i was suspended by twitter many months ago supposedly over a few tweets criticizing zionism and its crimes. what else? you can post a picture of yourself holding a severed bloody head of incumbent POTUS and you're praised if you're a zionist. the genocidal criminals and parasites are in all positions of power and wealth but you are not allowed to criticize their crimes. i refused to delete any of my tweets, i chose to boycott twitter.

just yesterday, i left a comment on RT:" living on your knees under the gun and contant threat of war is no peace. the only way to achieve real peace is to eliminate the war profiteers and war criminals." a stalker left a response: "you're a nazi. your bigoted previous comments will be remembered." or something like that. i noticed the same replies left on others' comments by the same creep like "i know where you live, Nazi." later RT comment section disappeared and then reappeared in a totally unusable format.

the parasites, thieves, war criminals and their goons are doing everything to erase, suppress, silence, intimidate, scare, self-censor, give up, and play dead. but i believe that Genie is out of the bottle. people have already witnessed the truth. we already know our common enemy is the global cabal of capitalist neoliberal zionist fascist colonialist imperialists (pardon redundancy).

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Mar 2, 2022·edited Mar 3, 2022

I take back everything I said about GETTR.COM being for free speech. After I posted a lot of content about the Ukrainian Nazi's and posted content by Caitlin I was blocked all day with absolutely no response from GETTR.COM other than empty responses. I had over 7k followers and I guess GETTR.COM is against anyone saying anything other than the RUSSIA - BAD.

I deleted my account last night and note the only platform that has been true free speech has been GAB.COM.

For anyone wanting free speech do not expect GETTR.COM to be totally free speech. I guess they didn't like me posting content regarding the coup in Ukraine and all the corruption in Ukraine.

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Not even four year old Kentucky Bourbon can successfully ameliorate the nausea I felt tonight watching our doddering political class publicly bathe in showers of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. Oh, and disgust. We can't forget the absolute disgust.

I have a better understanding why so many people are flag wavers and Bible thumpers; it makes things like this so incredibly easy.

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Censorship now is the norm. Diversity of positions on an issue it fully discouraged. Control tactics out of control.

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Facebook algorithm also limits your interactions if you like some posts against the "guiding line" or you do not "like" posts about Ukraine

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Hope I don't get Substack thrown off the internett for saying this, but RT has now gone over to Odysee.com. I'm surprised how much better Odysee seems compared to the other Youtube alternatives. That's probably what RT thought too. Poor bastards. They were the most watched news network on Youtube despite being, without doubt, the most suppressed channel on all of Youtube the last seven years.

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I just quoted Caitlin's last post, Every Enemy of the US is Hitler, in my YT episode Are YOU Ready to Save the World? I go into how to undo empire-thinking as a spiritual practice. For the curious: https://youtu.be/bN3DVJ8Uk04

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Touché Caitlin.

I think if people consider that this war started 8 years ago with the US State Department-sponsored Maiden putsch on Russia’s border, in a country whose name literally mean “the border,” then what’s playing out now looks more like an attempt to end something that started 8 years ago, which was essentially a modern “Operation Gladio.”

Here in Canada, our Deputy Prime Minister and WEF Borg Chrystia Freeland was caught standing with actual Ukrainian neo-Nazis groups, again…

For those who aren’t familiar with Operation Gladio and the history of Anglo-American “rat lines,” to quote from “Immune to Irony: Nazi Collaborators and Authoritarian Personalities Denounce Russia”:

“After having been established by the CIA, NATO and MI6 in 1956, Operation Gladio saw hundreds of terrorist cells deployed by former leaders of Nazi intelligence embedded across Europe who were used to kill civilians and troublesome politicians while stoking the fires of anarchy along the way. These acts of terror were in turn used to justify the excessive “emergency management” by oligarchically captured trans Atlantic nations throughout the Cold War based upon the logic that “the war against communism justifies everything… including fascism”.

While some say that the Gladio Operations were cancelled when the Soviet Union disintegrated, evidence points to a very different picture.

One particularly loud case is found in the figure of Andriy Parubiy, founder of the neo-Nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine who was appointed to serve as Secretary of the National Security and National Defense Committee (RNBOU) in the post-regime change putsch managed by Victoria Nuland and overseen by Joe Biden.

It is noteworthy that Parubiy, who has close ties to Freeland (herself the proud granddaughter of Hitler collaborator Michael Chomiak) cozied up to Justin in 2016 while seeking weapons, training and other logistical support from Canada. Meetings between Canadian politicians and leading neo-Nazi groups from Ukraine like the Azov Battalion continued to be so frequent that the Ottawa Citizen reported on November 9, 2021 that:

“Canadian officials who met with members of a Ukrainian battalion linked to neo-Nazis didn’t denounce the unit, but were instead concerned the media would expose details of the get-together, according to newly released documents. The Canadians met with and were briefed by leaders from the Azov Battalion in June 2018. The officers and diplomats did not object to the meeting and instead allowed themselves to be photographed with battalion officials despite previous warnings that the unit saw itself as pro-Nazi. The Azov Battalion then used those photos for its online propaganda, pointing out the Canadian delegation expressed “hopes for further fruitful co-operation.”

There has already been something like 14,000 Ukrainians killed in the East because they sought to resist the Ukrainian puppet regime that the Anglo-American establishment installed in 2014.

Again, what’s unfolding now with Russia taking direct action doesn’t seem like a new war, but properly understood, it’s more likely a calculated move to put an end to a war, one conducted by the West using “Low Intensity Operations,” which is how the Western oligarchy has tended to operate since the post-war period. “Low Intensity Operations” like what they did in Ukraine have tended to be the modus operandi, aside from those times when they did go to outright war, in which something like a million Iraqis died, and they used “shock and awe” tactics to bomb museums, water systems, everything, resulting in mass casualties.

For an outright invasion and war of aggression, Russia seems to be taking a much different approach than the US and its shock and awe, which all the Western media at the time supported. Russia’s does want to end the Western-controlled puppet regime that is continuously armed, but it’s actions suggest it’s intentionally trying to avoid killing civilians, unlike the US.

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Noticed a while back that I couldn't mention ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in any comment on Common Dreams or Naked Capitalism. There will be no drawing outside the lines of the Big Pharma prescribed narrative regarding COVID. Now with the current escalation of censorship regarding Ukraine on Twitter & elsewhere, we are forced into binary thinking. OK, if that's the way it's going to be, I choose the Russians over the Nazis. Where did 'dissent is the highest form of patriotism' go to die?

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Ukraine got used by the USA just like Meyer Lansky got used by Golda Meir.

The movie is on Prime. The relevant scenes are maybe 5 minutes of the movie. But Lansky was requested to support Israel. He did. The movie hints millions, could have been more, could have been less. But when Lansky, a Jew, wanted to "return" to Israel he was denied.

The "ultimate crook" got used and abandoned by an even bigger crook.

I think that when people ask me how I can "justify" supporting Russia, I'll have to use this metaphor. I'm fairly certain no one would demand I me support Lansky. But I could be wrong.

Has anyone noticed how "news" about Israel has been rather muted for the last 2 years?

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This is not surprising. The mass formation occurred after November, 2016. Hatred of Trump justified several political prosecutions, notably Michael Flynn, as well as the 3 year Mueller investigation that uncovered no criminal behavior on the part of Trump and a bogus impeachment trial. The Democratic masses were then easily manipulated into Covid paranoia, especially when early on Trump expressed some doubts. Every step Trump took was declared to be wrong at the time and wrong when he reversed it. Warp Speed was wrong until after the 2020 election, then it could no longer be questioned. The mob hung on every word of Saint Tony. Masks were needless, then required, then multiple layers. The Democratic partisans are so hypnotized that they can be directed at any target and will attack relentlessly.

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RT still accesibile but with "fraud warning"...

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Thank you and -- a very refreshing and longer-term view:

Has Putin Miscalculated? | With Pepe Escobar | Part 1 of 2 – March 1, 2022


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"Something went wrong" when I tried to like this

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Nothing better than a mass boycott to solve this...

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The West is increasingly coming to resemble the nineteen eighty-four society, showing remarkable prescience by the author. Most people in London in nineteen eighty-four were poor, and here we have the WEF telling us we'll own nothing, and be happy – and are hatching plans to make sure we own nothing, at least, and they will inform us we're happy and we'd better believe it – because, after all, Big Brother loves us.

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