US funding and directing of ISIL, and killing civilians in an effort to violently remove the legally elected and very popular head of state, Assad. Georgia is a country smack on Russia's border that was being directed, again, by NATO and intended to become a member, and Russia could no more tolerate that than a NATO-ized Ukraine. Ukraine, well, ever heard of Maidan, the fascist US led coup, the fascist, anti-Russian orientation of Ukraine, the killing of 14,000 ethnic Russians in Donbas in the past 7 years, the attempt to outlaw use of Russian, all backed by US who told Zelensky he needn't bother with Minsk I and II ? All well-documented elsewhere, and solid, if you're not a dedicated Russophobe.

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Regarding the New Yorker's declaration of Proxy war with Russia, please note that Massachusetts (Dem) Congressman, Seth Moulton has just declared the same, and I think coming from a congressman it is much more damning. He literally stated that "WE are at war with Russia.": I must have missed the vote! He then clarified that it was a Proxy war. Of course, the Ukrainians never got to vote on their use as literal cannon fodder either.

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It is nothing short of ridiculous to call the Ukraine/ Russia conflict anything but a proxy war, and only the totally ignorant or biased would do so. US admitted interference and "investment" of $5 billions going back 20 years from the 2014 Maidan coup - the crown and pay-off of its efforts. Lula da Silva's plans for a Latin American currency is commendable, but he has it wrong on Ukraine: the US and EU, and mesmerized acolytes, are solely and completely to blame for the conflict. And NATO may call itself a "peacekeeping force" in spite of its history, notably in the former Yugoslavia, but that only demonstrates the fetishistic power of words. It is a poseur and that opinion can be supported with a literal ton of evidence: the idea to use NATO in weakening and dismembering Russia is explicitly mentioned in the 2008 NATO Bucharest summit, and as recently as the Brussels summit in 2021, if the steady encroachment of NATO eastward since the dissolution of the Soviet Union isn't alarm enough. The Minsk agreements were focused on the pullout from Ukraine of "all foreign armed formations", and its political neutralization, and it was predictably ignored. The world well knows that were this hostile interference transposed to a location off US borders and a comparable, or even far, far lesser threat to it, the matter would have been settled without fanfare, explanation, or resort to international law. Check out the Falkland Islands, for a recent example of Britain's idea of fair play: t's the law of the jungle in promoting US/ Britain's perceived interests, and docility and civility for everyone else. But the truth is, Russia is far more ethical and humane than are Western countries, and fact and history is their defence in that regard.

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What kind of facts show that "Russia is far more ethical and humane than are Western countries". My life experience in Russia and outside of Russia definitely tells me the opposite. Of course that is just one person experience that's why I am asking for facts that might show me otherwise.

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You seem to require quite a bit of hand-holding. How about doing some work yourself? Like so:

Draw a table with two columns listing wars and/or conflicts inspired/perpetrated by:

- the West

- Russia

Include various consequences, tally up, and you'll have your answer.

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How do you define wars and conflicts? Is it external facing only or internal as well? If external then based on your criteria North Korea would be one of the most "ethical and humane". If it is internal as well then how far back do you want to go with your comparison?

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Comparing the entire "West" to one country? Makes a lot of sense!

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Next thing you're going to bring up is sovereignty and independence. That'll be hilarious.

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What?! Man, you have problems!

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May 5, 2022·edited May 5, 2022

You wanna see another rabbit hole?

When is it "allowed" for a foreign country to invade and usurp a neighbor? When it's Morocco invading Western Sahara. But it's officially "blessed" by the US, since 2020: https://www.state.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Joint-Declaration-US-Morrocco-Israel.pdf

PS: "the money shot" is.....Western Sahara has 70% of the world's phosphate fertilizer (needed to grow food), and no army to defend that.

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Quite ironic you mention the confiscation of foreign assets when the US just confiscated $500 billion of Russian money, paid Russia for gas. Top that. Sure, business is free to gouge the pubic in America - and be subsidized for doing it. That's because they buy off congress on a regular basis. It is completely corrupt and get generous tax concessions. There is far less corruption in Russia, and I just do not believe prisoners, people who commit common crimes, are tortured in Russian prisons. I refer to the possibility that you are soured on Russia for some personal reason having to do with loss of privilege: just a wild guess. But is it the alleged torture that upsets you?

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I must add, sort of compulsively, Tanya: were you mugged in Russia, did you witness any muggings? Hear of any? Are unarmed minority youths routinely, or on a one-a-day basis, shot and killed by police there, as in US? Does Russia confiscate bank accounts of foreign governments? Were you discouraged from pursuing business detrimental to the general welfare? Couldn't assert special privileges? I'd love to hear your side of it.

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On mugging - 3 "yes"

On minority youths killings I do not have reliable statistics to share but I'd guess that number of killings by police in US would be higher. However any kind of civic activism in Russia is met with detentions and criminal prosecution. Torture in jails and prisons is common practice. If you read Russian i can offer many links describing how bad the situation is.

On confiscations. "Russia Pushes Ahead With Law to Confiscate Foreign Assets" https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2015/08/06/ruble-tumbles-to-february-lows-on-weak-oil-a48814

On pursuing business. "yes" on example of many of my friends. Personally I am not an entrepreneur (a teacher and an engineer) but i would definitely choose to open small business in US vs Russia. Just for a little taste of business in Russia : https://www.groundreport.com/the-krysha-oligarchs-and-their-protectors/ . Again I can share much more in Russian.

And what kind of Special privileges are you asking about?

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Everything current western governments say is a lie. Every effort is made to enrich a friend or destroy the truth.

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I have never lived in Russia and have known only about four Russians personally. There are former US citizens who live in Russia and have for many years: Peter Lavelle is a well known commentator who has never experienced any kind of bias or marginalization. Many others make the same claim. Has Russia bombed the hell out of sovereign countries for any reason, but in particular, its own advantage? Does it have a prison population of slave labour out of proportion to all other countries? Are 98% of criminal court cases plea-bargained, as in the US? Do people go without essential healthcare? I understand eduction is free at all levels. Maybe you have something against social programs? You say nothing of your experience: what were you doing there? Were you associated with a foreign government?

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On bombings (I'll only list Putin's wars since 2000): Syria (2015-), Ukraine ( 2014-), Georgia ( 2008)

On prison population. I agree with you that overcriminalization is a serious problem in US and needs to be addressed. Based on the prison population rate currently Russia is about half of US. However in 2009 before really bad multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis outbreak in Russian jail system prison population rate in Russia was the same as in US. Of course I am not implying that TB is the only reason for decreased rate I am just saying that Russia does not have good track record either.

On plea-bargains. I do not know much about it. Why is it bad?

On essential healthcare. Yes, people do go without it. I have a personal painful story of a doctor telling my father that he already lived enough and does not need treatment for his ulcer. My dad was 69 at that time. The average life expectancy is 66 years for men and 78 years for women in Russia. It is 78 years for men and 82 years for women in US.

I do not have any problems with social programs. If anything i think they should be expanded both in US and Russia.

I was born in SU and lived there for 25 years.

Not sure what you are asking in your last question. " Foreign government" for whom?

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Targeting generals isn't just any old escalation because (like assassination programs in general) it changes the *personal* risk/reward calculations of leaders such that further wild escalation becomes much more likely. I'm not sure most people get this or that your description makes it clear.

The appealing idea of bringing back the days when half the roman senate died at Cannae is sadly impossible

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America Hato is fighting Russia in the UKraine. As is the UK and others.

The fear is that now Russia will create a sovereign union and shed the yoke of nightmare Amerikan dream of total domination.

I sure hope Russia wins.

And I wish they'd stop with these godddammm hacksxxxxxines too

CBS reports today on Americans whom they name, fighting in the UKraine. Nothing proxy about this. Just shitty old war and more war.

Of course lies lead the news

Sorry you get grief for speaking truth.

Please write about Hunter Biden biolab weapons

predisCog wtc7

DisCog I scamdemic

DisCog 2? War. What's new?

DisCog 3:. Digital vaxxport death currency.

Then we quack like ducks and sing good luck

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"I sure hope Russia wins." What does it mean for Russia to win? What is Russia's goal in this war? It changed so many times that I am personally confused.

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Russia will form a new Sovereign Union

The world will be safe for womanity

Hopefully they will abandon the Hacksxxxxxine too

The reality of God will be restored , Goddess willing

Peace on Earth

End of war and suffering

End of liar empire of Arrogance would be cool

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It should be clear to anyone with a brain that the *vaccines* are all a load of shit, they don't work. If they did work, then why is the US Vice President sick with COVID, infected anyway?

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