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The irony is that there are thousands of videos of Ukrainians being press-ganged off the streets and literally dragged kicking and screaming into the army. Amputees included.

There also are similar videos of poorly trained, poorly led Ukrainian troops being sacrificed, gunned down in confused meat waves. Prisoners report blocking units ordered to shoot those who try to surrender.

Nobody in the Kiev leadership or in NATO gave a shit, as long as the army kept fighting.

Now that Nazi Ukraine is running low on warm live bodies to throw, it seems once again that victory has a thousand fathers, while defeat is an orphan.

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Fight until the last Ukrainian! Western "experts" have forced their proxy state to use WWI tactics - meat wave attacks with no air support. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men have died to protect the big guy and his son's corruption.

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At $110,000,000,000 in military hardware to Ukraine and 500,000 dead Ukrainians, that comes to $220,000 per dead Ukrainian. That's if you believe the Official Numbers, which are surely an understatement.


Vladimir Putin cares more about Ukrainian lives than anyone in the Kiev junta, much less in Washington.

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In other news, the MSM reports that luxury car sales in Ukraine again break records!

Now, a year ago, CBS News was roasted and forced to publish a sniveling apology for a story that dared suggest that there might in fact be corruption in brave widdle Ukraine.

So what happened?

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David Ignatius is really really disgusting. But people pay to read the NYT, so whose fault is it really?

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The people of Ukraine found out too late the true cost of doing business with the West.

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I've decided that I am US-style "democracy"–averse if it means plunging forward into the wasteland of degraded reasoning and deep [s]hellholes of political despair responsible for the all those wounded "liberal" brain cells that result from daily plunges into the battlefields of the Times, Post, Guardian, and all the other rags designed solely to tick off casualties among critical thinkers, filling the graveyards of exceptioinalist America with the brain-dead zombies required for US-style "democracy" to flourish.

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It couldn't be any more obvious that the centre of Luciferianism on Earth is right there in Washington DC.

The crux of the Empire of Evil.

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Ozzy and Black Sabbath had a song that sums it up, “War Pigs”

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"Casualty amenable" LOL - though it is nothing to laugh about.

So let's hurry up and send them 50 year old F-16's so they can get blown out of the sky as well as on the ground.

This is just so gross.

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“When pressed the senior Pentagon official said, “well, we’ve developed a Western Remote War Ethos, a drone/robot mentality, and that’s how we’ve started to see these frontline troops. We’d supply robot troops for the counteroffensive but it’s our finance and environment departments that determine the better option of using Ukrainian mothers to bear live soldiers.”

He added “they’re cheaper, organic and biodegradable. Looking at disposability, broken and dead bodies are more economical, and anyway that cost is outsourced, and it’s environmentally advantageous in contrast to dealing with robotic waste.”

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Those US "officials" are working overtime - with the full support of the corporate media - to craft the cover story and propaganda campaign for their own corrupt lies and failures and the fact that the Russians have destroyed those crappy US/NATO weapons systems the west as spent trillions on. I blame Biden big time, and the warmongering corporate democrats (who now include AOC and the all faux "progressives" in Congress and other places).

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Your Ukraine flag won’t get you into Heaven anymore

They’re already overcrowded from your dirty proxy war

(Apologies to John Prine)

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It often happens that the USA is compared to the former Roman Empire (although we have to admit that this is a humiliating comparison to the former Romans 😉 ), but perhaps this time it is apt, because it was the favorite entertainment of the Romans that they let gladiators fight each other in the amphitheatres, just like the uneducated American " patricians "incited the two Slavic nations against each other and now they want to see more blood in the arena !

Well, you can't accuse me of Ukrainian sympathy, but I know for a fact that one thing can never be blamed on the Ukrainians, that they lack courage ! Especially a nation that has lost every single war in the last fifty years (yes Grenada was there, you beat the Cuban construction workers 😉 ) let's look at Vietnam, but let's look at the last "glory" when a tribe in sandals kicked you in the ass ! And let's not forget that the net is full (which you haven't been able to delete yet) with videos where whiny American and British mercenaries cry that the nasty Russians kicked their ass !

Kissinger was right that being the enemy of the USA is not a good thing, but being its friend is fatal ! Sooner or later the Ukrainians will also realize this, I'm telling you now that there will still be serious consequences !

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America will sacrifice more than Ukraine to maintain the Dollah Hegemony. The UK helped start TWO "world wars" to keep the Sterling Reserve Currency.

THIS time, Russia and China are aware of the stakes involved.

In a strange way, they are fortunate that Trump didn't win, his random trolling would have obfuscated Imperial matters more than the "laser-focused" neoconservative Biden Regime has.

According to the Duran's Two Alexanders, this is most likely to go nuclear.

Joy, joy.

At least with biological WMDs, GAIA has removed the human "civilisation" menace alone.

Such depressing thoughts.

500,000 souls dead to "Bleed" their competitors.

I'd love to read "Unnamed official sources today joined in the front line meat-assaults and took heavy casualties, Ukrainians hope for diplomatic solution soon.".

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File under "Who Needs Enemies When the US is Your Friend."

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