Another terrific piece! Thanks Caitlin.

(Capitalist monopoly) Imperialism is about 120 years old.

The fact that it has lasted so long is testament to its mundane ability to allocate a tiny portion of its gargantuan profits to the replication and maintenance of hordes of submissive and immoral (or backward) propagandists to (re)produce suitably infantile (cradle-to-grave) narratives and worldviews for the cowed and spellbound masses of their "developed" world.

The fact that it has proudly (and very profitably) staged two world wars - and a staggering array of lesser 'conflicts' - in naked pursuit of global dominance (without its subject populations becoming aware of its true aims) is testament to the power of the ever-improving brainwashing machine it carried over from "Free Enterprise" Capitalism (RIP - late 19th Century).

The fact that millions are starving to death; that the environment is being destroyed; that trillions are being spent on weapons; that ... etc., etc..

The fact that the pusillanimous 'hard' left in the belly of the Imperialist beast has never managed to pull itself together and mount any serious challenge to the system is testament to the way its brains have been scattered by the racket of the old - but constantly upgraded - washing machine.

Sometimes, just sometimes, one has to consider the fact that the Empire's "developed world" is a giant parasite and that most of its rich and poor inhabitants - particularly the "intellectuals" - are subconsciously and / or acutely aware that they live a "good life" because the Empire's bosses are keeping the food, petrol, electricity, alcohol, drugs, fashions, fads, phones, casinos, games, investment opportunities, and Entertainment coming. (One can't think about this too often or too deeply without facing the discouraging fact that perhaps this means that resistance to - let alone a determination to destroy - the Global Imperialist Regime is (probably) unlikely to take root in the belly of the beast.)

Let's not be pessimistic! History shows that a small number of seriously committed people can motivate hundreds of millions if they make the right moves at the right time. 'There is always hope in the Underground!' (old French Resistance saying - not really, I just made that up - although I'm sure a number of those doughty anti-Nazis must have said it often.)

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china probably is " conducting biological experiments" just like every other "technologically advanced" "superpower" and it's probably owned by the same lovely people that own other experimental science facilities like, say, Wuhan.

e.g. https://youtu.be/cTtIPBPSv0U

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I came across that story and couldn't even bring myself to read it. Thank you for doing that and debunking it. Terrified as an Aussie at the antagonism we are levelling at China (and how even their mildest responses are translated to "unprecedented aggression" by our media, including the ABC). Nobody should buy this horseshit propaganda designed for maximalist hegemony at the expense of even a slim chance of decent human survival.

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Always accuse your opponent of that which you do.

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