Caitlin, I always look forward to reading your essays. I rarely disagree with your observations and analysis. Few journalists ever cut through the horse hockey to get at the truth and tbe real source of our troubles.

Your remedy for empire, however, puzzles me. Not that I disgree with direct action, but I am wondering (and I may have missed this) would you mind describing more precisely what effectual direct action looks like?

To me the actions of black lives matter has not improved the lives of Africa- Americans. Token cultural change that makes the ruling class more colorful serves only to legitimize the same violent economic system that oppresses all ethnicities. What are the specific actions that can do otherwise?

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Thank you for your creativity and for using it to help people understand how they are lost and confused.

Interestingly, those at the top of the global hierarchy also suffer from the same mental impairments: identification with mind content—our personal inner narrative filtered through hundreds of cognitive biases. So we have all ‘forgotten’ who we really are.

All of us who completely identify with the voice in our head named “me” are insane. Our cruel unjust world reflects our inner madness.

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