Check your children’s Halloween candy for Russian propaganda.

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I am really disappointed in Putin, my paycheck for being a mouthpieces for Russian propaganda hasn't shown up yet. I was going to put it right next to my white privilege check - its a conspiracy to deny me the beer money I so desperately need !

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Because no-one is allowed to think for themselves or disagree with the Uniparty.

No-one is allowed to question 150 billion dollars to the unofficial 51st state of the union.

Sure wish we could get 150 billion domestically without any oversight.

$450 for every man, woman and child in the U.S.

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PS: deposed Kevin McCarthy just restated that Putin is Hitler.

It is actually that Biden and his bipartisan Co. are....

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"All The Regime Narrative Fit to Print"

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Let's not forget Trudeau's "apology" that pre blamed Russian Disinformation for simply reporting about Canadian Nazi love, right after Hillary warned us all that Russian Disinformation will help defeat her friends in '24. Again.

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This article should be required reading for all students above eighth grade.

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News coverage and Congress' Response to Tet Offensive Is Driven By Ho Chi Minh Propaganda, Officials Say

Could you imagine a headline like that in 1968?

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Factually, Washington has lost their Ukraine Proxy War on Russia.

What is to be done?

Q1: Can Washington avoid blame? Yes - they've done it before and are very good at voiding Mainstream Media coverage of failed foreign campaigns.

Q2: Who will Washington blame? Washington will blame NATO and those unreliable Europeans.

Q3: Who will NATO blame? NATO will blame the very corrupt regime in Kyiv.

Q4: Who will Kyiv blame? Kyiv will blame The West for lack of resolve. That they have run out of trained "hot bodies", read "new blood for old" will be ignored.

Q5: When will the Kyiv Administration collapse? When the Russian Armed Forces move on Kyiv, in about a year's time.

Q6: Then what? Russia dictates the terms and matters are worked out between the only two parties that ever counted - Moscow and Washington, with Moscow holding all the cards and (perhaps) again allowing Washington to save face.

Q7: Will Washington and Moscow ever be allies again? You mean as they were eighty years ago?


As for now . . . Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema - The Graveyard of This Empire.


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War criminals staging wars against peaceful nations worldwide. Need for Nuremberg-2 trials and executions.

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Interesting. So, when I use reason, common sense and facts to conclude that the U.S. provoked the war in Ukraine, I'm agreeing with Putin? That makes me wonder what else I might have in common with a leader who can walk five feet without falling down. I'm so OK with that!😁

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I don't know how you both do this-each day you cut through the bullshit.


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If I were Putin, I would NOT attempt to turn the US public against the war in Ukraine. With every millisecond the US and NATO continue to pursue their current course of action, more and more people and countries of the Global South stiffen their backbones and rebel against the Empire. Witness Saudi Arabia, Niger, etc. Sure, Armenia is cozying up to the West, but they will gain nothing for their loss of Ngorno-Karabak, and they will be very disappointed by the long-term loss. Pashinyan will soon be joining Saakashvili.

The only downside risk is that the neolibcons become so desperate that they escalate to nuclear war.

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Your last paragraph is perfect!

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When the American realizes that its LEGAL for the Government to RUN PROPAGANDA on it's citizens, we begin to look at our country in a whole different light:


From 9/11 to the Pandemic, propaganda is used to cover up despicable acts that our Government does:


Remember, the word GOVERN-MENT means Govern (control) Ment (Mind).

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We saw this kind of thing with Trump/Russia collusion argument where Putin was to influence the election. So, assuming everything is true and Putin wants to end European support for the Ukrainian war...That would be wait for it...A good thing for Europe! So being pro not getting Ukranians killed is pro-Russia? Being anti-nuclear brinksmanship is being Pro-Russia? Nope, no propaganda here. Anpnymous government sources tell me so. ;)

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