Glad to see you back.

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Hope you're settled in your new place.

All I need is to hear the voices which are permitted to bleat endlessly -- Biden's Secretary of State, the Pentagon, Bill Gates, anyone on MSNBC, Dr. Fauci, or anything pro-Israel -- to know that those pushing Internet censorship do not have our best interests at heart.

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Thank you as always Caitlin Collective…whoever is reading this… can you feel your body as you read? Your body is always here and now so feeling its existence without opinion or reaction can quiet your mind.

Then it becomes easier to attend to the present moment.

This relaxed alertness without the intense survival instinct overlay is the new level of consciousness that humanity is moving into.

When we are no longer dominated by our own inner narrative of ‘ me and my story’ it becomes difficult to be manipulated by society’s rulers and their capacity for and obsession with narrative control will also begin to dissolve.

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As someone who likely (and gratefully) won't get to see the outcome as increasing environmental shocks and food shortages put even more pressure on our corporate masters and their politician puppets to censor dissent. Yes, indeed, interesting but in a macabre sort of way.

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A few words on how they are approaching the ''re-framing'' of reality these days...

Former Obama Administration official Cass Sunstein was the guy who first put forward the idea of ''framing'' conspiracy theories as a threat to national security and anti-terrorism efforts, which we now see daily. However, Sunstein also helped develop the idea of ''behavioral nudging,'' which is a means of directly targeting what social engineers call ''automatic motivations'' i.e. the unconscious mind. Today, this stuff is everywhere. The messaging is designed to induce trance and ''altered states.'' Nudging and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) are used at every turn with the express purpose of changing people's thoughts and behaviors without their conscious knowledge or consent. Hence, why so many people seem to be genuinely ''spellbound'' by the narrative, though the spell is starting to fade.

In this respect, I'd say there is an important distinction to make when comparing previous forms of psychological warfare. Unlike the more traditional forms of information warfare and disinformation, which were meant to confuse or divert people, these new forms are actually about re-framing people's identities and trying to actively hypnotize them and induce ''altered states'' using behavioral nudging, NLP, hypnosis.

Fast forward to Biden's recent January 6th speech. We find direct and overt use of NLP and hypnosis, including the use of ''anchors,'' ''re-framing,'' and trance-formation. The remarks are as follows:

"The Bible tells us that we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. We shall know the truth. Well, here is the truth about January 6, 2021. Close your eyes. Go back to that day. What do you see?

Rioters rampaging, waving for the first time inside this Capitol, the confederate flag that symbolized the cause to destroy America, to rip us apart. Even during the Civil War, that never, ever happened. But it happened here in 2021."

The speech tells people to close their eyes and then ''imagine.'' That's how NLP trances and visualizations start. Once the person closes their eyes and ''imagines,'' they are made to describe a past memory, how it feels, the sights, the sounds. By doing that, it allows for an altered state to emerge, where you can actually feel those feelings in your body. On top of that, the incantation is preceded by the words ''the Bible'' and ''Truth.'' ''Truth'' is repeated three times in quick order. A series of vague but violent images ensues.

Part of the hypnotic technique is the use of ''artfully vague'' language and images where a series of sentences are stacked with ambiguities. That helps to allow the patient, or target, to feel that the conclusions they arrive at are their own, solidifying them into the ''deep structures'' of the psyche.

However, there is more systematic and sophisticated use of this stuff across the board, which is why I think it's important to point these techniques out. When people can put a name on them, they lose much of their power. But if they aren't aware, the techniques can have very powerful effects, since they are directly targeting the unconscious mind. We've seen plenty of this over the last two years...


If the spell is broken, then indeed, we may be in for some very interesting times.

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The Prada bag allegory was hilarious

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Yep, we'll doubtless be mandated mutagenic miracle cures (to bail-out Regenron, etc?) As kids' MIS-C, PASC, circulatory/organ damage & victims with "co-morbiduties" from working while Black in 2020 are blamed for harshing Yuppie's buzz at NASDAQ up 120% & scores of thousands serendipitously vacant homes flipped, AGAIN, as more recent mutations all hit MASKLESS hordes of speciously obtuse nincompoops (right as Jan 6 MAGA Nazis take US Congress, State & municipal votes.





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Thanks for speaking out in defense of Marjorie Taylor Green and against censorship more generally. We need not agree with everything she has ever said to recognize she has a valuable voice that must be either agreed with or disputed with rational, uncensored argument.

The following Parenti quote struck me as very significant: "By controlling our perceptions, they control our society; they control public opinion and public discourse. And they limit the range and impact of our political consciousness."

This is what Antonio Gramsci called "cultural hegemony." The elites use this "cultural hegemony" to promulgate "critical theory" and identity politics, dividing the working class amongst itself, POC against white, women against men, "differently abled" against non-disabled, until those assumed to be part of some non-existent "cis-gendered, heterosexual, white patriarchy" feel forced to defend themselves and can be labeled misogynist, white supremacist or just deplorable.

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Very solid indeed, very well done Caitlin and thank you.

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Brilliant. As usual.

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What bothers me most about the anti-vaxxers is that ignore, for the most part, the question of origin. That leads me to suspect that they are being played by Big Bro, because the worst thing by far for Big Bro is to have an uproar as big or much bigger than that of the anti-vaxxers against the US-China GOF research that created the virus and the pandemic. The next question would of course be whether it was accidentally let loose on the population or on purpose. But these questions can only be shut up by creating and feeding a distracting hullabaloo about something else, i.e. vaccine safety, mask efficacy, alternative treatments, even whether the virus actually exists or not, etc. There is a very large amount of solid scientific work that almost certainly proves that the virus was produced in Wuhan by US-Chinese cooperative efforts, but compare the amount of media attention that is getting to the amount of attention paid to anti-vaxxers. The strategy is working, despite, for example, all the work accessible here: https://usrtk.org/biohazards/origin-of-sars-cov-2-gain-of-function-readings/

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Rogan traffics in Truth and transparency.....the Powerful traffic in Lies and obfuscation. I seriously doubt the powerful will ever figure out why their audience is dwindling, while Rogan's is growing.

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I think, and I hope, that the internet will be like the printing press was. Martin Luther helped start the destruction of the old feudal order simply by translating the Bible into German and then having it printed on the printing presses. The more printing presses the authorities shut down, the more sprang up in other places.

That's already happening. YouTube bans some people for expressing anti-corporate views; then the same people pop up on Rumble. By the same token, Twitter bans me, but here I am on Substack.

You are right--these are interesting times indeed.

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