The treatment of Assange is despicable by US, Britain, Australia.

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To lie is holy in a world that worships Moloch. The World Cup of lying is held every four years in D.C. Lying is so endemic in Human Culture now that we can barely recognize it even when we are told that lying is good for us. The cure is upon us. Apocalypso Now, Cha cha cha.

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The World Cup of Lying....I love it.

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That's what they're counting on, so don't say it's been foretold: they want to lie and say this is out of their hands, they're just fulfilling prophecy. It's easier to freak people out than to get them to find solutions. It pays better, too! So cut them off at the knees and don't give them all that power.

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That's HUBRIS of THE HUMAN MIND on full display - Can THE HUMAN MIND claiming the above "see" what it is blind to? - just asking.

Which is why previous generations have warned about exactly that. Haven't seen any PROUD HUMAN MIND taking any advice EVER!

NO HUMAN MIND will EVER understand ANY "LANGUAGE" it has not learnt. It has not learnt ANY LANGUAGE it has not looked at/ being exposed to. IGNORANCE IS BLISS AS LONG AS IT KEEPS THE DELUSION AFLOAT!

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“And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write: ‘The words of the first and the last, who died and came to life. I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich) and the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.'" (Revelation 2:8-10)

1st century context and citation. The Greek word translated 'church' is ἐκκλησία (ekkleesia). The Greek word translated 'synagogue' is συναγωγὴ (synagogee). The context makes it clear that these were not Jews, but impostors pretending to be. At the time that was written, there was no institutional "church," only a new Jewish sect hated by many. At it was then, so it is now. The luciferians have no greater delight than infiltrating others to make them look bad.

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For the very reason this question is been asked - I suppose!

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Wong says “We are doing what we can, between government and government, but there are limits to what that diplomacy can achieve.” Such a huge cop-out! This narcissist seems only capable of posing and preening on her stage of choice, the national parliament, with every opera-like gesture and utterance reflecting her need to appear ever so stateswoman-like, while actually achieving nothing of substance. A real 'doer' would find another way to achieve the ends required...how about informing the Yanks and the Poms that we're no longer their sock puppet, and if Assange doesn't come home then the Yanks can come take their Central Australian Pine Gap spy base paraphernalia home! This is a dire matter of principle, which Wong doesn't seem to grasp. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone if we purport to have matching balls and morals. Wong's nothing other than a poser and a prima donna, which has been confirmed by her cave-in on the life or death Assange issue.

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Your excellent analysis of Wong: "This narcissist seems only capable of posing and preening on her stage of choice, the national parliament, with every opera-like gesture and utterance reflecting her need to appear ever so stateswoman-like, while actually achieving nothing of substance." is equally applicable to Washington democrats -- especially A.O.C. and her 'Squad'.

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CJ: Albanese government's "quiet diplomacy" to free Assange is so quiet that it can't actually be said to exist. - too true Caitlin. If Julian Assange isn’t released we’ll before the next federal election , his case will added to election issues. In fact Julians’s detainment is more than an issue it’s a national crisis , a scandalous one at that.


Upon reflection , I for one regret being sporadic and not pushing harder on behalf of Julian.

I am now wholeheartedly committed to the increasing number of voices around the globe , whose ‘soul’ goal is to secure Julians release into the outstretched arms of his loving family.

Have a beautiful day


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we need something we can all do. I for one have done nothing. I propose to write to my two local reps, the State and the Federal and tell them what I think they should do. Don't anyone bother telling me they won't do anything, I don't care. Don't bother telling me it is not their jurisdiction, I don't care. It is virtually all I can think of and I do truly feel that if all reps all throughout the Western world were subject to that kind of simple interaction then changes would indeed be made.

I will email them. I did a little of it back in Covid times. I will start again in regard to Julian. And I will try to keep it up on a continual basis with regard to all current issues for I think it is what we all should be doing all the time.

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My local Greens Senator is probably on board with her fellow colleagues, such as David Shoebridge. I hadn’t thought of asking what more can they do nationally.

Link: https://greens.org.au/campaigns/free-julian-assange

This is the Australian Greens position acknowledging Julian’s situation , however , we can all step it up , including the independents /cross bench MPs.

Thanks for the prompt … concerted action and results - never give up and never give in.

That’s how the ‘Biloela family ‘ asylum seekers achieved residency , the citizens of Australia’s 🇦🇺 voice echoed loud and clear , their detainment was unacceptable.

Julian has served time for exposing US war crimes.

Are the US going to extradite all media organisations around the world for broadcasting those graphic images.

My personal concern at the time was when Wikileaks released cables of names, that comprised intel.


As I said before , Julian has been penalised and impacted physically , emotionally and mentally.

I want to see an end to his torture by UK , USA and Australian governments .

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Yes I don't much care for arguing the point of rights and wrongs. The point is I want Assange free today. Years ago. Always. Right or wrong.

Now when I want a man's freedom seems to me you have to come up with compelling reasons to deny me, deny him.

And there are none.

He needs to be got free. Set him free.

Perhaps what we should do is set up a parallel operation. A 'descriptive' operation. Whereby we have a web site and we get to work and we gather the data and we make charts and tables and graphs and finish up with a complete description of the people from whom we are asking freedom for Julian Assange.

A profile: intelligence, age, education, sex, manners, tastes, occupations, habits.... everything, anything.

Make up a total profile of these people individually - the bounds within which their characteristics fall, their 'range' and make one from the 'average' of that range as a nominal theoretic 'group representative' person.

As clearly and as vividly and as scientifically and truthfully and dramatically as we can.

In our own interest. So that we can see just exactly who and what we've put in power over us.

And so that we can see exactly who it is we are pleading with and expecting things from.

For I think it would be a salutary lesson.

I think we'd see a grotesque monstrous misshapen creature without conscience, morals, logic or reason... a horrible thing, a lunatic thing as represented by Goya... a cackling evil satanic thing loving duplicity and lies....

We, I think, would find it sobering and might finally pay some attention to the whole matter and we'd stop calling endlessly for them to be something they clearly are not...

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We can call it the 'Hall of Shame'.

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Are the US going to extradite all media organisations around the world for broadcasting those graphic images.

A very good point, Madonna.

It really is the hypocrisy of the USA in not locking up Daniel and Chelsea that gets me riled. Julian locked up because they (the USA criminals) knew that Australia was a weak government and they could get away with anything they chose to do, and of course, they have.

Of course no one should be locked up as with your mention of all the media organisations.

Australia has been shown in a very bad light.

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You're absolutely right. Can't ignore us forever....

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Australia is in a stronger position than its captured politicians wish it to realize. You are so uniquely situated on the planet that if you withdraw from Five Eyes, AUKUS, & any other stupidly named "alliances" -- you cannot be replaced. But your government doesn't represent you any better than my government represents me so the occupation by the U.S. will likely continue. Unless the spirit of France breaks out?

Best April Fool's Day joke I've seen so far today is that France joined AUKUS which then changed its name to...

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It is remarkable that as we think of countries where fierce individual independence is the most pronounced, American and Australia are surely leading the pack. Yet, the Aussies accept whatever BS the US sends their way. Both here in the US and there, it seems our fierce independence ends at what bumper stickers we slap on our petrol-hog machines and which politicians and (so called) journalists we love or deplore.

We can see clearly that Labor in Australia will do nothing for Assange. Big surprise....

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Let’s face it the bureaucrats are united against us, the very people who pay the taxes they rely on for their tyranny. The saddest thing is the second fall of Rome will not take hundreds of years but is planned for 2030 but may not take that long. It doesn’t matter who you vote for they are all funded by the same sources who dictate policy and limit access to information that would expose their crimes. It was a fantastic ride for a small slice of humanity but the ride is over and tyranny appears poised to dominate the entire planet once again. You can’t fix stupid and the bell curve is a constant that demonstrates the reason why it only takes a small number of devious human beings to subjugate the majority.

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Well said. What foreign governments do on our soil is clearly, no one’s business, but their own.

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Come on Australia, we can't all be Wong.

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thank god, let's hope none of us are..

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A+ title. Think you’d enjoy the 10 step color revolution playbook: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-execute-a-color-revolution

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Your memes are extreme, but I've been looking for a detailed explanation of how these evil color revolutions work, and this was brilliant. Thank you.

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Penny Wong is a disgrace. People thought that the Coalition government were terrible, but how exactly is the ALP government different?

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It isn't any different at all as I have come to realise. Mirror image of the US owned LCP.

A Wong no different to a Bishop, an Albanese no different to a Howard or a Morrison, Howard being the feckless man that took us into Iraq, grovelling as is normal to American power plays.

He was also Prime Minister when we bugged East Timor Cabinet room during our negotiations into oil exploration in the Timor Sea.

What a devious bunch of miscreants, all those who were aware of this dirty deed played out against one of the poorest countries in the whole world. The people are waiting for a some kind of prosecution against those criminal actions.....and actors.

That was in 2004. Still waiting, just as we are waiting for some action by this current Labor look-alike Liberal government on Julian Assange, who showed the world the real USA and its crimes, as did Daniel Ellsberg and Chelsea Manning……...


Aren't you ashamed, Mr. Albanese? You should be. Stop being a subservient little mouse and do something. NOW

Finally, as for their lack of response to Julian Assange, may the likes of Albanese, Wong and Marles experience one day the condemnation of the people of this country for their treatment in support for a man who could buy and sell the lot of them for courage and decency based on the value he provided to the whole world by showing us the cruelty, and criminality of the USA.

The result of our weakness? We have become a disgrace again with our part in AUKUS as a final nail in our coffin and when viewed by so many other countries, something of a sick joke.

A weak subservient country.

Respected? Not a bit.

America had a Kennedy as we had a Whitlam. Such worthy people come just once in a lifetime, so it seems.

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Much like how it doesn't matter who is elected president in the United States, they all turn out to be McCain.

I don't pretend to know how exactly the process works, or even if it is the same for every Australian or US puppet, but the results speak for themselves.

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Oh so true , I can’t distinguish the Labor right from Libs - scary . More independents at the next election please so LNP and Labor do not hold the balance of power.

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I think it's time to arm the kangaroos--and the koalas. Arm all the great Australian symbols and set them against the American invaders who bring nuclear weapons into your country and hold at least one of your citizens hostage in Belmarsh prison for the crime of journalism. You've got to do it to save the world and mostly to save your self-worth as a nation. Australia has got to stop being America's b*tch and use those kangaroo back legs to kick the murderous US imperialists across the ocean!

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It is an amusing image to think of a kangaroo giving Biden and Blinken a good punch in the kisser!

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Lovely, well said. Yep. What we are is asleep, don't you think? All Western nations are the same. All simply asleep. I don't know what did it. Coca Cola? Hollywood? Too much white bread? The educations system? Some hypnotic secret vibe in the cellphone towers?

I don't know. But the problem is the same everywhere and I don't think it needs any special acuity to see it nor any special ability to argue it. It was plain as day in the Covid years. Was it not?

Did we not see 'rulers' everywhere flabbergasted at what their constituents would put up with?

Did we not see them tentatively trying one imposition after another before plunging excitedly and wholeheartedly into totally draconian and Orwellian and patently unconstitutional and illegal restrictions and impositions?

Can anyone to this day really comprehend a whole medical professional laying down and being forced to practice charlatanry? And still not, to this day, presumably after the event. raising a murmur of protest?

We are asleep Caitlin.

It is pointless to fume and foment against those in power. They simply do what we let them do.

It is us.

That knowledge should inform our thinking and actions henceforth.

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This is Wong's 'make a kind-looking, kinda sorry face.' But those lyin' eyes give it away.

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It's the 'optics'

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Lyin' eyes don't smize ...

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BBC show ran a panel of experts last night - the topic was "Who will run the world in 20 years"

Explicit support for US/NATO/EU empire - the woman from the US was insane. Every US imperial objective was projected on China and Russia, despite the host's lame efforts to play Devil's advocate by noting that it was the US who had military bases around the world and a robust history of military invasions and interventions and land grabs, while China had none.

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Russia and/or China could stage a propaganda coup by calling for exchange of Wall Street Journal reporter for Assange.

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