A journalist will never have the chance to interview Blinken. Blinken will allow only the "O'Donnells" to interview him

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Good article Caitlin and so true .

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I am expelled from Facebook and barred from many other places for stuff like this; pointing out that detente means a mutual recognition of the major powers of each others' "sphere of influence."

This means a slice of the Global South in which US, Chinese or Russian commercial interests are recognized as paramount, made necessary by the imperative of capital to grow and expand in order to pay profit and interest.

The Congress of Berlin, which parceled out Africa in 1878 was the prime example of "detente."

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Norah O’Donnell is one of the dumbest tools in our media. That’s why Blinken the psychopath has no problem talking to her and will never talk to an anti war journalist.

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Uncle Sam has crossed town to corner all his rivals. With his hand on their throats, he says, "I don't want war, so are youz gonna cooperate so I can have my fellas protect yuz?"

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What do you see here?

"G7 scolds China and Russia."

I never see China grouping with other nations and calling out other nations as a bully ever. Let's think for a moment here. Detente is important when two sides are willing to compromise and work together. It is paramount when two nations with no historical contact are engaging the bilateral relationship first time ever.

What more of detente do we need to work it out between the US, China and Russia?

What has China done to the world? get called as "cheap labor", while providing cheap manual labor so that the entire world can consume any gadget at their basement with a few bucks but those corporate 1% eating the bigger share of American tax payers. If China is so evil, why don't our government build the infrastructure everywhere here in our American soil?

Fancy meeting with big fat paycheck for those politicians while we ordinary citizens suffer from ever increasing inflation and dwindling job prospect.

1 plus 1 doesn't make 2 anymore. It's now propagandized as 1 plus 1 makes China evil. Anything China makes evil. We don't want to try and contribute our effort. Our 0.1% wants to eat free lunch, not only for them, but for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd progeny as well.

I don't want to see our human civilization progress burnt into ashes, especially with all the technological advancement we have achieved, our space exploration and our loved ones here on Earth.

But if the bully keeps sanctioning Russia and China, Media becomes corrupt, I strongly support NUCLEAR WAR all over the world. Just nuke here and there. I welcome the activity.

I like to see the world burn. I'm serious because telling your kids to grow up nice and work hard doesn't work anymore. Your brain is force fed with propaganda and your future looks bleak.

Just NUKE everywhere.

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And --- here is a bit on CIA's decade long anti-China strategy and Uyghurs' "genocide" ....




"I will not flinch from...WAR!"

Our ruling elite just might be stupid and sociopathic enough to go to war with China.

"I will not flinch from...WAR!" - Immigrants as a Weapon (substack.com)

And -- remember about not long ago propaganda about another "genocide" -- the imminent genocide of Jews in USSR:

Elie Wiesel's Israeli propaganda and the myth of Soviet genocide against the Jews

His book "The Jews of Silence" was created as part of Israel’s covert propaganda and influence program targeting American Jews.

Elie Wiesel's Israeli propaganda and the myth of Soviet genocide against the Jews - Immigrants as a Weapon (substack.com)

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Thank you for ALL your hard work. Lies upon lies financed by billions and billions dollars.

"53K US contractors in the Middle East versus -- for 35K troops" !!! What a lucrative business and worth unlimited donations to both DNC and GOP politicians.

Highlighting just that "detail" -- tells it all....

A 1%-er War party with two right (DNC and GOP) wings -- where gay marriage, abortion, "woke", etc. topics are just distractions to divide 99% of population into "red" and "blue" camps.

But -- brainwashed US citizen agitate "freeing" China and increasing hate of Moslems, Russians, Chinese, Martians - just to avoid thinking about our own beloved country.

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I told my MSNBC-addled family member that it's more instructive to look at the similarities between Biden and Trump then their differences. Blinken's noxious saber-rattling is a prime example. We keep empowering the exact same lunatics.

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