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Spot on, Caitlin. China knows this, and I believe they are playing along defensively, using our own weapons against us, particularly in the case of Covid-19. There may well be a unique or "novel" virus that can be deadly IF CONTRACTED AND NOT TREATED PROPERLY. They contained it to Wuhan while they learned how to treat it.

This is pure speculation, but I believe it conforms with the facts that have slowly been revealed in 2020. China has a good, close relationship with WHO and cooperated early. They knew the technocratic globalists intended to destroy the Western economy to maintain their own control and decided to play along with the plandemic, setting the example of locking down Wuhan and providing "evidence" of the effectiveness of that response. In reality, Covid-19 quickly burned itself out in Wuhan and in the rest of China, which they were able to keep quiet by 1) properly protecting protecting the most vulnerable, 2) properly treating those who did get sick and 3) properly assigning cause of death when there were co-morbidities. They simply allowed the Western elites to destroy the Western economies. They informed Putin, who played along with a brief lockdown of his own. I blame neither Xi nor Putin for this. It was a purely defensive move worthy of jujitsu experts.

Meanwhile, in the West, the highest level conspirators held a public and open planning session at Event 201, funded largely by Gates, where they made sure all ducks were aligned even to media involvement and the increasing censorship of skeptics. The Gates funded WHO and Imperial College used an inflated infection fatality rate and Neil Ferguson's serially failed models to panic government and health care officials (not all of whom were "wittingly" cooperating with conspirators but certainly had incentives to do so) into a number of ill-advised responses. The corporate media followed its marching orders by boosting the fear. A critical piece was the flawed RT-PCR tests, which Kary Mullis had always said should NOT be used as a diagnostic test. Testing of stored samples from 2019 were suppressed to make it seem like there was no illness in 2019 that could have been associated with the flawed testing mechanism. Democratic governors either knowingly cooperated by seeding nursing homes with patients with active respiratory infections, or were frightened into doing so by warnings of an overwhelmed hospital system. This was contrary to the advice of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The resulting epidemic of a wide variety of respiratory infections within nursing homes (including flu, bacterial pneumonia and assorted corona viruses that have circulated among human populations for millennia) were attributed to the new chimera (pun intended) SARS-CoV-2 via the meaningless RT-PCR test which detects RNA fragments from a wide variety of sources that were present in the original Wuhan influenza-like-illness (ILI) seasonal outbreak. The death rate was enhanced by ignoring Chinese experience with the treatment of the virus such as high dose intravenous vitamin C and the already known efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine+zine+zPak. Instead, patients were killed with poorly managed ventilators and forced DNRs.

After the plandemic burned through nursing homes and other vulnerable populations in April, it burned itself out in May as all ILIs do in the warmer weather of spring. The slight resurgence in the southern US has been fully explained as a normal sub-tropical pattern by Ivor Cummins. Meanwhile, testing has been increased to fanatical levels, resulting in thousands of "false positives" that may be as high as 80-90%, all interpreted as "new cases," with the population panicked by predictions of a "2nd wave." Of course, there's ALWAYS a surge of ILIs during "flu season," and in 2020-2021 these will largely be attributed to Covid-19 via the meaningless RT-PCR test. Even the totally unrelated deaths from undiagnosed cancers, other diseases and suicides will contribute by increasing the usually meaningful "all cause death rate." Unwilling to leave anything to chance, the "witting" and "unwitting" participants in the scam are encouraging mandatory use of face masks, ignoring the RCTs (random controlled trials) published in the CDC's own journal that show no statistically significant slowing of the spread of ILIs, and other studies that show people who wear masks for long periods are MORE likely to contract respiratory infections. Meanwhile, the purchased fact checkers smear experts like Russell Blaylock, who have explained the scientific reasons why masks are dangerous. Dr Blaylock endures ad hominem attacks accusing him of profiting from skepticism, while fact checkers ignore the enormous financial incentives of corrupt people like Gates and Fauci.

I know the web of corruption I've described will be labeled a "conspiracy theory," but I challenge anybody to refute any of the details I've presented, not through logical fallacy but reasoned rebuttal of the facts and logic. I wrote that SARS-CoV-2 is a chimera because it has never been isolated and purified. Its existence is not based on any real scientific evidence. Like many mythical creatures such as Lochie or dragons, it may or may not be real, one definition of a chimera. It is a "model" constructed like a jigsaw puzzle from fragments of RNA that have been attributed, with no evidence, to a theoretical "novel" virus. The fragments are taken from other corona viruses to which has been added a section of RNA from HIV, the more common definition of chimera. The RNA sequencing that has been done was accomplished using RNA fragments detected by various RT-PCR tests done on people with a variety of Covid-19 symptoms, none of which are unique to the "disease" labeled Covid-19, but are found in several ILIs and co-morbid individuals

Conceived in the Rockefeller Foundation's "Lock Step" scenario of 2010, planned at Event 201 and executed through the Gates/WHO/Fauci plan/scamdemic, it now continues as the RT-PCR "casedemic." I'm afraid there is no end in sight. The "witting" conspirators are experts on Bernays' teachings.

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