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Australia is a puppet state. That an Australian Senator is refused an answer to a simple question and has no recourse simply confirms that someone else other than the titular government is in charge. In this case, that "someone else" is the United States. If it makes you feel any better, the American public doesn't exactly have much more influence over American policy, either.

Hell, Congress, the body nominally in charge of making U.S. laws, isn’t even allowed to know the budgets of the various alphabet agencies.

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It seems that the U.S. empire excels at is exploiting and disrespecting the nations we call allies. Wasn't it Kissinger who claimed we should do better? His quote from the Vietnam War era was meant to be cautionary but ended up being predictive: "it may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal."

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It would be time for the Australians (and the others as well) to get used to the fact that the USA regards them as vassals who are despised and can be discarded if necessary! What are they whining about, a strong power does what it wants, there is the example of Germany, the USA bombed their main energy network, the Nord Stream, and what did Chancellor Scholz do, he smiled stupidly! Maybe the Australians think that because they speak English, they are different from the Germans, but they are wrong! And if their government starts looking for an independent way, Samantha Powers ( USAID )will appear suddenly and prepare a nice "color revolution" for them!

It would do no harm to revive the words of Lord Palmerston "We have no eternal allies and no eternal enemies. Our interests are eternal and eternal, and it is our duty to pursue these interests."

speech, House of Commons, March 1, 1848

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I, like many I have spoken to here in Germany, are shocked at what the current coalition government Green Party have been promoting. Dr Jekyll, the nature loving pacifist (I am one) is now a war mongering importer of US LNG fracking gas and howling for russian blood. Last week our foreign minister announced that Germany was at war with Russia! Our "Greens" are firmly behind the US and any or all of it's machinations. Beware!

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Why do we maintain the fraud of calling it the "US Government". There is no government, there are a number of actors who hold positions that purport to be the government, but they do as they are told. They all work for the Oligarchy. One can't even say any longer that it is the US Oligarchy.

It is an international crime syndicate. It is deeper than the Deep State.

Garland Nixon has had 3 podcasts over the last week that discuss this:

BIDEN IS FACING A POLITICAL CIVIL WAR! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r06F-Auyx3U

In China, they execute their criminal oligarchs

In Russia, they disappear their criminal oligarchs

In the USA, they are criminal oligarchs.

The world is preparing for war because the criminals that run the "Western World" see that they are about to lose their positions of power. The criminals must be removed before they remove us.

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You have to come to grips with the reality that the USA government especially and along with all their sniveling obsequious alied toadies and lap dogs believes themselves to be the sacrosanct anointed holy than thou representation of power and authority over everyone else, just due to pulling a pay grade. You civis are not in the club/cult/tribe or clan.

They have long since stopped pretending you "little people" have any say in how they manage and control you and the world's resources, because they also see you as one,,, And certainly you have no say in the how they conduct their imperialism and colonialism around the world. Who do you serfs think you are? As one of them once exclaimed to paraphrase "we won't let the rable make any decisions".

But don't ever EVER forget to sign and date those tax checks for fear of state violence and guilt over a "civic duty" (serfdome)/sucker.

You have been conned by the establishment to believe that clever little "joke" of "death and tax's" is inevitable, couple a natural unavoidable thing to an unnatural thing so you will just accept it as a given and never revolt. Even though that's the only power you actually have to bring them to their knees, and NO, you will never use it because part of this great division bell is designed to make you fear sticking your own neck out as everyone pulls theirs in.

But? Who will ignore the pot holes?

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Thank you for this Caitlin. I don’t know what’s more surprising. Hearing the expression neither confirm nor deny coming from an Australian. Or a Green asking a decent question.

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First time in a while I have felt like cheering the Greens!

They will learn (or be taught) their lesson of course, if it looks like they are seriously starting to rock the boat. Just like the Whitlam government found out.

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Australia is about the same size as the US with about 8% of the population. Plenty of places to hide anything there including UFO's and US missiles. I hate it that my country has become so darn arrogant and so darn anti-human and anti-citizen. The DC Swamp is the cesspool of the universe...I am sure I saw it on some Star Trek episode.

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So confused these days have we been sold out to China or are we having our strings pulled by the mighty US puppeteer regardless there is always a distraction, is it weather balloon or a ufo, frankly at this stage aliens overthrowing the government may be the best option.

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So one has to assume every USA base in Australia has nuclear bombs ready to use.

Every Kangaroo has one in its pouch so to speak and has no voice to complain with either.

The Americans don’t care if your a kangaroo or not as bombs in place of brains is the extent of their mind focus.

They don’t care if your alive or dead with so strong a focus.

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Ditto for my country of Canada. In terms of foreign policy we are but a vassal state of good 'ol Merica.

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Killing is a sin unless it is for the state.

Stealing is a sin unless it is by the state.

Lying is a sin unless it promotes the state.

We serve the state not the other way around.

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Be assured that the nukes are there... The joys of friendship with Amerika the Unforgivable.

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So basically, we have the Anglo-American Empire dictating how it's vassals must live while it is dying, and an emerging alliance of sovereign states, embracing hope for the future, and planning for life to continue in spite of the very real chance of the aforementioned Empire bringing about the destruction of Earth.

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What media tells:

Australia needs to be an ally of the US for defending itself from potential threat in the South-east Asia.

What media never tells:

The threats that Australia mentions to protect itself from arise due to the US in the first place.

This is the simple observation that one cannot ignore while looking at what's going on between Australia and China. If ignored, then everything the media and its pundits say will be taken on its face value.

All these buildings of aggression against China are building up on a base which is invalid and unjustified, and if the base is unchecked, the building will look real and strong.

( I have a newsletter called "THE GREAT AWAKENING" which central point of discussion is how humanity is rushing toward annihilation and how we can ensure our survival on this planet.

We have many problems at hand - overpopulation, climate crisis, nuclear threat, animal cruelty, etc. We are creating hell on this beautiful planet and the reason is not this or that political party or economic system. The most fundamental reason is our current relationship with thought; our ego; our false sense of "I." That's the root.

Apart from talking about all these crises, all the propaganda we go through, we will also talk about spirituality (not in today' sense) because only that can transcend humanity into being a more conscious species.

If it sounds interesting to you, check here:


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