If Ukraine were in fact "winning" on the scale regularly claimed by those same MSM pundits, WWIII would not be necessary.

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100% right. See Col. Douglas MacGregor's channel for maybe the most accurate reporting that I've been able to find. I am open to anyone who knows more than he does on this topic.


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If Ukraine were "winning" on that scale they'd be halfway through Siberia by now. IIRC if their press releases are added together they've destroyed more tanks than existed in the entire Russian army.

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The U.S. is NOT a democracy.

Many of our elections are fixed.

Our population is very gaslit. In the past few days, Hillary Clinton said that Republicans plan to steal the 2022 and 2024 elections. Democrats have said the 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016 elections were stolen. Republicans know the 2020 election was stolen.

It's all a sham. The fact that hundreds of millions of people will consistently vote against their own safety, and they will let money be stolen from them, means we don't live in a free society. I could give a lot of examples, from it's-your-body-and-you-don't-have-a-choice (vaccines) to gun confiscation, and the outrage that free speech might happen on Twitter.

It's all fake. They want you milk you for all of your economic value. To do this, they want you distracted, fat, sick, vaccinated, isolated, and depressed, because then you will be too weak to fight back.

The best thing you can do is to put your own life in order, and to always tell the truth, or at least don't lie (like Jordan Peterson suggests), because the forces against us are best defeated by the fact that they kill scream and shriek and be wounded best by honesty.

God bless you.

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Although I appreciate your passion and optimism I don't think honesty is something that could wound a democrat these days, since they have been lying so long they wouldn't recognize it if it kicked them in the ass.

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It's much easier to fix elections since the public, in many states, can vote by mail a month early. I live in PA and the clearest example is brain damaged (from a stroke) John Fetterman. He was hidden by his Party as well as a compliant democrat-controlled media, and his handlers only agreed to debate after most of the mail-in votes (the vast majority from democrats) had been mailed in. There's a very good chance that he'll be elected, even though he obviously should be at home trying to recuperate. But the democrats don't care, as he'll vote whatever way the Party tells him to.

Of course, our senile president, who's all in on WW3, is even worse. I'm reminded every day that this stupid country is devolving into the farcical movie "Being There" starring the late Peter Sellers. If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out - if you can find it, that is.

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Can't fight a war with fat, lazy, sick and subservient.

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They haven't exactly thought this through, have they? They also demanded everyone get the vax--and we're talking about very fit people. That was a good way to weed out all of the people who are tough, smart, and think for themselves.

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The recent shaming of the 30 "progressive" Democrats who sent the letter for peace to the Biden Administration was all I needed to know to never again vote for a Democrat.

Although I called my Republican Representative and their aide that answered had no clue what detente meant. I sat on the phone and asked him to Google the word. After he did, you could hear the uncomfortable embarrassment, but honestly what that said to me is DC isn't talking about PEACE at all, which should scare the living beejesus out of all of us.

We seriously need a PEACE movement now.

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The time under Cold War detente, in the '70's, after the 'Nam, was one of the most peaceful times during my entire life. Detente is now a really dirty word. So is peace, for that matter. Peace, Baby-The Ol' Cynical Hippy

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Central and South America were in turmoil during that time because of Tio Caiman.

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Thank you. Also, Glenn Greenwald is a national treasure. GG tweets – extracted ~Oct. 28 period https://twitter.com/ggreenwald

• The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded "disinformation experts," the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.

• The people who work for the newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos and who write for the magazine controlled and funded by Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs – she was a big ($6M+) donor to Hillary) are very worried this morning about the unprecedented crisis we face of billionaires buying and controlling the flow of news and information.

• The greatest damage in the West right now is being caused by self-anointed experts claiming to "combat disinformation," and NGOs funded by billionaires and the US/UK Security State dedicated to "anti-disinformation campaigns": @AtlanticCouncil, @DFRLab, @ISDglobal, @OCCRP, etc.

• That absurd spectacle of Dept. of Homeland Security appointing that deranged #Resistance fanatic (Nina Jankowicz) as Disinformation Czar was just one piece of this censorship regime uniting state and corporate power, funded by oligarchs, to shield propaganda from dissent: (Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube) -- Biden’s “Minster of Truth” Nina Jankowicz Participated in Secret NATO-Funded Cabal to Subvert Western Democracies Using Disinformation as Cover - https://www.revolver.news/2022/05/biden-minster-of-truth-nina-jankowicz-and-the-secret-nato-funded-cabal-to-subvert-western-democracies-using-disinformation-as-cover/

• And it wouldn't be possible without the vulgar use of corporate employees they call "reporters" whose only function is to troll the internet looking for establishment critics to silence: @oneunderscore__, @BrandyZadrozny, @TaylorLorenz, @RMac18, @MikeIsaac: censorship activists.

• Liberals spent decades suggesting (correctly as it turns out) that Reagan suffered various forms of senility, including onset of Alzheimer's, in his second term, but now they're trying to invent a new rule that it's bigoted against disabled people to discuss cognitive impairment

• Meanwhile, the cable show that has **the largest audience of younger Democrats** -- meaning self-identified Democrats between the ages of 24-54 -- is . . . the Tucker Carlson Tonight/Show, appearing 8 pm ET on Fox News

• Joe Biden often has no idea where he is, is often unable to string together two coherent sentences, and has started to fall asleep in the middle of interviews.

Why are you so bigoted against people “who struggle with a stutter”?

• Bernie Sanders condemns the House Progressives' original letter on Ukraine, says they were right to apologize for it and then retract it because it should never been issued at all, proceeds to recite Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton's views on Ukraine

• One of the signers of the now disgraced letter (that appallingly wondered if diplomacy might be a useful tool) -- @RepRaskin -- is commendably engaged in all sorts of self-abasement.

He's denouncing diplomacy advocates as -- transphobic colonialists

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Jankowicz was recently featured by NPR in an extended interview injury which she praised Zelensky's "messaging" and spouted incredible US propaganda - yet NPR couldn't find the time to tell listeners who Jankowicz was, where she worked, or of her recent debacle

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About strange nude man attack on Pelosi: Paul Pelosi was most likely attacked by a male prostitute

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Oct 28, 2022·edited Oct 28, 2022

Instead of being inundated with ways humanity could ban together and defeat climate change and world hunger - we get, how can we win World War III?

It's so mind numbingly idiotic we're in this place right now.

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A simple question really: what's the last war the USA actually won? A: WW II, 77 years ago. Even though it's been involved in an almost continuous war effort since 1947, the beginning of the 44 year long Cold War(1947-1991). Still over half my 68 year life--born 1954. Claimed to be a Cold War victor, though what was really won? Korea, the 'Nam, small wars against Panama, etc., for Kuwait, Afghanistan(20 years)-a losing effort, Iraq, various other military actions--ad nauseam. War is more American than apple pie. Peace talks with that Ol' Rascal Putin? Perish that idea. Maybe I ought to change my signature. (Non)-Peace, The Ol' Hippy

Edit: I still won't open a Twitter account.

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The US won in Grenada! Of course the 5,000 heavily armed Cuban troops turned out to be 50 unarmed civil engineers, but we defeated them! /sarcasm

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We don't know what war is in the West.

We don't want to know.

But we might find out.

On Scott Ritter channel when he interviews a Russian statesman, the Russian claims that Russia has never started a war, but ends each war in the capitol of the instigator.

Does the West hear that?

Russians are peaceful lovers.

The world thinks that means we will bend over, and that will break us.

Think again.

He also said Russia doesn't lose wars.

Pin this comment.

When I got the shit beaten out of me as a child, and told the guy he won, but then he kept beating me up, i

was forced to fight back and win. Then the instigator apologized. He'd been coerced....to start the fight. But he didn't stop when I said he had won. America could have stopped long ago, but she wanted a fight.

This country is gonna lose, and all of us who live here will be the losers in America.

Russia doesn't lose, ever. Never again

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Afghanistan 1980s - Russia started, lost.

World War One - Russia chose to defend Serbia, lost.

Russo-Japanese War 1905 - Japan started, Russia lost.


World War Three - unknown who will start, but we all will lose, including Russia. That's literally the point of this entire substack.

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Guess he didn't mention those conflicts.

Also, this has still been called an smo or now cto.

Special military operation and now may be counter terrorist operation.

Seems like America is the great terrorist, but that's just my opine.

Of course I am biased towards Russia. My birthplace which I know nothing of,but for a few words...

Ya NisNaya Harashoe

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The pro-Russian position is for the war to end immediately in a ceasefire.

The pro-American position is for the war to end immediately in a ceasefire.

Normal Russians and normal Americans have virtually nothing to gain from this war continuing, and potentially a lot to lose.

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Putin and Russia have asked for negotiation since prior to war.

West hears nothing

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Thank you for always contrasting the insane world that is with the healthy world that could be. The propaganda that is intent on making us believe that nothing better is possible is perhaps the most insidious.

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There are No human Costs to WW III or any other DC Feral Gov Swampster dreams of wealth and conquest. Only money to be made, equipment to be manufactured, and peasants to be killed. Nothing Negatory will actually touch them in their dreams. Like the Nazis of WW II it's All Grandeur and Despotism in The Homeland, as the Army advances into enemy territory. No Catastrophe can even be imagined, and it's "treasonous" to do so anyway.

As an American from the vanished Republic Era, I know this current grotesque Empire will fail and fall, I do not care. It doesn't even have the support of it's peasant "citizens". Who is going to fight this WW III? Other than the machines and a handful of operators there is No Military. It has been hollowed out. The Empire will lose to Russia & China, as if there will be any "Winners".


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But, as Jamie Raskin put it, the obliteration of New York and Los Angeles is a very small price to pay for keeping Ukraine woke

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The irony is that Ukraine is arguably the least "woke" society in continental Europe.

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"We don't have to submit to this. We don't have to keep sleepwalking into dystopia and armageddon to the beat of manipulative sociopaths. There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them, and we've got a whole lot more at stake here than they do."

Never forget that we are the 99%. There's a heckuva lot more of us than them. I vote us!

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It's not even about war as an existential threat anymore, because even brain-washed idiots understand that conventional arms are only used in losing causes like Ukraine. It's about war mentality, money and influence. F-35s: really? The narrative has a life of its own, in its own little universe separate from our reality. We see the poverty, the suffering, the "austerity," this costs, but it is framed as a noble sacrifice. And that's lethal - it paves the way for the final option.

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I'm sure the WEF have their fingers in the WW3 pie somewhere.

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"learning to collaborate with this fragile biosphere we evolved in" should be humanity's mission statement

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Can the US take on China, Iran & Russia all at the same time? The US couldn't win against Afghanistan, a very poor country, and gave up in disgrace after 20 years of trying.

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They weren't trying to win. Endless war is the goal. War for profit means more war. Prisons for profit means more prisoners, punishment, longer sentences and no rehab. Healthcare for profit means unhealthy people.

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Seems like this nuclear confrontation is a plan with at least 30 years of thought and money behind it. From the end of the previous cold war on. I guess Trumans plan to blitz Russia right after WW2 that didnt happen was probably the modern origin of this conflict. Now it's THE plan. The middle east wars were just keeping the budget up for It and live testing weapons, and pumping the public through the media with psychological tactics. I think myself and most of your readers with historical awareness can see what's going on and whose doing what, and what they are now eagerly preparing for us to suffer through. Automation was said to be expected to replace 30% of jobs by 2030. The working class has always been the biggest threat to the ruling order due to its size and the resilience required to survive day to day or week to week. This may not hit that 30% exactly but the consequences of a nuclear war will most likely disproportionately affect that bottom 60%, considering the 30% is people currently working and supporting families without other resources besides meager handouts. So this becomes the only solution possible with the system of logic that has gotten them to this point. Money and power are the twin demon rulers and they demand human sacrifice, even if everyone else agrees its the largest crime ever to be committed, and they absolutely do not want this to happen. Nothing so far has stopped them with the previous 3 largest crimes ever committed(9/11 & Afghanistan, Iraq, Covid,) and this one will dwarf the others if people in charge really are this evil and/or stupid to actually pull it off.

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I’m so scared this is the correct answer… “surely they couldn’t be that stupid”.

I think we are all thinking “nah they must know what s going on”.

Where’s that “countdown to midnight “ group when you need them anyway?

I haven’t heard a peep from them

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