Caitlin is a world class truth teller, a treasure of the Cassandra Truth teller tradition. Sadly, telling the truth only gets you called "crazy" by the corporate overlords. But there is no other voice that rings as sharp and clear as Caitlin in challenging the propaganda paradigms of the narratives of the ruling ownership/employer class.

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Again, Caitlin, you excel at bringing to light different threads comprising the same bleak tapestry. It's like I knew the role that think tanks play but your article today brings my somewhat hazy awareness into sharper focus. Thank you again for writing what you do.

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Reminds me of when Cheney had an article posted in the New York Times supporting an attack on Iraq, which he then kept siting as proof we needed a war with Iraq. Transformation or death is what we face...

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Equally appalling is the tv news that often features "security analysts" who are usually totally unknown and without any stated affiliation at all. Could it be any more obvious that these come directly from the CIA, the BND (since it is also common here in Germany, and other govt agencies?

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I call them Stink Tanks.

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Nice piece.

I think it’s worth pointing out that Australia is part of the Five Eyes, as is New Zealand, and Canada. These are just distant tentacles of their MI6 “Mother,”—each with their own unique goeppltical and intelligence function. Australia, is not only completely controlled by through this alliance, as demonstrated by the most draconian lockdowns, but as an extension of the Anglo-American military machine.

I read an especially interesting article on the insane case of Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam who was literally removed by the Queen’s Governor General—powers that are rarely used, but very real. Once Whitman went for a sovereign policy approach to Australia, the iron first came down in a way rarely seen: the Prime Minister was forcibly removed by the Queen’s unelected Governor.

The article, “The Sacking of Gough Whitlam and the Royal Intention Behind the Five Eyes,” reads:

“An important reckoning with a great historical injustice is underway in Australia which presents the world with a rare opportunity to look into the darker corners of the corridors of power too often ignored by even the most ardent truth seekers among us.

“This reckoning has taken the form of a four-year, hard fought legal battle which a lone crowd funded Australian historian named Jenny Hocking waged in the highest courts of her nation to win the right on May 30, 2020 to make 211 secret letters held within Australia’s National Archives public for the first time since they were deposited in 1978.

“These palace letters were written between the Queen of England (via her personal secretary) and her Governor General in Australia Sir John Kerr during the latter’s tenure as official Head of State during the interim of 1974-1978 and until last week’s court ruling, were intended to be kept hidden until December 8, 2037.

“What makes these letters such a point of national controversy is that they contain information which will undoubtedly shed light upon the active role of the Queen herself in carrying out an act which essentially amounted to a modern coup d’état of November 11, 1975. During this sad period, Kerr made history by not only sacking the elected Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, but also revealed the scope and nature of the British Monarchy’s very real powers in our modern age.

“These are bizarre god-like prerogative powers which those forces controlling today’s globally extended empire would much rather keep concealed from public view.”

We here in Canada are also a very well-behaved member of the Five Eyes.

There is an amazing documentary by filmmaker Michael Oswald called “The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire” which covers the financial arm of the Five Eyes brilliantly and artfully. It’s a great watch.


While the US military is the military bronze, I’d argue that the Five Eyes play a much more integral function than people might be comfortable with. The very fact that the greatest intelligence gathering and propaganda alliance is never identified by name, but always as just this or that country, belies the integrated nature of this intelligence alliance.

This was seen most spectacularly with the 2016 Russiagate narrative created by a top MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, who also happen to be the protege of another “dodgy dossier” pusher, Sir Richard Dearlove. Dearlove was head of MI6 and played a key role in the production of Downing Street’s WMD report.

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Caitlin displays her characteristic "moderacy" by failing to mention that Frank Lowy was co-owner with Larry Silverstein of the Twin Towers.

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That comment about "moderacy" is uncalled for and only shows your own immodesty.

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Thanks. I had forgotten this, if I ever knew it. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Frank_Lowy

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This is how we know the Red-Blue team politics game is just a distraction.

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Remember when Hillary spoke of the vast right wing conspiracy? Murdoch was person #1 in that group. Remember right after Obama won the election, sometime in Dec 2009 or such, he convened a meeting of key right wing media heads in the home of someone in DC, with George Will as witness, and had a back-room pow-wow truce so that they wouldn't start "*lynching*" him from the outset, for the good of the traditions of the presidency (which of course the Murican far right don't give a hoot about b/c they ARE G0d's chosen)? Well Murdoch and Koch were probably there.

How does a lizard like Murdoch get an all-access pass to bombard far right propaganda in all anglo countries barring new zealand?

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