The urgency to change course as a species can draw us into a variety of altercations, virtual and in person. Strong emotions and combative words can kick up a lot of ‘dust’ which, to observers, obscures who is acting out of kindness, empathy and love.

1)There are more than enough resources for everyone on this planet to live a happy and healthy life.

2) We are not just competitors, predators and survivors, we are also hardwired for love, empathy, sharing, caring and collaboration.

Having these two facts take center stage will quickly reveal how loving, inclusive and empathetic the person you are confronting is.

When there is an attempt to veer towards personal attacks or hot button issues...return to these 2 facts as the ground for discussion.

When someone’s final defence is expressed negatively as “human nature” then we know where their attitudes come from and that loving inclusiveness is not what they embrace. They reveal the limits of their self awareness....unaware of how the egoic condition makes us crazy, always lacking, always fragmenting and propels us back into our survival brain centers.

Those without power in society

are often explaining and defending. When the terms of the debate are redefined given the above facts, the powerful and those which serve power/hierarchy have the onus placed on them to show gentleness, kindness, love, sweetness and inclusiveness at least in their words.

It quickly becomes clear that they cannot do so consistently. It becomes harder to obscure who is loving/inclusive and who is status quo defending/ excluding.

“Your behaviour is unloving and unkind. Do you deny your loved ones what you deny others? Why not?”

“Do you know where your attraction to power and social status and rulers and competing comes from?”

“ Your tribal brain impels you to have an in group and out group...impels you to rationalize denying the basic biological needs of food/shelter/education/ healthcare/love/creativity to billions of your own species. This is unloving, uncaring and unconscious behaviour.”

“Is it possible that your inability to include more or all in your in group is actually a sign that your overly active survival brain is suppressing your loving/sharing/caring/collaborating instincts?”

Yes, this means changing the way we speak to each other whenever possible. It isn’t always possible, but we can all do many times better.

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You are one of my favorite humans, Caitlin Johnstone

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As with all evangelism, words distract, mislead, frustrate and obfuscate. The US should try silence, or refraining from rhetoric, and non-action as a foreign policy.

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Liberals are also far too ready to assume Long is a racist rather than a mentally ill young man who believes his inability to curb his own sexual cravings are both immoral and the fault of people who run massage parlors. The assumption Long's crime was racially motivated helps feed the divisions on which the elite supremacists thrive. It serves the classism and imperialism that oppresses all of us.

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