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I thoroughly enjoyed this article, Caitlin, partly because it's difficult to find anything dealing with China not dripping with CIA-sourced disinformation.

I won't blame Tucker for having this guy on because he also provides a platform to Glenn Greenwald and Jimmy Dore, but he sounds like he fell into a deep sleep in his man cave and finally stumbled out, not realizing it's no longer 1950.

Again, the bullshit we're being fed is so damn obvious and tired. It's the same tattered playbook they've used over and over: Saddam's responsible for 9/11; Assad gassed his own people; Putin controls Trump. It's not like it's Penn & Teller material.

Meanwhile, America's many crimes get locked away alongside Julian Assange, never to be mentioned. My compassion for the brainwashed wears increasingly thin.

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I honestly thought when seeing the Tucker Carlson clip, that the guest must be a comedian. Especially when he said, 'We don't need a military that is gay friendly, with all due respect to the air force'. And 'sitting on a throne of Chinese skulls' was straight out of Dr. Strangelove, except this guy was being serious. Yikes.

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Brian Berletic of New Atlas is also a good source of info about China and Central Asia: https://newatlas.report ; The New Atlas on YouTube.

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Bang on as usual. The Churchill quote was chilling. There is another aspect here. As the US self-digests, becoming increasingly desperate as they are whipped economically like a rented mule, starting a war is the only option left. But will their military go for it? Having been used by the warmongerers to invade defenceless countries for oil and imaginary WMDs, there may be a cleavage. The mad dog neocons are already drooling anyway.

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That was a powerful article Caitlin. Lumping Hong Kong and Taiwan into the analysis of American aggression was an eye opener for me. I took it as gospel that the Chinese were screwing around these two erstwhile democratic city states. I have a new perspective.

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A long-standing problem in the US , up there with gold medal denial has been the unprecedented humbuggery. An example comes from the Ed Board of WaPo today.

They advise wearing masks. No mention of the Chinese.

Here was my comment.

Repeat performance of wheel reinvention déjà vu all over again? You’re taking a cue from Yogi Berra instead of the bleeding obvious , the Chinese.

You foolishly lead the world in covid cases , new cases this week (up to 120,000 a day but 190,000 yesterday), covid deaths, and it continues to disrupt day to day life and the economy.

The Editorial Board, choking on hubris, comes up with brilliance. But not so brilliant the Chinese didn’t employ it from Feb/20 and still do. It worked so well , including isolation and contact tracing, they were able to reopen Wuhan in 74 days by April/20.

Let’s have another go. You’ve had 803,000 deaths. The Chinese? 4700. Despite 4.4x as many people, a much denser population and several more at risk months.

Do you really think the rest of the world hasn’t noticed. By allowing covid to wantonly replicate, you endanger the world because mutations are a function of the number of cases and replications. So now take stock.

1) you’ve been voted greatest threat to world peace in an international poll by Gallup

2) voted greatest threat to democracy more recently

3) your democratic index rating has dropped to 5/10

4) and now you may be the greatest hazard to world health via your foolishness over covid and..

5) you are by far the largest polluter in the world, dwarfing the Chinese output of GHGs per capita, yet you falsely and dishonestly try to blame the Chinese.

Not enough for you? Well can we expect more world-leading stuff from you? Let’s be honest. At present you couldn’t lead a Brownie pack on an Easter egg hunt.

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I think the US is brilliantly managing BOTH keeping covid alive, and selling the Vaccines. Supply and Demand. It's a remarkable feat! Truly only a perfect crazy could execute and they're doing it by committee....

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Great article, Caitlin. Thank you for your work.

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North Korea became a "paranoid hermit kingdom" because of the imperialist threat and sanctions, not by choice. when the surroundings are extremely hostile, the system is forced to respond for survival. USSR also had to respond to NATO military threat by spending much of its energy on military buildup, surveillance and spycraft, not because killing and oppression is germane to communism. "facts" lose all meanings without being understood in their context. but of course, according to famous "post-structuralist" Derrida and "post-modernist" Foucault, there's no such a thing as the context, and "facts" speak for themselves. their heirs fed neoliberalism and gave birth to its identity politics. and the rest is history.

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That Tucker Carlson footage is screaming genocidal hatred. An Murican core value, apparently. Sick. It's blind elite privilege that this network is allowed to continue when everyone else is being censored.

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Great work, Ms. Johnstone, as usual. Glad you can keep it up, and happy to give a little support.

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